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Such memories can include [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming childhood memories]], her experiences during the Mushroom War, and [[TearJerker seeing how she became alone in the world]] [[GoMadFromTheIsolation and went insane for a while]]. If any other tropers wish to put in their thoughts of what memories they think Finn and Jake will encounter, please feel free to add more.[[spoiler: But hurry, the episode will air July 25, 2011.]]


Such memories can include [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments childhood memories]], her experiences during the Mushroom War, and [[TearJerker seeing how she became alone in the world]] [[GoMadFromTheIsolation and went insane for a while]]. If any other tropers wish to put in their thoughts of what memories they think Finn and Jake will encounter, please feel free to add more.[[spoiler: But hurry, the episode will air July 25, 2011.]]

* Although, the FictionIdentityPostulate would dictate that their universe exists as an alternate universe, anyway.


* Although, the FictionIdentityPostulate SugarWiki/FictionIdentityPostulate would dictate that their universe exists as an alternate universe, anyway.

* Does this mean that [[HeyItsThatVoice Jake is]] [[JohnDiMaggio Bender?]]


* Does this mean that [[HeyItsThatVoice Jake is]] [[JohnDiMaggio is [[Creator/JohnDiMaggio Bender?]]

** Because her closet is [[TheChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia?]]


** Because her closet is [[TheChroniclesOfNarnia [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia?]]

* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marceline isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comforted by the Church's symbolism.


* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) (a moral/spiritual guidance) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marceline isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comforted by the Church's symbolism. \n So it could be reworded as "Marceline finds solace in Catholic symbolism."

* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marceline isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comfort from the Church's symbolism.


* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marceline isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comfort from comforted by the Church's symbolism.

* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marcleine isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comfort from the symbolism.


* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marcleine Marceline isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comfort from the Church's symbolism.


* Or, perhaps, her mother appointed Simon Petrikov as her godfather (as she lacked a truly good father figure) and gave her daughter a picture of the Madonna to remind her that she's always there for her. Thus, Marcleine isn't so much a practicing, full-blown Catholic as she is a struggling being who feels comfort from the symbolism.

** Or, Ooo could be RegularShow in past. Land of Lollipops, anyone?


** Or, Ooo could be RegularShow ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' in past. Land of Lollipops, anyone?

[[WMG: Adventure Time is the far future of RegularShow]]


[[WMG: Adventure Time is the far future of RegularShow]]''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'']]

The Lich must guzzle down a magic potion of all sorts of household poisons ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and plutonium]]) to get his power back. One would question how such mundane fluids would give an undead warlock back his unholy power, until this hypothesis comes up: as ReviveKillsZombie, poisons serve to heal the Lich.


The Lich must guzzle down a magic potion of all sorts of household poisons ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and plutonium]]) (and plutonium) to get his power back. One would question how such mundane fluids would give an undead warlock back his unholy power, until this hypothesis comes up: as ReviveKillsZombie, poisons serve to heal the Lich.

[[WMG: TheAmazingWorldOfGumball is the Future of Adventure Time.]]


[[WMG: TheAmazingWorldOfGumball WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball is the Future of Adventure Time.]]

The final possibility is on the little skit where Jake found a magic wand. The Ice King saved the day at the risk of beeing blown up.


The final possibility is on the little skit where Jake found a magic wand. The Ice King saved the day at the risk of beeing blown up.

** Half-confirmed. He never really stops being an annoyance, but he has mostly stopped kidnapping princesses (at least, princesses other than Bubblegum) and has a very FriendlyEnemies type of relationship with Finn and Jake.

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Archive page for [[WMG/AdventureTime the Adventure Time WMG page]].


[[WMG: Adventure Time is in the same world as A Boy and His Dog, but a different place and era.]]
Oo is clearly much more recovered, more mutated, and less vicious than the wartorn wasteland of Kansas, which was only a few decades after the Great Mushroom War. Oo must have been much more thoroughly devastated and allowed more time to recover to be so completely different from our Earth. Oo is actually northern Italy, many, many centuries afterward. The Ice Kingdom is in the Alps. The ocean we see every now and then is the Ligurian Sea. The Candy Kingdom is somewhere around present-day Milan. And the Italian downunders? Susan Strong's ruined underground home should show you how well they fared. (They even seem to be speaking some simple, bastardized form of Italian!)
* Finn was probably ejected from his own better-hidden downunder as an infant, then left in the wilderness to die. Who knows why.

[[WMG: Gunter is TheManBehindTheMan]]
He was the dark force behind the Lich King gaining the power to... do whatever it is he did. However, when Billy defeated the Lich King, Gunter needed a new pawn and started manipulating the Ice King to turn him into the next great threat to the world. He hasn't had much luck.

[[WMG: Everyone in Ooo can warp reality by imagining it]]
But none of them are aware of it. Magic and nonhumans exist because the people imagined themselves nonhuman, or at least their ancestors did; presumably, imagined things become visible if multiple people imagine them. Whatever made reality so incredibly mutable was presumably a part of the Great Mushroom War.

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/AdventureTime will be/was/actually is an {{Anime}}.]]
The only evidence I need is the fact that a lot of things are screwed up but still makes sense in some way. And the fact that it still sells.

[[WMG: Princess Bubblegum is a ManipulativeBastard.]]
She's never actually that sad/angry; she merely acts this way to get Finn to do what she wants.

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/AdventureTime is set in the same universe as WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce.]]
Food people, crazy stuff going on on a daily basis, it all adds up! 20 bucks says one of Master Shake's stupid schemes brought about the Mushroom War.

[[WMG: Marceline has a grandfather who is even more evil than Marceline's Father]]
* Or alternatively, her grandfather is the Lich King.
* Confirmed. Abadeer hints at an evil childhood.

[[WMG: When the Lich King is unleashed, Billy will reappear]]
He's the only know character to have defeated the Lich King, it's only logical he'd be the first one Finn will turn to for help in defeating him again. Ether that or let Marceline's father loose, but we still don't know if the Lich King's power serpasses his.
** Support for this comes from the fact previews for the episode show Finn wielding Billy's Gauntlet.

[[WMG: A GondorCallsForAid will occur to defeat the Lich King]]
He's said to be so evil and powerful that the Ice King and Marceline will run for their lives, it only makes sense it'd take more than just Finn and Jake to defeat him.

[[WMG: The Lich King will be an AntiClimaxBoss]]
Just a thought, but perhaps he'll be relatively easy to beat. However, it may likely be in a justified way. Like he is extremely powerful and dangerous but Finn can beat him due to being the last remaining human or perhaps being the chosen one. Ether that or he's revealed to be TheChosenOne or something along those lines. Anyway, just saying there are possibilities here.

[[WMG:The underground fish people USED to be humans, until something mutated them]]
Finn was part of this tribe of humans, but he became separated from them before whatever caused them to mutate happened. As a result, Finn is the last pure human. Since Susan has hair throughout the episode, it's possible she's still human too, but is unaware of whats under the others hats just like Finn was.
* Other Hyoomans (as they're called) had hair, but didn't once they took their hats off. According to WordOfGod, the hair was attached to their hats.
** And these hairy hats are used to retain water to keep their gills moist. Without their hats they have to run quickly back to their caves.

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/AdventureTime is an alternate timeline to ''Literature/GoodOmens'' in which the main characters failed to stop the Apocalypse.]]

The Mushroom War was the nuclear war triggered by the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse, followed by the final showdown between Heaven and Hell. Most of the world was destroyed as a result, prompting Adam to use his powers to try and rebuild it, only this time making it more interestin' by adding magic and vampires and talking dogs and the like. Unfortunately, rebuilding the world from scratch caused Adam to overuse his inherently evil powers, resulting in a [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity loss of sanity]] and his transformation into the Lich King.

Just look at the Land of Ooo for a moment. does it not look like something an imaginative eleven-year-old with RealityWarper abilities would create?

** Or, Ooo could be RegularShow in past. Land of Lollipops, anyone?

[[WMG: Marceline is going to suffer some sort of mental breakdown or depression, similar to Britney Spears]]
Just look at how she shaved half her own head!

[[WMG: The Rainicorn-Dog Wars were the Dogs' last effort to protect their remaining human masters from the gluttony of the Rainicorns]]
And the Dogs clearly lost the battle.
* The dogs were men's best friends...
** If you think about it, Rainicorns make for fearsome enemies. They can fly, change their density, and one touch is enough to lock you phased inside their bodies. And they can also change the colors of things with their horns.

[[WMG: When the Lich King is unsealed, he will have a DramaPreservingHandicap]]
Perhaps his [[SoulJar Phylactery]] will be locked up on the other side of the planet, giving him too much lag to fight effectively and making Finn and Jake legitimate threats to him. His body is a rotten corpse; without the reaction time to obliterate them before they get in close, he's [[SquishyWizard probably not going to last very long]]. Unfortunately for Ooo, he'll be smart enough to avoid a fight in this state.
** His hideout? [[CallBack Mars.]]

[[WMG: Defeating the Lich King will require finding a [[InfinityPlusOneSword magical weapon]] that can destroy his phylactery]]
* Because, let's face it, the only thing that can make this show more awesome is Finn wielding some huge Zweihander.
** Well it's not a Zweihander, but he is given Billy's Gauntlet by Princess Bubblegum.

[[WMG: Marceline is secretly a lesbian]]
* Why else would one of her future episodes be called "Marceline's Closet"? Huh, huh?
** Because her closet is [[TheChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia?]]
* She also speaks somewhat flirtatiously to PB, sets up Finn to fail with her, and then gets angry when Finn tries to ask her out. Maybe she has a crush on, or history with, Princess Bubblegum. Also in one episode she wears a plaid shirt, which is commonly referred to in the LGBT community (albeit jokingly) as "lesbian lingerie". In addition, she is a vampire, they're not known for being picky about the gender of their partners. Or maybe this lesbian troper just really really wants her to like girls.
* Alternatively, she could turn out to be [[BiTheWay Bi.]]
** Well she did have a boyfriend, so she would be bi.

[[WMG: The blown-up section of the Earth is the United States of America]]
* The blown-up part seems to be east of Madagascar. Either the U.S. relocated to East Asia, that section is way bigger than it seems, or this WMG is wrong.
** I think that what appears to be Madagascar, is perhaps a future version of New Zealand that fused together. Especially since you don't see Europe near the crater (In the case that it were Asia that was blown up). Therefore, it's most likely the United States of America.
** If it ''is'' Madagascar, it could be the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, thus placing the show into an AlternateHistory where the Cold War went hot.
* This is probably just East Asia AND part of the United States.

[[WMG: The Lich King is inspired from the Horned King from Disney's Black Cauldron]]
* Especially since neither of them are funny.

[[WMG: When they say the Lich King is not funny...]]'s a red herring. We all expect him to be a KnightOfCerebus, but he'll really turn out to be just as incompetent as the Ice King, but TheComicallySerious - the humour comes from him ''not'' cracking jokes no matter the situation, a la Batman.
* I doubt that considering [[WordOfGod Pen himself]] said that the Lich King is scary enough to make Marceline [[BringMyBrownPants run for the hills]]. Let me remind you her father is the [[EldritchAbomination DEVIL]] and she [[SympathyForTheDevil wasn't scared of HIM]] at ALL!!!
* [[ The grim tone of this trailer suggests otherwise...]]
* Also, in the trailer, Bumblegum outright says that if Finn can't stop him he'll kill everyone. Heck, she doesn't even seem to be willing to say his full name and only calls him "The Lich" in the trailer.

[[WMG: The Lich King's being unleashed will trigger a WorldWreckingWave]]
Princess Bubblegum said if Finn failed to stop him, everyone will die. This seems like a very good manner in which that could happen. We might not see it or killing him reverts things to normal.

[[WMG: Lemongrab and [[WesternAnimation/RegularShow Benson]] are related.]]
Two strict men made of candy, both popular and unpopular with fans of respective shows. Coincidence?

[[WMG: Party Pat and the bears are worshipers of the Party God.]]
* You got that idea from [[ this]], didn't you?

[[WMG: Ooo is the Pokemon world centuries before Arceus.]]
Eventually, Arceus manifests, and reshapes OOO and begin the Pokemon. Because of Finn's heroism, Arceus decides to give humans a new chance as a species, with the Pokemon as a means of testing them in much the same way Finn was tested by the odd and strange creatures of Ooo long before.
* That means that just by beating gym leaders I am living Finn's legacy? Thank you, that just gave me a real reason to play B/W. =D

[[WMG: Someone will be KilledOffForReal by the Lich King]]
It was said by WordOfGod that the Lich King would have a major effect. So it's possible that he'll actually kill someone. [[spoiler:Judging by the previews, it looks like Princess Bubblegum might be his victim]]. After this, cue Finn having a LetsGetDangerous moment[=/=]RoaringRampageOfRevenge and kick the tar out of Lich King.
* Or it could be that the Lich King will traumatize someone, physically (losing a limb) or mentally.
* [[spoiler:Actually, Princess Bubblegum is set to appear in a Season 3 episode, though it could be only a memory of her...]]
** [[spoiler: Or the Lich King will raise her from the dead as his [[TheDragon Dragon]].]]
*** [[spoiler: Jossed. Princess Bubblegum was harmed as a side-effect of The Lich King's posession, but became [[YoungerAndHipper more suitable for Finn's age]]. However, he '''did''' kill Finn's new EmpathicWeapon, so the guess is correct; the Lich did kill someone, but not a main character.]]
* Further support from the [[ title card of Mortal Recoil]]...
* Somewhat confirmed in the season 4 finale and season 5 opener, if Finn's dream and Prismo's words are anything to go by. Finn's dream in "The Lich" showed [[spoiler: the Lich!Snail and the bear with Billy in his crack with the Enchiridion. There's a blink-and-you-miss-it frame of the Lich in Billy's place, mimicking the way Billy is sitting and laughing. Finn may have seen Billy's own croak dream. Plus, the last we see of Billy's lady in the dream, she is in the bear's mouth]]. After the Lich [[spoiler: makes his wish]] in "Finn the Human" Prismo says ''"Did you guys just see that? [[spoiler: It was a ghost wearing a dead guy's skin]]''. The Lich [[spoiler: killed Billy]].

[[WMG: The Lich King will have [[WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy Horror's hand]]]]
I thought of this when I saw the gauntlet Princess Bubblegum gave to Finn.

[[WMG: The Lich King will be made into a DracoInLeatherPants by fangirls...]]
[[TemptingFate I hope to God]] this does not happen...
* [=DILPs=] usually have that status due to being hot. The Lich King is anything but unless you're a necrophile.
** He is voiced by Ron Perlman.
** Well, no one seems to have tried that ''yet''.
*** [[OhCrap Challenge]] [[TropeTelegraphing Accepted.]]

