Reviews: Yu Gi Oh The Movie Pyramid Of Light

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  • 27th Apr 13
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I watched this movie for nostalgia purposes, as I did with the first season of the show. This is definitely an improvement; the dialogue is less painfully cheesy, the animation is more consistent, and there are less lapses in logic. But it still suffers from the same problems that the first season had: its voice acting is over-the-top, the dialogue is less believable thanů something else that's not very believable, the characters are sparsely developed at best and never interesting, the animation is cheesy, and the logic appears to have been thought of by a five-year-old. The premise is undeniably cool, and the writers are good at keeping up the pacing, but the huge problems that I outlined above prevented me from at all enjoying it. I'd give it a 3/10; it had its moments, but it was overall a weak movie, one that I'm unlikely to rewatch.

An underrated gem in the realm of animated movies

I liked Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series, so when I seen that this was on TV, I decided to watch it. I will agree that this movie isn't Absolutely Flawless, but is still a really enjoyable movie. I think the critics took this too seriously, I think this needs to be watched with a Clear Mind. While there are some plotholes(Why do people think Yugi is only good due to the God Cards when he beat the creator of the card game before even knowing about said cards?), I think it was the creators making the movie how they wanted, not intending it to become canon. I also like the animation, which is higher quality than the main series(Best seen during the beginning, when it shows clips of the main show as part of a news report about Yugi and the God Cards) So, watch of you're a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh or The Abridged Series with an open mind, remembering that it's non-canon, and you could enjoy this. I did. I give this movie an 8/10.