Reviews: You And I Will Fall In Love

Comment by Lequinni

Seconded. The tense choice is unusual, but adds to the narrative tension. In recent chapters, it has been revealed that Russia's actions are in fact born from him trying to overcome his loneliness by crafting a romantic interest and an ideal relationship by the book, but because of him not knowing aboutlove, he try all Love Tropes known by men after giving them a Yandere bath. If something, it makes his actions simultaneously more pathetic and more creepy.

Comment by Koneko_Otome

The genre titles LIE TO YOU. It calls itself a romantic comedy, I call it a psychological thriller. It takes an interesting perception of the Russia courting America theme, minus the fluff and comedy adds the Yandere factor of Russia and remembers that America is supposed to afraid of Russia. And how their "courtship" might go down and how would the world react to the supposed "secret alliance" of Russia and the U.S. To goes from cute to downright wondering why doesn't anyone try to help America to sexy to dark. My only complaint that America acts a bit OOC sometimes and it's written in the present tense, but otherwise a great read.