[[WMG: Billy will return in the two parter...]]
But not to fight the Lich King. What the Lich King does to [[spoiler:Princess Bubblegum]] will send Finn into a HeroicBSOD (look at how he reacted to the knomes "destroying Old Ladies" before, imagine how he's going to react to the one he was entrusted to destroy [[spoiler:melting the one of the best friends he's go]]). Billy will show up and give Finn a RousingSpeech and perhaps some tips on how to stop the Lich King, causing Finn to TakeALevelInBadass to beat the Lich King.
* [[WordOfGod Confirmed]]
** Nope

[[WMG: The Lich is not magic]]
He is a mutated undead human from the aftermath of the Mushroom war.

[[WMG: [[GrowingUpSucks Finn will progressively grow up throughout the remaining seasons.]]]]
Consider how Finn just turned 13 during the Train episode...

[[WMG: When Pen Ward said that Bubblegum "is way out of [Finn's] league", it was all a lie or just to fool us all.]]
[[spoiler: All because Princess Bubblegum just got younger.]]

[[WMG: Pen Ward and/or the other people that work with Adventure Time are {{Troll}}(s)]]
Consider how they always mess with Aesops [[spoiler:and now they just pissed off Finn/Marceline shippers with Princess Bubblegum becoming younger.]]

[[WMG: Finn/Princess Bubblegum is like ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve]]
* When Pen Ward said "It's as real as the feelings you feel. Expect that multiplication sign to be addressed in future episodes. In due time". He meant that as long as fans of Finn/Princess Bubblegum kept on shouting out how much they supported it, the more likely it is to happen.
** Which would make sense since if there are 0 Finn/Bubblegum fans, there will be no chance of it and as there are more fans, the "multiplication sign" increases and Princess Bubblegum/Finn is more likely it will happen. [[FridgeBrilliance It's all mathematical]]

[[WMG: The Lich eliminated humanity as we know it.]]
Look at where his lair resides: It's an old, dilapidated subway.
* Seems to be going that way. The list of things to bring him back to his full power?
-->"Bleach, lighter fluid, ammonia, gasoline, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking I don't know, lady stuff]], Plutonium."
* The "lady stuff" is probably the bottle that looks like shampoo, though one should wonder what the unknown and unidentified items are that Finn was carrying.
* I actually thought Finn was talking about everything in his arms when referring to "lady stuff", since he probably had only half a clue what Princess Bubblegum would want with gasoline, plutonium, and other things.

[[WMG: Even though [[spoiler:Princess Bubblegum became younger, there is a catch to it.]]]]
* [[spoiler:She either will take longer to grow up than Finn or she can't grow up as a result of the Lich's magic.]] Considering the later episode, "Too Young".
** The "there is a catch to it" is confirmed, but the "she will either take longer to grow up than Finn or can't grow up" isn't confirmed either way. The catch? See the below bullet point.
* It's equally possible [[spoiler: that she lost her memory of life past age 13.]] Note how she both looked and seemed to act [[spoiler: like a 13-year-old]].
* [[TakeAThirdOption Third option]], [[spoiler: she'll eventually be unhappy with being 13 and even though she cares deeply about Finn, [[NotGrowingUpSucks she would rather be older again than be a child all over again]].]]

[[WMG: The Lich runs entirely on ItOnlyWorksOnce.]]
Billy's magic gauntlet was used to take down the Lich before...but it didn't work the second time. Finn discovered [[PowerOfLove the Power of Liking Someone a Lot]], and that turned the Lich to dust... [[spoiler:but it didn't work the second time]]. This could be where the Lich derives his immortality from; anything could be used to defeat him, but once they're used, they can never work again. Every time a hero uses anything at all against the Lich, [[NiceJobBreakingItHero they're only making him stronger]].
** It doesn't seem he becomes immune to what defeated him before, it seemed he just got smart enough to avoid it. He interuptted when the gauntlet was used on him the second time and [[spoiler:shatterted it. Likewise with the PowerOfLove, he punched Finn halfway across the Candy Kingdom before he got the chance to actually use it on him the second time.]] It seems he doesn't get stronger, he just gets smarter.

[[WMG: The Snail will undergo InvoluntaryShapeshifting [[spoiler: due to prolonged habitation by the Lich's soul.]]]]
He looks normal now, but pretty soon, [[spoiler: being both the SoulJar and the brainwashed slave of the Lich]] will take its toll, morphing him into a [[TwoBeingsOneBody half-snail]], [[BodyHorror half-Lich monster]].

[[WMG: The whole show is a reference to VideoGame/FinalFantasyI.]]
Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Ice King are the four Light Warriors, Lich is one of the four elemental fiends, and Marilith/Kary, Kraken, and Tiamat will have specials at the end of season three, season four, and season five, respectively.

[[WMG: The Lich King will make a major appearance as a TheStraightMan / HarmlessVillan-type character.]]
* He doesn't crack jokes no matter what the situation, probably confirm the former.
** TheStraightMan , probably... but a HarmlessVillain ?! He might've been slowed down by Finn and Jake, but if Billy couldn't keep him down, neither can they.

[[WMG: The Snail will appear in the new season a lot less.]]
And when he does, there will be [[ChekhovsGunman reason]] [[SoulJar to]] [[OneWingedAngel fear]] [[UltimateEvil him]].

[[WMG: The Lich gets more powerful through death.]]
The Lich must guzzle down a magic potion of all sorts of household poisons ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and plutonium]]) to get his power back. One would question how such mundane fluids would give an undead warlock back his unholy power, until this hypothesis comes up: as ReviveKillsZombie, poisons serve to heal the Lich.

[[WMG: The Peppermint Butler died before the events of the show and either cheated Death or became his best friend so he could come back to life. [[spoiler: Perhaps he even had a run-in with the Lich.]]]]
It would explain why he knows so much about Death[[spoiler:, and knew that Princess Bubblegum was possessed by the Lich.]]

[[WMG: Killing everyone is but the beginning for the Lich's plans.]]
The Adventure Time universe has an afterlife, after all. Presumably, every living thing would go there (seeing as ''flowers'' even have souls in this show and go to the afterlife). Getting everyone to the Land of the Dead could be the beginning of an unrelated plan of some sort, or perhaps the Lich has the ability to kill everyone, [[CessationOfExistence and then destroy their souls as well.]]

[[WMG: The Snail will spend all of season 3 slowly making its way to the Lich's pool and will finally arrive in the season 3 finale.]]
I mean, you know, it's a snail. It wouldn't exactly be a master sprinter, now would it.

[[WMG: The Lich's body-snatching abilities take a large amount of energy out of him, and takes more for getting bodies that are larger/more complex compared to his current one (although, having something go into his pool makes it much easier), he can control what "percentage" of him goes to which bodies, and having a body get destroyed makes him lose his energy again.]]
The Lich King was able to possess the snail pretty much just by looking at it, and may have only been casting spells (as he was constantly) out of desperation and hoping ''anything'' would come in and get at least a ''little'' possessed. The snail, however, being such an astoundingly simple and tiny creature compared to the Lich King, was easy to get and only took a small amount of the Lich to control. After the Lich's "Lich King" body was killed, he made it so he was about halfway in the snail and halfway in Princess Bubblegum. And after the Princess Bubblegum body was "killed," the Lich put his entire being into the snail. But since most things the Lich would ''want'' to possess are now much larger than him, as a snail, he'll have to work up slowly and progressively possess things that are a ''little'' larger, each time, like going from the snail to a dancing bug, dancing bug to a mouse or something, etc.

