Reviews: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Not what I expected.

For all the hype to the background it seems.... amateur. Fake. Or just so-so.

Seriously, I had seen better background in works of Seinen that this. There is no sense of depth, of emotion or beauty beyond what you can find in a streeth painting made with watercolors. Maybe I'm spoiled by Digital works from Deviant Art and such, where the is a monolith sense of awe (like Shadow of the Colosus) and a vibrant, ancient, hearth grenching punch by looking at it, like this or this or even this. Maybe what one needs is an special mentaility and sense of nostalgia to be capable of inmerse in this world.

Whathever it is, I don't posses it and without it, it's a pretty boring work. I say, give it a check but take with a pinch of salt the gushing review of this Page.

Carry on.