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08:02:10 AM Jun 29th 2014
This isn't really a suggestion or request for any edit in particular, so I'm putting it here rather than on that page. I just want to say that much of is page is pretty heavily biased against Bores. While I'll admit that I'm no fan of his, it bothers me that more of the writing on the page is specifically slamming the guy, rather than just stating the tropes that apply to him and his videos. I was under the impression that subjective tropes should go on the YMMV page, but the main page is littered with people stating their opinions as facts. So should the page be rewritten to be more objective, or am I just being overly-sensitive here?
03:46:02 PM Jun 29th 2014
I agree that the article should be more objective. Even though I have a rather low opinion of Bores' tendency towards excessive joke explanations and the fact that the character and the show resemble AVGN a little too much for my tastes, I really don't think that we should slam him so hard with the article, as I wouldn't consider him an Acceptable Target- it seems that the guy's just still catching flak due to the "It's the Same, So It Sucks!" crowd plus the more rabid AVGN fans.
12:02:12 AM Jun 30th 2014
Aye, these pages do have problems with biased writeups. Main suggestion I can give is to write a cleaned-up replacement page on Sandbox.The Irate Gamer and ask for a switch in this thread.
06:22:30 AM Nov 16th 2013
A note about edit requests: Please post them here - they will just be ignored in discussion pages.
01:55:08 PM Mar 12th 2013
We need this trope:
  • Dead Baby Comedy: Displayed in the I Rate the 80's Colorforms episode, where he places Baby Pac-Man and then a car directly on top of him, even explaining that the later is "the car running over Baby Pac."
03:18:44 PM Nov 8th 2012
Another trope: Perverse Sexual Lust/Fanservice: In the Neo reviews, he mentiones how in some games, he has some "eye-candy." Evident in the Battallion Wars 2 review.
02:56:01 PM Nov 8th 2012
Anyone try to fix that link section under Hypocritical Humor?
03:48:13 PM Oct 25th 2012
edited by NESBoy
Some tropes to suggest since the article is locked: