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A Series Made Out of Love, Dedication, Effort, Quirks, and Awesomeness
if you like fanservice _
Interesting, For The First Half
Drakyndra's review
Yandere-chan, put down those scissors!
The color yellow?
  • A Little Bit Scarring, Actually.
  • Deeply unsettling
  • Subtle and Insidious
A VillainProtagonist with plot armor to boot.
Interesting, Nice Twist Ending
  • Awesome: The Story
  • Great, but Heavily Flawed
Not what I expected.
One of the best Mangaka
Artoon's Mediocrity
Incredibly polished and the true successor to the 1995 original
  • A Joyful Read.
  • Yotsuba is pure awesomesauce.
  • Recommended
  • YNTGAH and SITC review
You will be... er, "amazed"
  • Comment by Koneko_Otome
  • Comment by Lequinni
  • So incredibly sad.
  • Surprising and made me really feel it.
Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Orihime}}
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
An unlikely but phenomenal blend.
Recon 5's review
Season Four: DarknessInducedAudienceApathy at its finest
Best. Comedy. Ever.
  • By the power of fan boy appeal!
  • Coldhearted - or, when did this show get good?!
  • Even the greats can fall.
  • First season is okay, second season (so far) is much better
  • How to abuse the CompetenceZone or [[AdultsAreUseless The Justice League is Useless]]?!
  • I find it odd that so many reviews are so negitive...
  • I think I'm watching a different show than most other reviewers here.
  • I wanted to like it, I really did.
  • Invisible Script in the Sky
  • It hooks you until the very end
  • Not terrible...
  • One of the biggest Beard Growths I've seen.
  • Season 1 Retrospective
  • Seasons 1 and 2, both pretty good but for different reasons
  • Well I'm whelmed
  • What's taking so long?
The Fic all Young Justice fans needs to read
Overlord Zaru's review
Your Aunt Elsa
OP's review of your blue-eyed boys
Comment by Max300frk
oh hey it's the new indiana jones movie
The musician of the heartstrings plays another masterpiece...
Rather lack luster
Epic and adorable all at once
Give yourself a prrrrromotion!
Where The Title is Only the First of Many Cliches
Interesting idea, cardboard characters
Card games are serious business.
Nostalgia ho!
  • Card games on motorbikes?! Never!!
  • General Review of 5Ds (up to the point I gave up).
  • Love Yugioh, Love 5Ds, hate Turbo Duels.
  • Worked but needed something
  • Arc of Fatigue
  • Best "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime so far!
  • Best Yugioh Yet
  • Heartland Arc
  • Not a Promising First Episode
  • Patience...
  • The Resonating Dragons (Episode 36)
  • Worth the Wait
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Friendship Cup arc review
  • Season Four - What is the Matrix?
  • Season One - The Perfect Riposte To Original Series.
  • Season Three - The Ghost of The Ex-Wife.
  • Season Two - Cracks Form
I'd say it's a GuiltyPleasure...
  • "Turn Around, Bright Eyes"
  • A Tale of Two Tournies...
  • Episode 44 - Ishizu Explains It All
  • Fascinating game of Fourth Wall Ping Pong.
  • Season 1
  • Eye candy of the highest caliber, but the substance is a bit lacking
  • Impressive Film, But Needed Some More Polish.
  • Really freaking good
  • An underrated gem in the realm of animated movies
  • Meh.
  • Don't judge based off what YGOTAS says
  • Good Except...
  • I've seen enough to be annoyed.
  • If you have a problem with their hair I direct you to Yugi.
  • Is it the worst?
  • It's actually amazing. Really.
  • Yugioh for the pre-teen crowd
  • "I wish the flower-pressing club would give me an invitation."
  • A Slice of Magical Girl Life
  • Yuki Yuna is a Postmodern Magical Girl
  • Excellent
  • Not everyone's cup of tea, but pretty damn good tea.
  • Post Plot-Twist Praise
"Keeps your hand on the mouse, instead of something else."
  • A curious anomaly
  • Perhaps one of the foremost examples of art in video games
Boring, Lifeless, Repetitive: A True Love Doll Story
A good actor, all things considered
  • Lots of laughs and les yay
  • Slice of Life for Yuri fans
A celebration of life and love
Vrock8's review
  • Do you feel like a hero yet?
  • If only it were longer...
  • A Classic Shounen Series that Is Worth Your Time
  • A Generic Series Tainted by Nostalgia
  • I like it
  • MEH!
  • Most Sophisticated Shonen?
  • Well done, but with a weak start and finish