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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:


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Should we give the article a Flame Bait banner?

Should we clean the examples?

  • Con: This will do nothing about the trope being used to complain on the rest of the wiki.
  • Con: Checking and rephrasing all of the page's wicks would be very impractical, and impossible to assign a curator to if we dont give it the flame bait banner.

  • Pro: We could make a Special Efforts thread to fix it.
  • Pro There's no reason not to clean it up. Leaving bad examples will continue to attract bad examples even if it's bannered.

How do you delete a crowner if you added it accidentally?

Should the trope appear redlinked (like Wallbanger and This Troper) to discourage it being used to complain?

Should the page Character Derailment be restricted to in-universe, fictional examples only?

Should the page Character Derailment be moved to Darth Wiki?

Should the examples on Character Derailment be cut?

Should the page Character Derailment be locked?