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03:56:42 AM Nov 27th 2014
Is it just me, or do people keep mistakenly think the remakes take place at the same time as Pokémon X and Y despite evidence to the contrary in both the remakes and in Pokémon X and Y?

(There's various references in the remakes that act as Call Forwards to games canonically ahead in the timeline (particularly towards the fifth generation games), in addition to detailing the origin story of Mr. Bonding from Pokémon X and Y, while Pokémon X and Y spoke of Team Plasma of the Fifth Generation games in the past tense, amongst a few other things.)
07:43:32 AM Nov 27th 2014
If you're referring to me, I'm under no such delusion, but the sign next to Hoenn's Maison literally reads "Battle Maison Replica". This isn't up for debate.
09:57:56 AM Nov 27th 2014
You sure?


(And no, I wasn't referring to you, specifically, Perseus.)
10:38:52 AM Nov 27th 2014
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The Steelport museum has a model replica of the Royal Unova, specifically saying that it has not been completed yet, which proves this game takes place before Black/2/White/2, and X/Y.

If the battle maison says "Replica" on it, then a screenshot of that sign is needed.
10:41:05 AM Nov 27th 2014
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From in-game NPC dialogue that I've read with my own eyes, I can tell you that the Chatelaines started their battling careers in what would become the Battle Resort. Then they traveled to Kalos and built the Battle Maison. As of ORAS, they're visiting Hoenn, where they made a duplicate of their facility. I am 100% certain of this, and there is no reason that it's incompatible with ORAS being before XY. Just because Serebii is the biggest source of info doesn't mean it's infallible.

11:03:47 AM Nov 27th 2014
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So in other words, you're contradicting yourself about the Battle Maison itself originally being from Kalos.

Can I revert safely now, please?

EDIT: Ignore this post, as I didn't read yours properly. I'll rely on DREQ to try to provide proof. If he couldn't, for some reason, I'll see for myself in a couple days' time - I'm getting the European version, but I've preordered mine online. I'd only get my copy of the game within 2 - 3 working days, and since the European version's released on the Friday...
11:08:08 AM Nov 27th 2014
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Calm down, all of you. Unless there is blatant proof or Word of God there will be no mention of when the games take place in the timeline. Let's avoid speculating.
11:09:28 AM Nov 27th 2014
I still say a screenshot is needed. When I get to that point in the game, I'll try to take one, but that may be a few days.
11:10:11 AM Nov 27th 2014
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You calm down, Satoshi - it's an undeniable fact that the games itself imply it's still takes place within the timeframe of Red and Blue.

And even if it has been change, it's an undeniable fact that these games come before Black and White (while X and Y takes place after that game)

^ Can you also take the screenshot of the person mentioning the backstory to the Battle Maison as well, please?
11:56:31 AM Nov 27th 2014
I've removed the entry. Also, Karjam, dial the tone down a bit.
  • Handwave: The Battle Maison being in the Hoenn region almost identical to its appearance in X and Ynote  is handwaved as the Chatelaines having originally come from Hoenn and building a replica of the Maison in their homeland after making it big in Kalos.
12:30:14 PM Nov 27th 2014
Sorry. Just got annoyed.

(And honestly, I didn't notice the tone.)
04:04:31 PM Nov 27th 2014
It makes sense if you think of it as this order

1. Chatelaines build Maison in Kalos. 2. Chatelaines move back to Hoenn and build Maison in Hoenn. 3. OR and AS happen. 4. Chatelaines go back to Kalos to run that Maison. 5. X and Y happen.
09:57:06 PM Nov 27th 2014
First of all, a timeline has been confirmed by Word of God, though the exact amount of time between games (outside of the 3 years between RBY and GSC) has not been defined.

Secondly, the trope looks legit to me, as the devs are trying to give an In-Universe justification for their laziness/trolling.
03:23:48 AM Nov 28th 2014
I wasn't saying it's not an example.

I was arguing over the specifics of the trope.
04:22:25 AM Nov 28th 2014
I've beaten the game, so I can go verify the specifics personally.
11:12:10 AM Nov 24th 2014
"Promoted to Love Interest: The opposite gender rival becomes the love interest to the player character in the remakes. More obvious during the epilogue or when you're playing as May (as rival Brendan explicitly states he sees you as his girlfriend)."

Uh, I beat the game as May, and he never says this (though yeah, it is heavily implied that he's the closest May has to a love interest). Or did I miss something?
03:11:53 AM Nov 27th 2014
I wrote that entry.

I must've just misread what he said (I thought he said "boyfriend" where in fact, he said "befriend").

I've since corrected it.
03:11:55 AM Nov 27th 2014
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04:20:48 AM Nov 28th 2014
Is "Promoted to Implied Love Interest" a thing? It's not explicit in the narrative, though I did see some implications like with the post-game visit to the Space Center basically being a date.
10:47:56 AM Nov 28th 2014
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No problem. I wasn't attacking. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I already missed a couple of the Buzz Nav texts, so I didn't know if I missed it.

I'm not sure. There is definitely implied romance between Brendan and May. I mean, it doesn't get much closer aside from outright saying it than the Delta Episode epilogue.
01:30:15 PM Mar 14th 2012
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I'm the one who added the "The balance of power has shifted" quote. If any of you still have the promotional materials that came in the box of Pokémon Emerald, the source of the quote is located on a poster/pamphlet that features this image of the Weather Trio (Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza).
09:20:37 PM Feb 17th 2011
Will they remake this one? Thoughts?
07:47:14 AM Apr 15th 2011
Hopefully so. With FRLG and HGSS each being gold mines, and 5th generation out now, I see no reason for them not to. Can you imagine Hoenn redone with 5th generation graphics? The scale of the region is really so massive, it would without a doubt be the best looking game yet. Besides, I really want to have an excuse for another Ruby/Sapphire chapter in Pokémon Special.
11:08:32 AM Apr 15th 2011
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FRLG and HGSS were made because there would be no way to catch 'em all within their generations otherwise. (Ho-Oh and Lugia were catchable by Gen III event or the GameCube games. Since the DS cannot directly link with the GameCube...)

RS remakes would not be necessary, except for possibly a Deoxys event which can easily be done in the third Unova game anyway. Groudon and Latios are catchable in SoulSilver, Kyogre and Latias are catchable in HeartGold, and Rayquaza and the Hoenn starters are in both. The Regis were event-only in Gen IV and will likely stay that way if RS are not remade.

I could also see Emerald being remade as well if Ruby and Sapphire are, due to Magma & Aqua being in separate games.
12:54:03 PM Apr 20th 2011
Considering that elements of Crystal were incorporated into HGSS, it probably would be that Emerald's storyline would be incorporated into MRAS(Magma Ruby Aqua Sapphire, what I will refer to them from now on as), most likely by having both teams compete, only whichever team manages to summon their legend depends on the version. Also, a remake is probable, in my opinion, as in the 3rd Generation Game Freak needed to make the other legends available somehow that didn't seem forced, e.g. suddenly making them all available in the main region. The same was done with Generation IV, and is likely to occur for Generation V. What's more, fans have come to expect remakes after the third Generation, and would feel a little disappointed without it. Most importantly, Cash Cow Franchise. That is all.
07:42:43 AM May 7th 2014
Well, it looks like you have your answer.

08:05:24 AM May 9th 2014
10:15:42 PM May 2nd 2010
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For the curious, it was decided on Pokémon's discussion page that we should split each generation onto their own pages.
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