Reviews: You Cant Take The Sky From Me

An unlikely but phenomenal blend.

As the one who added this to Fanfic Recs, here's my belated review.

This fic takes two very different fandoms and mixes them together in a way that really works. There is good attention to detail in transplanting characters from an old-fashioned world of Elemental Powers into a more realistic Space Western setting, such as waterbending and firebending being stronger or weaker depending on a planet's proximity to a sun and the number of moons. The Gaang lends their strengths to the crew of Serenity in exciting job sequences that fit well into Firefly flavor. Everyone stays neatly in character, and the two groups' reactions to each other are spot on. The developing interpersonal relationships, however, are the biggest draw for me:

-Sokka and Wash naturally take to each other, with their shared sense of humor as well as duty. There's a lot of amusing potential with these two that I'd love to see more of, maybe in a lighthearted side series of sorts.

-Zuko, being the most serious and down-to-earth member of the Gaang, has developed a quiet mutual respect with Mal. It's not a heavily emphasized relationship, but that highlights its nature.

-Suki and Kaylee's friendship is really cute. We don't know much about Suki from the series, but her fascination with Kaylee's machines seems to suit her. On a heavier note, her tension with Mal over her independent spirit paves the way to an eventual kinship over The Chains Of Commanding.

-Katara and the Tams have a tentative bond; she offers up her healing abilities to Simon, who she seems to respect, and while she is evidently unsettled by River, Katara sees her as someone who needs her, and goes to great lengths to protect her from threats she doesn't quite understand.

-Aang has more trouble adjusting, particularly in reconciling his idealism with the facts of the 'verse. This brings me to my only regret about this fic: that while Wash survived The Movie, Book apparently did not. He and Aang would have a lot to talk about regarding spirituality and morality in relation to harsh reality, and the potential for that relationship was sadly missed.

-Toph. Jayne. Need I say more? Even if none of the rest of this review convinces you...this fic contains Toph-Jayne bonding. (Naturally, Mal tries to keep those two away from each other, and Toph away from guns. Spoilsport.)