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08:56:22 PM Sep 28th 2013
Eh... not one to tell people what they can and can't find awesome or heartwarming, but I seriously think we need higher standards for some of the examples here. Currently on the Heartwarming page is 'Yahtzee thought some parts of Super Mario Galaxy 2 were fun,' and currently on the Awesome page are 'Yahtzee liked the trailer to Watch Dogs' and 'Yahtzee, the negative reviewer known for giving negative reviews, gave 'The Last of Us' a negative review. Which was very courageous of him, apparently.'

10:51:52 PM Aug 2nd 2013
Could we soon have some moments from the Animal Crossing New Leaf video on the funny page and such?
07:51:23 PM Mar 29th 2013
The new organization of the Funny Moments page is absolutely atrocious. What the hell happened?
07:18:16 AM Apr 26th 2013
Someone took it on themselves to clean it up and promptly shot their own foot off, bleeding out before they could make any further edits.
08:52:24 PM Jan 4th 2012
On the Skyrim review he said that he will praise the game even for all its flaws, just in hopes that the promotion and impact the game has in the Game Industry actually makes developers stop making brown and boring games that treat you like a child (i assume he was referring to the FPS that he recently reviewed) This actually reminded me of the Ninja Gaiden 2 review he made long ago where he also praised the game even if its designed in such a clunky way that makes it even hard to play. In this case, he said that he was afraid that this kind of game become less know and extinct so he recommended it anyway. Is this really the way to do this?? Isn't he being a bit biased?? I know the games he played recently aren't anything stellar according to him, but isn't he taking it too personal??
12:50:35 AM Feb 27th 2012
edited by kroozer101
This is a man who refuses - utterly refuses - to review JRPGs. He dislikes Nintendo, can't stand Legend of Zelda games, dislikes the use of Real Is Brown immensely, and thinks that the gaming industry is going to shit.

"A bit biased" is his middle name.

(I still love his videos, though.)
10:48:24 AM Dec 15th 2012
Correction, he dislikes JRP Gs because they use the same tired formula and feature the same spikey haired cast. He did like a certain part of a certain Zelda game which is Windwaker. He praised how the sailing made the world feel big which is not the same as a world that really is big, i.e. he praises windwaker's world but criticizes the copy paste approach in just cause 2.

He hates Zelda cause the series, like Mario and Metroid, have been used ad nauseum.
03:05:52 AM May 31st 2013
That isn't a correction. It doesn't disprove a single thing kroozer said. The reasons he dislikes those games is neither in dispute in the above post, nor does it change whether or not he doesn't like them.
02:05:34 PM Dec 21st 2011
When he mentioned in his Extra Puctuation of "Battlefield 3 is Scary" that he may retire of reviewing AAA games and focus in indie releases, did anyone actually believes he will?? I think he takes pleasure in bashing the games that the mindless fanboys keep requesting and that the other reviewers fail to check the flaws on. But the question is, can he actually review full indie?? There is no limitations on his work on the Escapist that makes him play AAA games?? If there isnt any then why he didnt do that before??
01:01:41 PM Aug 21st 2011
A request here (that just didn't belong on the main page). Which episode(s) is/are the running gags of censorboxes from`? I can't seem to find any of them, so are they from one episode or am i just not paying attention`?
11:01:53 PM Apr 15th 2011
Re: Forgotten Sands under The Problem with Licensed Games: Yahtzee spends about half of the review pointing out that the existence of the game is only because of the Sands of Time movie (and that it shows), and yet he still finds it enjoyable. The original statement on the page (pre-edit-war that resulted in wrong information being accepted) was correct.
12:54:48 AM Dec 6th 2010
From what I can see, can we just agree that if Yahtzee does a review of a game you like (That's not Psychonauts or Portal), you will probably be more likely to catch factual errors/less likely to laugh at the jokes? Because that's what it seems to be.
03:25:06 AM May 31st 2013
edited by
I'd cop to that happily. However, I don't see a problem with that.
06:03:29 AM Nov 13th 2010
Who is the guy whose face is always pictured when he mentions 'monster' or something? i.e. in the Shadow of the Colossus review...
11:11:00 AM Nov 1st 2010
edited by Emil12345558
Does Four Is Death apply?