[[WMG: The last part of the 'Vampire-ghost-whatever' triangle is 'ghostbuster'.]]
In 'Heat signature', Marceline explained that vampires can't beat ghosts; it's like a rock-paper-scissors thing. If the last part was 'ghostbuster' it would make complete sense! Ghostbuster deafeats ghost (it's what they do), ghost defeats vampire (intangible + can't kill a ghost), vampire defeats ghostbuster (suck out their blood)!
* I think that the last part is Why-Wolves. Remember that Why-Wolves gain their strength from the power of inquiry, so the knowledge they could gain from Ghosts powers their resolve to kill them. But vampires (or at least Marceline) are slightly obnoxious so the Why-Wolves would stay away from them.
** Another hint towards this is Marceline's Whywolf-pelt dress she wore in her second appearance. The question ''then'', though, becomes "how do whywolves beat ghosts?"

[[WMG: The entire show is nothing more than the workings of the mind of a [[AxCrazy homicidal maniac]] in denial or has regrets.]]
While I'm aware that Cartoon Network would never let it pass, it is still food for a thought. In this case, the argument would be that Finn is an embodiment of the maniac's childhood, Jake is whatever good is left inside of the maniac, Princess Bubblegum was either the maniac's childhood girlfriend, teacher (Considering how smart she is), or his first victim, Lumpy Space Princess was another victim that was a drug addict, the Ice King is an embodiment of either the maniac's womanizing, single father or the maniac's emerging sexuality, Tree Trunks was the maniac's first understanding that people die or possibly someone (maybe another victim) with a fatal illness, Marceline was probably a bully/Tsundere that only added fuel to the fire within the maniac (Consider how Marceline always wants to mess with Finn and has absurd power), the other princesses were probably his victims as well. Last but certainly not least, the Lich is an embodiment of his evil and guilt. [[spoiler: Yes, this [[Tropers/DeepC troper]] is not exactly a cheery guy.]]
* Alternatively, it's within the mind of a hired gunman/gangster trying to deny his terrible deeds that he committed.

[[WMG: Peppermint Butler was briefly possessed by the Lich]]
''"I'm going to take it from you while you sleep."''
* That might explain why [[spoiler: he could sense the Lich inside Princess Bubblegum]].

[[WMG: The people making the show are giving the Finn/Bubblegum shippers a false HopeSpot]]
In the form of [[spoiler:Bubblegum becoming a 12 year old]].

[[WMG: Adventure Time and Superjail take place on the same Earth]]
They both have similar animation styles and similar metaphysical weirdness.

At some point, WesternAnimation/{{Superjail}} will go critical, causing the Apocalypse that takes place in Ooo's past. The giant chunk in the Earth is were Superjail was located when it exploded.

[[WMG: The gum that was missing from Princess Bubblegum when she was put back together will turn up again in a future episode...]]
Either it will still be possessed by The Lich or it will simply have been corrupted by his presence and taken on a life of its own, and Finn, Jake, and possibly the younger PB will have to fight it off, and perhaps rejoin her with in it the end, returning her to her 18 year-old self. Possible addition: They may have to actually hunt it down, because of some bit of information they need that PB knew before being aged down, but lost afterward. Or maybe more than just a bit of information, depending on how her aging down is handled, memories-wise.
* Some what proven, In the episode with the door master. Where didJake get his peice of bubblegum from? Simple he stashed it when the found all her missing peices in the Lich episodes. He was going to wait to see if they needed it to fully remake her, but upon discovering she would be his agge, found it more beneficial to leave it unsaid.
* Or it was the piece of hair from To Cut a Woman's Hair...

[[WMG: Either Lumpy Space Princess or Lady Rainicorn will be removed from the main characters.]]
Both have been appearing less and less, it's not exactly ''wild''. It's probably going to be Lady Rainicorn, however, because most of the audience can't understand her anyways. Now time to guess who will replace her.
* Susan Strong. Adam Muto has stated that she will appear in Season 3, but not how frequently, and we need to find out if she's human or hyooman.
* Tree Trunks.
** They haven't been appearing less and less at all.

[[WMG: Finn isn't really human]]
Finn is actually a mutated Hyooman, and Susan is his older sister, who has the same "mutation". Why?
* The animal hat that both he and the Hyoomen wear- His is shaped vaguely like a bear, while Susan's is obviously a cat.
* The fact that both he and Susan are both fair skinned, with golden blond hair.
* It's probably the only viable explanation of where he came from at this point.

[[WMG: A future episode will show Billy's past]]
What? You know it'd be awesome!

[[WMG: The Decorpsinator Serum will be used on the Lich.]]
As means of [[ReviveKillsZombie either eliminating him]] or turning him back into his true form.
* And reverting him back to his true, mortal form makes him killable due to preventing him from being a Lich.

[[WMG: Gunther will become important in the later seasons.]]
Marceline's Dad did say that he was the UltimateEvil, meaning he is either a part of the Lich or its master.

[[WMG: Proteok will appear in the later seasons.]]
Consider how Adventure Time makes anything that appears or is mentioned throughout the show important in some way. For example, the waving snail that appeared in every episode is now a host for the Lich.

[[WMG: The Lich was once a boy that was picked on a lot before the events of the Mushroom War.]]
And when he grew up during the War, he [[WhosLaughingNow got]] [[FromNobodyToNightmare his]] [[DisproportionateRetribution vengeance]]. Possibly, forgetting why he wanted to wipe out humanity in the first place.

[[WMG: [[EvilVsEvil The Lich will fight Marceline's dad]] in a future episode]]
The Lich will eventually become unbeatable to Finn due to ItOnlyWorksOnce, causing them to cross the GodzillaThreshold and free Marceline's dad from the Nightosphere to fight him as a last resort.

[[WMG: Marceline has a hidden army of vampires.]]
She's a queen, but we haven't seen any of her vampire vassals. This is because vampires are scattered all over the world and prefer to live among non-vampires so that they don't have to compete for food (there can only be so much red in one spot!). They will only unite when something that can threaten their entire race appears. Marceline's dad doesn't count, since they know their queen can convince him not to take their souls. As for why they didn't show up when the Lich King returned, they didn't know about his re-appearance yet, or maybe Marceline was actually off gathering other vampires, explaining why she was absent from the episodes.

An alternative is that the Lich King somehow counts as a ghost, a creature vampires cannot defeat, and Marceline knew sending an army of vampires to fight him would be pointless. She would have given all other vampires the order to hide until the coast was clear in that case.

[[WMG: Princess Bubblegum isnt a Princess]]
Her first name is Princess like Doctor Princess's last name is. She is infact her highness Princess Bubblegum the Candy Queen.
* Except, her first name is Bonnibel.

[[WMG: Marceline is a widow]]
Her previous husband? The Vampire King. A thousand years ago before the Mushroom Wars, he fell in love with her and turned her into a vampire so she could become a part of his family, and she eventually came to embrace her new life. She didn't hold the title of Queen back then, only as a 'consort' with no real authority. For a time, they were genuinely in love, but the King made horrible decrees that she didn't agree with. Many other vampires thought his new decrees were terrible ideas too, but Marceline was the only one brave enough to confront him about it and disobey. The argument then escalated into an epic duel that would decide the fate of vampires. Eventually she won, and killing the Vampire King made her the new ruler of vampires and earned her the title of 'Queen'.

However, despite believing there was no other way to resolve the conflict, she regrets having to kill her old lover. This is why in 'Go With Me' she said "You do NOT want to go down that road with me" to Finn: She's terrified of being in another relationship because she's afraid they might come into yet another serious conflict, one that could lead to her crippling or killing her significant other.

