Reviews: You Cant Take The Sky Away From Me

Comment by Solandra

Seconded. The relationship progression between America and England is really well-done, taking the time to show them growing closer to each other and why they would be drawn to each other in the first place instead of just taking their Belligerent Sexual Tension for granted without any true development or exploration like many other America/England fics do. And while the Kosmider plot does take a while to get fully into gear, it's definitely heading there as of now (Ch. 26) and the author also takes the time to build up realistic character interactions and dynamics among the cast, especially with America and France, Canada, Japan, etc. My only real criticism is that the fic has suffered from multiple Schedule Slips already, which makes me anxious about whether it will actually be completed or not (especially since all the characters haven't even been introduced yet as of this time in writing).

Comment by Orihime

Since many of the APH shipping-related fics are angsty or Mind Screw, having a fic that is somewhat Lighter And Softer is much needed. Great characterization, fun interaction... A must read if you want to smile a bit.