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Best Episode: Gurren Lagann

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Let's Go, Buddy

The Lights in the Sky Are Stars

Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!

I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!!

Who the Hell Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?

I Don't Get It, Not One Damn Bit!

Sit in the Hot Tub 'Till You're Sick!!

You're Gonna Do It!!

Later, Buddy

What, Exactly, Is a Human?

Who Is This Bro?

Simon, Hands Off

Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?

Eat Up, Everyone!

Well Met, Everyone

I Will Head Towards Tomorrow

Compilation Episode

You Don't Know Anything!

Tell Me the Secrets of This World.

We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

How Far Will God Test Us?

You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive

That is My Last Duty

Let's Go, This is the Final Battle

I'll Never Forget This Minute, This Second

I Accept Your Last Wish!

Having Lots of Faces Doesn't Make You Great!