  • Four Is Death: In the Mailbag Showdown episode.
    "You like numbers? How about four? As in fourck you!."
09:46:47 AM Nov 13th 2010
That's a bit of a stretch- I'd be surprised if he actually intended that as an invocation of the trope, which is pretty much the only way it can be used.
02:48:57 PM Oct 17th 2010
edited by Peteman
I would argue that Fridge Brilliance would go in the main page, because it is an in-universe example, while most cases of Fridge Brilliance is a troper reaction, and we can't have troper opinion in the main page because it leads to natter-fests.
02:55:23 PM Oct 17th 2010
Take it up on the Fridge Brilliance discussion page, then. All I know is the mods have been cracking down on it universally.
12:37:09 PM Oct 22nd 2010
But this is the maker of a Video Review Show with No Fourth Wall pointing out his own Fride Brilliance. This is not the viewer of his show' (That is Zero Punctuation) grabbing things from his tale to make their own ideas (That is traditional Frige Brilliance) that does indeen take place under the Fride Brilliance sub-space.)
02:32:58 PM Oct 22nd 2010
edited by beeftony
That was never the reason. Here is what the banner on the Fridge Brilliance page says:

Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope. Examples can go on the Fridge.Show Title page or in Just Bugs Me or Wild Mass Guessing.

Fridge Brilliance entries have a tendency to devolve into Thread Mode, even if they start out as innocently as this. Also, the page doesn't say that there isn't any place for examples. Just create a page specifically for Zero Punctuation if you want to add the examples so bad.

Hell, I'll go do that now.
11:39:27 PM Jun 30th 2010
What is all this hate about Yahtzee's Super Smash Bros. review? I watched it several times and it wasn't even that bad.

So how are there people who complains in the DMOS page that it's supposedly more negative than usual? Sure, he said how he wasn't looking forward to it, but that's because he isn't much of a fan for fighting games in the first place.

My theory? The complainers are bunch of joyless fanboys. That's the only logical reason.
11:33:32 PM Jul 3rd 2010
Pretty much. Bearing on mind people are still raging on the fucking thing even after all this time.
04:35:09 AM Aug 25th 2010
edited by MikMan
Or maybe they actually played the game..

No, screw that, actually
11:05:53 PM Sep 7th 2011
I think most of the rage comes from the fact that he always seems prone to "Anti-Nintendo" rants at the drop of a hat when he reviews a Wii game.
02:43:05 AM Oct 15th 2011
Yet they're completely hyperbolic and idiotic about it, making bigger arses out of themselves more than anything else. Death threats have been issued to him over it for goodness sake, and you yourself would not let not go of a single joke of his, complaining about it nearly every week.
01:09:12 PM Jun 30th 2010
I have no idea what trope to file the end of the latest episode under.
04:22:27 PM Jun 30th 2010
Probably "Spliced on by the network"? It's not part of Zero Punctuation proper (and thus, almost irrelevant to the article), just an addition of what amounts to an official piece of Fan Work.
01:23:48 AM Jun 24th 2010
11:13:29 PM Jun 26th 2010
...we didn't invent the word trope, or the concept thereof.
11:04:48 PM Sep 7th 2011
The word "trope" is not apart of common English vernacular, American or British. Use of the word "Trope" is almost an instant ID.
02:42:02 AM Oct 15th 2011
Not really, no. 'Trope' is fairly common amongst those who write often, and Yahtzee's entire career is based on the ability to do so.
07:53:09 AM May 17th 2010
A note to those arriving after me: Don't give in to your crippling curiosity and go to /y/ to see what the hell kind of rule 34 people wrung out of ZP, it's not worth it (in all sense of the phrase). Peace.
07:33:00 AM Mar 20th 2010
Wait, he was a reviewer from before all this bullshit started?
07:54:56 AM Aug 13th 2010
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