[[WMG: The tiny computer passed through Finn's system some time between City of Freaks and Dungeon.]]
Which is why he doesn't sing in autotune anymore.
* Eh, I dunno. If he can choose to talk normally he can probably choose to sing normally.

[[WMG: Peppermint Butler is not a Candy Person.]]
It was established in the first season that Candy People will explode when frightened. In the second season finale Peppermint Butler brings tea to the Princess while she's [[spoiler: being possessed by the lich]] and presumably gets spooked by her appearance. He doesn't explode, however, and instead sprouts fangs, hisses, and runs out of the room on all fours. Add in the earlier episode where Peppermint Butler shows a rather unsettling knowledge of Death and the means of entering the Underworld (not to mention his later declaration that he will be [[spoiler: taking Finn's flesh as payment]]) and his status as a cute-n-cuddly Candy Man seems more than a little but suspect.

So what else could he be? Well I can think of [[DemBones at least one substance]] that can be bleached and painted to look like peppermint, and he DOES seem to know a lot about the underworld...
* He is definitely not a normal candy person. My WMG is that he's a demon from the underworld which steals the flesh of the living and assumes its form
* At least partially Jossed. "Too Young" showed that he had the minty, soothing properties of peppermint when the Earl of Lemon Grab sucked on him after ingesting the ultra spicy bath potion, and he also contributed some of his biomass to restore PB to her 18-year-old self. He might not be normal candy person, but he is almost certainly a person made of candy.

[[WMG: The Adventure Time universe is connected to the Minecraft universe in some way]]
I have absolutely no clue how or why I came up with this.

[[WMG: Adventure Time is the far future of RegularShow]]
Cosmic horrors, anthropormorfic creatures and magic are commonplace in both worlds. Maybe one day Mordecai and Rigby screwed up ''real'' bad, and couldn't fix it, which caused the Mushroom War. The land of Ooo is probably what the Park and the surrounding area were turned into.
* The humans in the farm world do look suspiciously similar to the humans of Regular Show.

[[WMG: The [[TheMagicComesBack magic came back]] as the result of [[UltimateEvil the Lich]] being awakened.]]
The Lich was sealed away centuries ago. During the digging of a subway, humans uncovered him, setting him loose on the world (thus why his lair is in an old abandoned subway, it's were he was uncovered). The Mushroom War was a war between humanity and the Lich's forces. After nuclear force failed to stop him and only resulted in making him stronger and ruining much of the earth. They finally rediscovered magic, the only thing that could effect him. They ultimately managed to temperory defeat the Lich and the survivors tried to restore the ruined Earth with magic, the combination of radiation and. The Lich, not completely defeated, tried to launch one last attack, killing off most of the remains of humanity, resulting in Billy rising up to defeat him.

[[WMG: [[ScrewYourself Finn will fall in love with Fiona]]]]
This is merely a shot in the dark. But if they are in the same dimension and alive at the same time, then things will get even weirder.

[[WMG: Finn is the last pure human and everyone is trying to either protect or kill him]]
Let's take a look at the three creatures he regularly hangs out with: Jake, a constant guardian with incredible powers. Princess Bubblegum, leader of (as far as we've seen) the largest and most peaceful civilization in Ooo and a scientific genius (who, with the recent Lich King incidents changed herself to be closer to Finn). Marceline, a vampire queen who for some reason resists sucking his blood. On the other hand the Lich King, who has a grudge aginst humans and instigated the Mushroom War, is now trying to finish the job by taking out Finn.
* I'm pretty sure we already knew that.
[[WMG: TheAmazingWorldOfGumball is the Future of Adventure Time.]]
Similar to the WMG about the Regular Show being the past of Adventure Time, the Amazing World of Gumball is set in the distant future of Adventure Time, after they learn about the civilzation that they destroyed, the people of Ooo tried to rebuild it, losing most of their magic in the process, leading to them living like the modern humans did, except their talking animals, talking food, talking object, ect.

[[WMG: Finn is going to be educated.]]
Considering that Princess Bubblegum [[SelfFulfillingProphecy practically caused the Lich to be free in her paranoia]] (unintentionally of course) and that they couldn't tell the relatively obvious signs that Princess Bubblegum was possessed (blue skin, deep voice, dying flowers, her hatred of Jake's music, [[EvilDetectingDog Peppermint Butler's reaction to Princess Bubblegum]], and "Bubblelich"'s demands for the deadly chemicals); he's probably not going to have anymore excuses for being stupid. Additionally, it could be possible that Peppermint Butler will see to it that Finn receives education.

[[WMG: The Ice King will have a heart to heart conversation.]]
Finn will probably seek someone to talk with him as he is [[GrowingUpSucks growing up]] and only the Ice King truly knows what it is like.

[[WMG: The whole idea of Finn and Jake's argument while they were making their own film in "Video Makers" is all an elaborate TakeThat to the FanDumb.]]
Consider how Jake focused on the romance, which represents those that only care about the shippings; whereas Finn focused on the action of their film, which represents those that only talk about the action.

[[WMG: Baby Candy People are either created in factories, created from [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything magic sugar crystals coming together]], or from "[[{{Squick}} sugar pods]]".]]
Considering how WordOfGod says that Princess Bubblegum cannot have children, it is possible that it was meant that she cannot have children the conventional method. This has backup due to one of the staff mentioning that the topic of how Candy People are created will be explored.

[[WMG: [[RuleSixtyThree Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake]] might have more episodes thrown into later seasons.]]
Depends on whether the fans really like the episode. And I would really love to see what the Lich would look like as a woman.
* [[ Confirmed.]]
[[WMG: Marshall Lee will get to sing in Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake]]
Same as above.
* [[ Here you go.]]

[[WMG: The Lich will ultimately be defeated by the Cosmic Owl.]]
The Why-Wolves in "Donny" seemed to imply that the Cosmic Owl destroys things that get too much power (such as the Why-Wolves over populating), when [[spoiler: the Lich moves into a more powerful body]] Finn and Jake will go on a journey to find the Cosmic Owl to defeat him.

[[WMG: In the upcoming episode, "Memory of a Memory", when Finn and Jake go into Marceline's mind, there will be many things revealed.]]
Such memories can include [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming childhood memories]], her experiences during the Mushroom War, and [[TearJerker seeing how she became alone in the world]] [[GoMadFromTheIsolation and went insane for a while]]. If any other tropers wish to put in their thoughts of what memories they think Finn and Jake will encounter, please feel free to add more.[[spoiler: But hurry, the episode will air July 25, 2011.]]
* There's how she became vampire queen--[[KlingonPromotion by killing the Vampire King]]. That would be cool.

[[WMG: All of the thought projections during "Mortal Folly" will come true one way or another!]]
In this case, PB's vision of the Lich came true [[SelfFulfillingProphecy due to her own actions]]; so perhaps for the other two, Jake will get a horse for Lady Rainicorn to ride on, and Finn will eventually lose his arm to a brutal battle against the Lich and will have to wear one of the Lich's jewels around his leg in order to inhibit the Lich's powers from spreading throughout his body.

[[WMG: Bubblegum Princes/Princesses hatch out of the gumballs residing inside of the Guardians of the Royal Promise.]]
This is a bit of a continuation from the whole "Where Candy Babies Come From" theory, where the Guardians would drop a gumball every time a princess/prince is needed to rule the Candy Kingdom.

