Tropers / Mik Man

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... Ok. A troper from Finland who doesen't really do anything. Except he sort of launched the tropes A Winner Is You (for which he was bothered to write a part of the introduction, too!) and Sic 'em (which no one cares about). He's more active in the forums, where his favorite thread is Roll to Dodge. That's about it. Now go back to ruining your life.

And, for future reference it's MikMan, not MilkMan, for heavens sake!

(waits for the Milkman) Oh, all I see is ice-cream truck...

  • HI MILKMAN! Do you just deliver milk or do you have some elemental control OVER milk? I'm willing to bet the latter-EpicFightingTroper
    • Neither, though I do drink quite a lot of milk, so me getting milk related superpowers is only a matter of time.-MikMan