Reviews: Y The Last Man

Interesting idea, cardboard characters

This review specifically addresses only volume 1, issues 1-10.

This world had much potential, but it was wasted on poorly-drawn characters and a blunt-force arc. As phrased in an infodump early in the series, the gendercide kills off most political leaders and heavy proportions of military and technical personnel. Watching the different approaches to resolve these vacuums is interesting as far as it occurs.

Unfortunately we get a series of paper characterizations. The Israelis use their trained female military to try to take over the world, including sending an intercontinental detachment on an anonymous tip at extraordinary expense. Man-hating straw feminists attempt to destroy all remaining symbols of the no-longer-existent patriarchal suppression of women (the protagonist's sister joins them for reasons that are never explored). US government squabbles over procedural rules versus emergency continuity of power. The foremost fertility specialist in the world turns her research toward treatment of breast cancer despite the limited overlay between obstetrics and oncology and limited global access to cutting-edge medical care. A calculating and professional secret agent falls in love with the man she's bodyguarding within days. In each case these actions make little to no sense from a character perspective beyond setting up conflicts.

Frustratingly, our hero Yorick repeatedly solves problems by revealing himself as the last known male and then dispensing tin-pot wisdom. The dynamic established is that the women are always in conflict until a man shows up to tell them what to do.

Good first issue, everything further is downhill fast.