[[WMG:Marceline has a crush on Princess Bubblegum]]
Hear me out, in the initial moments of ''Go With Me'' it becomes obvious (to most viewers at least) that Marceline is sabotaging Finn's romantic endeavors, the most understandable reason being that she wants Finn for herself, but then she explains that she isn't interested in a romantic relationship with him, and is repulsed when he tries to ask her out. One could argue that she was just sabotaging the plan for the fun of it, but this sort of sabotage seems different from her usual pranks. Which leads me to believe that she was actually trying to ruin Finn/Bubblegum because she wants ''Bubblegum'' for herself, not Finn. One of the show's designers sometimes draws Marceline/Bubblegum art, so it's not that unbelievable. As seen [[ here]] and [[ here.]]

[[WMG: Pen Ward is letting all of the Adventure Time staff support a different shipping.]]
It is possible that [[{{Troll}} Pen Ward is doing this so that he can figure out how to screw with as many shippers as possible]]; also eventually revealing that he supports none of them.

[[WMG: The Lich's plan before Billy cast him down was...]]
to nuke the Land of Ooo into a radioactive wasteland. It's shown that he becomes more powerful when he comes into contact with poisons and toxins. Thus, when Princess Bubblegum spoke about him planning to convert Ooo into unholy energy, he was actually planning to succeed what the Mushroom War failed: end all life in a storm of radioactive hellfire, and absorb the resulting fallout to become a god.

[[WMG: The whole land of Ooo is a prototype, for paradise]]
The first one was "A" then "B" etc. and the great creator messed up, he kept trying to evetualy reach EDEN. He'll first have to go through all of the alphabet repeated up until then.

[[WMG: The Candy Kingdom was made by [[AnimeDragonBallZ Majinn Buu]]]]
Possibly this world is the future of ''Dragon Ball'' with it's FantasyKitchenSink

[[WMG: Marceline is a devout Catholic.]]
Her house has a picture of what appears to be the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. Kinda like [[ this one]] but reversed and Adventure Time-y.

[[WMG: Marceline is a tad [[MyGirlIsaSlut slutty]] and bi.]]
That's why she messes with Finn and teases bubbleum, I also think she might be into [[BestialityIsDepraved bestiality]], that's why she messes with jake.\\
She messes with people to show she likes them.
** Her chillin' with those wolves in "Go With Me" also hints to bestiality.

[[WMG: Those fries were expensive.]]
The memory of Marceline's dad eating Marceline's fries lookes like it wasn't ''that'' long after the Great Mushroom War. There may not have been many people around growing enough that they could sell (instead focusing on subsistence at that early stage) so there would be a low supply, but at the same time they were a highly memorable comfort food from before the war, so they would be in demand among survivors. If something is sought after but uncommon, then the price would go up... right?
* Why not consider flipping the fries completely around. The person who ate those fries would become lord of the nightosphere and Marcie was doing it to save daddy, but he beat her to the punch. She later became vampire queen, but it wasn't enough to win his soul back.

[[WMG: Ash is still stuck to the bottom of Jake's foot]]
Duh since no new episodes have aired since this one Ash will be stuck there at least until that time

[[WMG: This show is recycled from the "Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.]]
Think about it now. One more thing don't give me that "The creators of Flapjack didn't F#king make this show" crap.
* I say plausible. Centuries ago a sailor must have been so close to see the portion of the Candy Kingdom that hangs off into the water, and thought that it was an island. After being shipwrecked he floated back Storm Along Harbor ( adorable name by the way ), to tell his yarn of Candied Island, which was actualy The Farthest Edge of The Candy Kingdom.
* Based on animation the noodly limbs are the same-esque.
* But Adventure Time preceded Flapjack by years...
[[WMG: In the new episode Finn and Jake are going to adopt Ice King so they can have a good influence on his worthless, worthless, worthless life]]
Did I mention his worhtless life has no meaning, but they will have an efect until the next episode where this will have never even happened, but somehow it will still be one of their memories.
* alt. he will be turned back into a child, mentally, and Finn & Jake will try to parent him.\\
Finn being the strict parent, or mother, hence the grounding.\\
Jake will be the cool parent, or father, hence the double peace signs.

[[WMG: Ash will become a DracoInLeatherPants.]]
He already has quite a few qualifications that make one, [[TemptingFate it's only a matter of time before someone does it]].
* BastardBoyfriend
* {{Bishonen}}
* EvilIsSexy
* HotGuysAreBastards
* MagnificentBastard

[[WMG: Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake will take place in the land of Aaa.]]
* Interesting case with this one - episode descriptions do refer to the setting as "the land of Aaa," but it's still called "Ooo" in the episode proper.

[[WMG: Marceline was literally starving when she bought those fries]]
The diner looked very run-down and post-apocalyptic, and that was apparently the best food joint they could find, seeing as they chose to eat there. Unlike (non-vampiric, teenage) Marceline, her dad just needs souls for nourishment, and top of that, he's all grown, so he really didn't need those fries like she did.
* and he turned her out of mercy, it all makes sence now.
* ALT> he couldv'e turned her already and she did not want to commit to being a vampire and killing people, so she bought magic fries that would prevent her from dieing. The reason tjhey were cold was because she had had them for centuries already. After he ate them she starved almost half to death, and through a sliver of humanity, Marceline's dad had mercy on his little girl and told her the secret to being a ''nice'' vampire. Drinking the color instead of the substance.
* Marceline wasn't a vampire at that time. However, she was a child on her own AfterTheEnd, so it's quite probable that she was starving.

[[WMG: BMO is the reason why rainicorns can fly]]
Lady Rainicorn said that her species can fly on account of sunlight which is reflected off of Earth. The ozone would normally make it impossible for enough sunlight to reach Earth and eventually get reflected for the Raincorns to "dance around on". However, there has been no ozone layer for hundreds of years, ever since BMO transported it into his main-brain-game-frame to create the game Guardians of Sunshine (which after that took centuries to complete). The ozone prevents Sleepy Sam and the other characters from reaching the sunshine.

[[WMG: Marceline is an anachronistic manifestation of the Internet]]
* Her vampirism and vampire abilities are from the Internet as of a few years ago, when vampires, werewolves/wolves, demons, and etc were at the pinnacle of their popularity (the latter two are what she can transform into).
* Her demonic faces are actually memes from post-2011, which were created to replace the "forever alone" (and etc) faces, that are currently fading in popularity.
* The reason why she was nearly killed in "Henchman" was not because of the sun, but because of Jake's kawaii strawberry suit. "Kawaii" is an infamous word/concept on the internet, sometimes considered harmful to use.
* She acts evil in order to mess with others, i.e. a troll. She accepted Finn as a friend after he learned this, i.e. he ceased being a n00b/newbie.
* In the pilot, Jake attempted to connect to the internet via meditation, because he was still afraid of Marceline at the time and needed meditation to calm himself.
* She is by far the most popular character among the fandom online.

[[WMG: Scorcher will return because...]]
You can only fight fire with fire, but at this time Fin will be mental prepared enough to hand Scorcher his seared buns on a piping hot platter.

[[WMG: The Candy Kingdom inhanitants are going to be infected with sour]]
Lemongrab is already infected and it makes him a ''Sour Puss'', he infects other candy people by making them resist fun urges like, parties, and other social events.\\
This troper would not be surprised if the entire Candy Kingdom was conquered by this.

[[WMG: The Lich can only BodySurf if the body he is currently in is killed.]]
This would [[WorfHadTheFlu explain]] the rather inefficient use of his BodySurf ability ever since he was released. If he could do it any time, he shouldn't have stayed in the weakened body of Princess Bubblegum, and he also shouldn't have been inactively dicking about in the Snail's body for so long (four episodes as of this edit).
** Is it wrong that this troper laughed at "dicking about in the Snail's body for so long"?
** It's okay. This troper giggled, too.

