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• Drakyndra's review
• Yandere-chan, put down those scissors!
• A Little Bit Scarring, Actually.
• Deeply unsettling
• A VillainProtagonist with plot armor to boot.
• Interesting, Nice Twist Ending
• Not what I expected.
• One of the best Mangaka
• Artoon's Mediocrity
• A Joyful Read.
• Yotsuba is pure awesomesauce.
• You will be... er, "amazed"
• Comment by Koneko_Otome
• Comment by Lequinni
• So incredibly sad.
• Surprising and made me really feel it.
• Comment by Anonymous
• Comment by {{Tropers/Orihime}}
• Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
• An unlikely but phenomenal blend.
• Recon 5's review
• Season Four: DarknessInducedAudienceApathy at its finest
• Best. Comedy. Ever.
• By the power of fan boy appeal!
• Coldhearted - or, when did this show get good?!
• Even the greats can fall.
• First season is okay, second season (so far) is much better
• How to abuse the CompetenceZone or [[AdultsAreUseless The Justice League is Useless]]?!
• I find it odd that so many reviews are so negitive...
• I think I'm watching a different show than most other reviewers here.
• I wanted to like it, I really did.
• Invisible Script in the Sky
• It hooks you until the very end
• Not terrible...
• One of the biggest Beard Growths I've seen.
• Season 1 Retrospective
• Seasons 1 and 2, both pretty good but for different reasons
• Well I'm whelmed
• What's taking so long?
• 4-5/10.
• Overlord Zaru's review
• Your Aunt Elsa
• OP's review of your blue-eyed boys
• Comment by Max300frk
• Rather lack luster
• Epic and adorable all at once
• Give yourself a prrrrromotion!
• Card games are serious business.
• Card games on motorbikes?! Never!!
• General Review of 5Ds (up to the point I gave up).
• Love Yugioh, Love 5Ds, hate Turbo Duels.
• Not a Promising First Episode
• Patience...
• Season Four - What is the Matrix?
• Season One - The Perfect Riposte To Original Series.
• Season Three - The Ghost of The Ex-Wife.
• Season Two - Cracks Form
• "Turn Around, Bright Eyes"
• A Tale of Two Tournies...
• Episode 44 - Ishizu Explains It All
• Fascinating game of Fourth Wall Ping Pong.
• Season 1
• An underrated gem in the realm of animated movies
• Meh.
• Don't judge based off what YGOTAS says
• Good Except...
• I've seen enough to be annoyed.
• If you have a problem with their hair I direct you to Yugi.
• Is it the worst?
• It's actually amazing. Really.
• Yugioh for the pre-teen crowd
• Excellent
• Not everyone's cup of tea, but pretty damn good tea.
• Post Plot-Twist Praise
• "Keeps your hand on the mouse, instead of something else."
• A curious anomaly
• Perhaps one of the foremost examples of art in video games
• Boring, Lifeless, Repetitive: A True Love Doll Story
• A good actor, all things considered
• Lots of laughs and les yay
• Slice of Life for Yuri fans
• A celebration of life and love
• Vrock8's review
• A Classic Shounen Series that Is Worth Your Time
• A Generic Series Tainted by Nostalgia
• I like it
• MEH!
• Most Sophisticated Shonen?
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