Reviews: Yotsuba

Yotsuba is pure awesomesauce.

That's the only way to describe it, really. Yotsuba&! is a slice-of-life with a protagonist so likable that even manga boycotters will line up to read. Unlike other slice of life like K-On! and (of course) Lucky Star, Yotsuba&! has no big controversy against it. It'll be hard to even find a hater.

Handy dandy list of good points:
  • Yotsuba's wacky adventures will most definitely NOT leave you in despair.
  • Jokes are funny and original, and even Yotsuba's straight men (ie. The whole cast minus her)have their quirks.
  • The author actually tried to make male characters.
  • A read that'll always leave you with a happy afterglow.

The only bad thing about Yotsuba&! is the fact that it doesn't have an anime adaption. But don't let that stop you from checking it out!

A Joyful Read.

I've always liked Slice of Life, and Yotsuba is no exception, being funny, cute, and all around lovable. The setting is somewhere in Japan, but much of the humor is rather universal as kids will be kids no matter where they grow up.

Things I like about Yotsuba:

  • It's cute.
  • The characters are:
    • Believable and easy to relate with.
    • Charming(well, the jury is still out on Yanda, but still...)
    • Memorable
  • The pacing isn't too fast as to cause confusion yet not so slow as to become boring.
  • The humor is well done aside from an occasional joke that didn't translate very well. Seeing as this comes from Japan, linguistic issues are to be expected.

Yotsuba manages to be cute without becoming overly saccharine (most of the time anyways). The closest thing to a villain this manga has is Yanda who delights in pestering the titular character. I'd recommend this to anybody looking for something that's laid-back and easygoing as opposed to action-packed and highly-strung.