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"Keeps your hand on the mouse, instead of something else."
Yume Miru Kusuri is often recommended to newcomers to the H-Game genre. And boy, is there a good reason for that.

Three routes to choose from, with an interesting heroine leading each one. I found each girl to be very likeable, and their personalities intriguing. Much like the protagonist, I was drawn into their stories and problems. From discussions with others, this is very much a common occurrence. This is aided by the story-writing; a good blend of humour, romance and intensity- when situations "get real". Which they often do.

While certain scenarios might feel a bit over the top, the story in general keeps you gripped until you reach the end of the road; your heart swelling as the happy pair wander off into the sunset, or your stomach dropping as a tragedy unfolds before your eyes. And you reload your save to avoid the bad ending.

The sex scenes are numerous and titillating; but they don't cheapen the game. In fact, they often contain important character-developing conversations. Depending on how much you enjoy the story, you may find yourself with your hand on the mouse (instead of something else) frantically clicking away to find out what happens next.

An 'unsung hero' of this game is the soundtrack; The catchy title theme is smattered throughout different songs, as luscious Classical Guitar lead parts, or sedate Glockenspiel melodies. These tunes provide the perfect backing to many scenarios; from run-of-the-mill school days, to tense moments of conflict. I commend Funczion Sounds for their splendid work on the soundtrack.

I thoroughly recommend Yume Miru Kusuri. It's a great Visual Novel for newcomers to start with and it's always a pleasure to come back and play it once more; still manages to make me choke up every time.
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