[[WMG: Not too serious, but a GINORMOUS what if, Finn will not like Lemongrab disrespectin' his newly acheivable lady]]
and as a result of that, he's gonna lop off his head and make lemonade for all the Candy People to drink.\\
Just to take it a step further he's going to use the edible parts to make a pie for P.B.\\
Just because this troper's gone pretty far one more couldn't hurt, he's going to then grind the sides of his head into a lemon peel dust, to garnish the meal he's going to make for P.B.
** No. Lemongrab is made of lemon candy. Not lemons. As much of a BUTT as he is, Finn wouldn't actually harm him, because LG isn't evil. Just a butt. A really big butt, though. And even if he wanted to, that would be kinda hard. We're talking about the guy who fell out of the tall tower of the Candy Kingdom, on his head, and was totally unfazed. He has very hard skin.(Not much of a tolerance to pain, though. )

[[WMG: the last episode of the series will be a PoorlyDisguisedPilot for Bravest Warriors]]
The last episode will feature the titular Bravest Warriors landing in Ooo and telling Finn about a colony of humans living in space, meaning Finn will have to choose to be with his own people, or his friends in Ooo. In the end, he chooses his friends, leaving the Bravest Warriors to venture off to new adventures.
* Finn definetly looks like [[ Him]] and those [[ sheep]] look a little familiar too, at 9:50 secs.

[[WMG: The heat of a love-hug is in no way necessary to catalyze anything.]]
This one is really self-explanatory.

[[WMG: Jake's speech at the end of "Too Young" was foreshadowing]]
Finn really will warp through multiple worlds, defeat the Demon King, climb up wizard stairs, and kiss Princess Bubblegum.
* Well, he's already defeated Marceline's dad (does that count?) and warped through the Crystal Dimension and into the game, so he's on the right track. It's the Water World that's going to be the tough one, but if Fin wants that key, he'll have to overcome his fear once again.
** Alternatively, it's foreshadowing for Finn temporarily seeking the Ice King's (Jake's speech did refer to a wizard)help, to find a way to make Princess Bubblegum love him again.
*** Knowing the [[{{Yandere}} Ice King]], this probably won't go too well.

[[WMG: The Cosmic Owl is Ooo's creator god.]]
The Cosmic Owl may have initially been an ordinary owl that AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence after being exposed to the nuclear fallout of the Great Mushroom War, though it's also possible that it was already a CosmicBeing independently of this event. In the aftermath of the war, the Cosmic Owl used its power to replenish the world into its current state. The fallout on its own may not be enough to explain everything about how the world became the way it is.

[[WMG: When Rainicorns and Canines have offspring the result is a [[Film/TheNeverendingStory Luck Dragon]]]]
[[ Falkor]] is the result of a rainicorn and a dog.

[[WMG: Jason Yungbluth is the Lich King]]
That fat bastard is evil enough to have caused the Mushroom War and I'm positive he'd be some kind of demon on their world.
* Finally somebody gets it.

[[WMG: The Lich and the Fight King have some sort of connection.]]
Think about it, they both have glowing green eyes and energy, they're both undead, and they both have some form of mind control.

[[WMG: The Lich will take control of Marceline's dad's body.]]
If he's looking for a good body, then why not?

[[WMG: LSP is retarded]]
She speaks like she has mental problems, and her parents are clearly Bro. & Sis.
* That would be more like Cinnamon Bun.

[[WMG: Cinnamon Bun woud have no friends if not for the Candy Kingdom]]
He is clearly not candy, he's a pastry. There is '''NO''' Pastry Kindom. Plus he is constantly getting his bodily fluids all over the place, which is the makings of a person you wouldn't hang out with.
** Cinnamon Bun has Old Timers Disease, heheh. But LSP definitely does not have Downs Syndrome.

[[WMG: Cinamon Bun is a failed experiment by Princess Bubblegum]]
She was trying to create the next step of evolution in the Candy Kingdom and with her first creation she wanted someone who was her intellectual match but he turned out wrong and is now a constant reminder of her failure.

[[WMG: Jake's arm that was so extremely muscled, is a by product of too much personal time]]
Finn's arm isn't as large because his body type makes all muscle very lean. Which explains why he rarely "exercises" but is pretty strong for a boy his age.

[[WMG: Susan Strong is Fionna]]
Perhaps Susan Strong is a mutated Fionna. The mutation caused her to lose her memories, lose intelligence and grow huge. She may have some memories of Cake, which can explain the hat.
** Fionna is Ice King's fanfiction character.

[[WMG: Marceline's dad used extreme means to help her survive the apocalypse.]]
Marceline and her dad might have both been human at one point, but at the impending end of civilization, her dad sought a way to help them survive. In desperation, he attempted to cheat Death and succeeded, turning them both into demons as some sort of deal for besting him. (Also explains why Marceline's dad is "deathless". He literally cheated Death into making him immortal, or in other words, for Death to never come for him.)

In her memory as a little girl, she says "I'm hurting you because I love you." This is not something a child would say unless they had heard it from one of their parents. Turning into a demon is possibly a painful process physically and/or emotionally, so it was probably a phrase her dad told to her. He loved her, so he had to turn her into a demon in order to survive the war, even if it hurt her. The memory of her as a little girl was after she became a demon and the world had destroyed itself, explaining why she had the demon skin, teeth and ears like her dad. It also explains why she didn't have bite marks for a long time; she wasn't a vampire until her mid/late teens, she was a demon like her father (WordOfGod stating that Marceline's dad is more of a demonic monster than a vampire). Marceline's turn into a vampire being my next WMG...

[[WMG: Marceline had been turned into a vampire by the Vampire King himself.]]
Marceline had seduced the Vampire King into turning her, and possibly even marrying her. She killed the King in order to gain full control of the throne. Having him marry her probably allowed her a better chance at killing him, since his guard would be most let down around his beloved wife, and seeing as how they were married and most likely slept in the same bed together, she had incredibly easy access to him when he was most vulnerable and unaware.
* Gives rise to an interesting quote: "Finn, you do ''not'' want to go down that road with me."
** Since her dad is a uberpowerful demon, maybe the Vampire King used her to try to get to her father. Marceline didn't take kindly to this and killed him.

[[WMG: marceline was mutated from sarah silverman or one of her future children.]]
if you think about it she sounds like her and kind of has her since of humor (filtered via the censors)

[[WMG: The Lich is Body Surfing from person to person to eventually possess Finn]]
* Please let this happen in the season 3 finale.

[[WMG: Finn's real name is Philip J. Fry]]
Look at the timeline. World ends in Mushroom War / Rise of the Dark Lord around [[MillenniumBug [=Y2K=]]]. Marceline is born into this new world, and lives a thousand years. Suddenly a human child appears. Where did he come from? He was flash frozen until this time. So this is a dark alternative to the WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} world, set in the same time period.
* Does this mean that [[HeyItsThatVoice Jake is]] [[JohnDiMaggio Bender?]]

[[WMG: The Ice King has MPD]]
It seems to be a fitting FreudianExcuse for his strange behavior. One wants to be friends with Finn and Jake, whilst the other is a psychopath with an obsession with Princesses. It would explain why his story about Fionna and cake had ended with everyone admiring him. His other personality took over and wrote that part.
* Could explain his behavior in "Loyalty to the King" too. Maybe his lack of beard makes him more evil?

