Reviews: You Cant Hide Forever

Comment by Anonymous

This work-in-progress provides a realistic (or at least semi-plausible) look at how the modern society would view the existence of Personified Nations. Whoever "leaked" it must have taken hints from Adrian Veidt or Lex Luthor, as the world at large (for the most part) seems to view them as either freak shows for the press, "lab test" material for scientists and politicians, or outright abominations, though France and Greece manage to get by initially. In other words, expect a good deal of Darker And Edgier and What Measure Is A Non Human moments; an early scene where a Holocaust survivor tracks down and attempts to gun down Germany and Italy should be a good indication. And I guess the only reason why this is in this section is because technically, the cast of Black Lagoon are also in this. Due to the scale of this sort of thing, the pace is rather slow.