Tropers / Dome Ken

Dome Ken, also known as Troper Griffin and several of other identities. So you'll never know when he pops up next...

You know, half the time I really don't know why I'm doing things I'm doing. It's like I'm a small rock in streaming river. Of course, the said river always changes from enjoyable to a muddy experience. That's why snarking is the most logical option.

I'm also often accused of being a crazy person. But ofcourse, those kind of accusations are outrageous. Whoever spread those lies should be hanged, shot, poisoned, raped by lions, chopped, have his/her body parts molested by monster clowns, burned and then have his/her ashes thrown to the nearest candy shop.

You know, I personally enjoy mocking certain people. More specifically, people with rationality and logic of a rejected villain of the week from Turkish rip off of Scoopy Doo. Of course I don't(atleast I think) have anything personal against them, but it's always nice making fun of these people when I'm feeling rather bored. You might accuse me of being a troll, but that is also complete and utter lie.