[[WMG: Fionna And Cake's universe does exist.]]
During the Ice King's trip with the Cosmic Owl his wizard eyes were enhanced allowing him to see into the multiverse, one of which was a alternate universe [[RuleSixtyThree which everyone was reversed.]] Ice King of course doesn't realize this and just assumes it's his own imagination and see's this as ... "inspiration." He later used actual events as inspiration for his fanfiction.
* Although, the FictionIdentityPostulate would dictate that their universe exists as an alternate universe, anyway.

[[WMG: Fionna And Cake will get a sequel.]]
It could happen.
* It may change, but in an interview on [[ Gaia]], [[WordOfGod Pendleton Ward]] said there would be another episode. With Marshall Lee.
* Confirmed

[[WMG: Each time The Lich is "defeated", he body surfs into the hero who defeats him.]]
We don't know if the decaying body The Lich had in "Mortal Folly" was his original one, and it is implied that he might have lived before the start of the mushroom wars, which could mean he (was) human. Since he's been around, and presumably trying to destroy the world, for so long, other heroes must have fought him. The Lich could also be using heroes to replace the bodies he wears out, getting around the problem of maintaining a rotting corpse while he... Does whatever he does.

Billy avoided becoming The Lich's next vessel by trapping The Lich instead of trying to outright kill it. Finn was never told about The Lich's body surfing ability (we don't know much about it, either) and is too inexperienced / hasty to recognize that The Lich would escape after being killed a second time in "Mortal Recoil". When The Lich almost made Finn [[spoiler: walk into the well]], it was trying to get itself a new body- The Lich is savvy enough it should have killed Finn on the spot or turned him against his friends instead of risking him breaking free.

[[WMG: [[BiTheWay Bisexuality]] is the [[EveryoneIsBi default orientation of the citizens of Ooo]].]]
Jake has mentioned a same-sex crush in passing. There are strong hints that Finn, Marceline, and the Ice King also have some same-sex attraction. All four of these characters also show signs of attraction to the opposite gender. And all of that is in the (few) episodes I've seen. It seems like more of a pattern then an anomaly, so...
* I;m sorry, but I have never heard proof of this for Jake. Finn could be "attached" to Jake, but not sexually. PB and Marceline's relationships are pretty so-so, and of course, Ice King is WAY to attached to princesses and F and J. But as for Jake, I can't recall him liking anyone else a lot other than Lady Rainicorn.
** When Finn and Jake met Billy, Jake blurted out that he had a secret crush on him.

[[WMG: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum secretly like each other.]]
Wanted to be the first to say it.
* So not the first, maybe the third, or the second on this trope.
** Only as friends. Take off the Yuri Goggles.
** Thank you. I'm sick of everyone wearing ShippingGoggles and assuming that they're lesbians. It's a kids show!
*** I'd like for you to read [[Radar/AdventureTime this page]] and then see if you can still say it's just a kid's show.

[[WMG: Jake likes to overreact]]
In "Susan Strong" jake became a couch and lifted Finn ''and'' Susan out of that hole.\\
Then on the surface she was scarred of grass and jumped onto his back, where he exclaimed a pain noise.
* He became stronger when he transformed into a couch, and they sat on his flesh, not his bones.

[[WMG: Most of the Land of Ooo is post-mushroom war Europe]]
Finn's name is Celtic, the Candy Kingdom is Berlin (for their chocolates), Ice Kingdom is Norway or Sweden ([[Tropers/SpiderFan14 I]] [[{{Fanon}} think of his real name as Sven]], the majority of knight fighting evil is based on medieval Europe

[[WMG: Fionna and Cake and the other characters from that story...]]
...will be magicked out of the Ice King's book somehow, and have at least one adventure with
Finn & Jake.
* Via Ice King's imagination. he is a RealityWarper you know.

[[WMG: The Ice Queen was originally going to be revealed as a major Mary Sue near the end of Fionna and Cake]]
Nat has an [[ unused design]] on her tumblr of the Ice Queen beaten and scratched up with a crying Cake over her body. She's also more beautiful and threatening then her male counterpart. Besides, wouldn't it be funny for Prince Gumball and Cake to do a WhatTheHellHero after Fionna beats up the Ice Queen?

[[WMG:Princess Bubblegum is Finn's half-sister.]]
She's supposedly a human/bubblegum hybrid, rather than
just bubblegum...the human half had to come from somewhere,and the only humans known to alive in the right
time frame were Finn's parents.

[[WMG: Ice King doesn't want a princess, he wants a son]]
In the Neptr episode, he was on a perch, at the end, in his dream sitting with Neptr, and Neptr said, "let's go catch some princesses, dad" the Ice King turned down the offer stating, "let's just sit a little longer, son" showing he was content with having a son, over having a princess.
* Alternatively, he just wants ''someone''. The Ice King is lonely; if he just had someone, ''anyone'', he would be content.

[[WMG: The Old Lady Princess from "When Wedding Bells Thaw" actually did want to marry the Ice King at first.]]
She's the ''Old Lady'' '''''Princess'''''. As in, she lived to an old age without ever marrying, otherwise you'd think she'd become a queen, since queens DO exist in the Adventure Time universe. Thus, you could infer that she is lonely like the Ice King. However, we've always known that the Ice King is not the easiest guy to get involved with, so she could have second thoughts and decide against it. She talked to him about aborting the marriage and he instead got angry and put the brainwashing engagement ring on her. But, you'd think that since the Ice King can only afford ''one'' ring like that, he'd use it on Bubblegum or one of the more ''attractive'' princesses. So, maybe it actually wasn't a brainwashing ring and the Old Lady Princess just acted that out. This is interesting when you consider Jake's FridgeLogic about why the Ice King would question the faith of someone that he (supposedly) ''brainwashed'' anyway.

[[WMG:Marceline ate Finn's biological parents.]]
She was hungry and they were tasty.
** She only drinks the color red.
*** She ''sometimes'' drinks the color red.

[[WMG:Marceline knew The Lich when he was still human.]]
Who else is old enough to have known him back then?
* Alternatively, she helped him become the Lich.
* [[Really700YearsOld The Ice King?]]

[[WMG:There will be an episode where the Lich turns into a kid.]]
Finn accidentally pushes the Lich into the "Fountain of Youth" where he comes back a kid, without his powers and Finn and Jake have to deal with him.
I'd like to see that episode happen.

[[WMG: There will be a MookHorrorShow ep]]
Finn has said he'd slay anything that was evil, and in "Loyalty to the King", [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar he was shown with a severed monster's head.]] [[FridgeHorror Think about it.]]

[[WMG: The Ice King at some point will become a "nice" guy]]
That isn't to say he'll be benevolent and caring, but he will give up on his plans to kidnap a princess. This is inspired by the hitman episode, he not only followed Finn's grounded rule, but he also tried to save them. This could possibly be proof that he just wants somebody, even somebody who foils his plans, but maybe, just maybe, he sees crime murder, and murder alone. Another possible sign of him becoming good is in the beginning of the hitman episode he snuck into the Breakfast Princess' castle to give them Honey. Pure, non-tampered, non-love potiony honey.
The final possibility is on the little skit where Jake found a magic wand. The Ice King saved the day at the risk of beeing blown up.

[[WMG:The Ice King will suffer permanent beard removal and once again be the "nice king."]]
Possibly by very painful electrolysis. No longer able to fly away, and with his beard no
longer ruining his looks, the nature of his villainy will change significantly.Or he'll give up
villainy because he needs Finn and Jakes' help to keep the Princesses away from him.
* The alleged Nice King, was still a Dick. But this sounds nice if it could NEVER grow back

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