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09:54:26 AM May 29th 2014
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Hey folks, I've been editing here a lot lately, and I got to thinking: Anyone else think it might be wise to break the tropes up into seperate pages like the EarthBound article?
01:20:15 PM May 29th 2014
As soon as this page appears on Overly Long Pages, yes.
10:39:01 PM May 31st 2014
Beg pardon; I've been on this website for a while, but I haven't really looked into the technicals of it.
11:36:40 PM May 31st 2014
Well, our wiki software does not tolerate pages above a certain size. Once this page hits that limit, it will be added to that page and it will show in the index bar at the bottom of this page.
10:11:43 AM Jun 1st 2014
What I meant was, I apologize for making that suggestion without fully understanding how this site works, therefore making the suggestion redundant and unnecessary. At any rate, thank you for clarifying things for me.
01:57:41 PM Sep 14th 2013
Hi folks I need a bit of help with an example(s) from a Special Efforts thread. See InstantDeathBullet Sandbox for more details Links to threads are in the description.

Any help, suggestions, or other info can be posted to The Special Efforts thread

The examples shown here could perhaps be salvaged with more context or used in other tropes.

What game mechanics, if any, make instant death possible with these games? Please be specific. For example weapons, hit locations, critical damage, direct one shot one kill weapons (like the Golden Gun in GoldenEye)

Does an Instant Death Bullet Occur in cut scenes, gameplay, or anywhere else in the game?

  • Averted in the games Earthbound and MOTHER 3, characters don't fall down from lethal damage immediately. It takes time for their health to tick down to zero, meaning that it is possible to save a lethally-wounded character by healing them or winning the encounter before their health hits zero. To make it match the trope even further, a few of the enemies do in fact use guns.
    • Played straight in the original Mother.

12:46:30 AM Oct 18th 2011
the What Happened to the Mouse? doesn't actually apply there, Kumatora mentions the egg again after you rescue Duster in ch7, and Leder makes a mention of it explaining that the people used the egg to hold their old memories.
01:19:00 AM Feb 12th 2011
Removed this:

Not only is there a Characters page for this sort of thing, the characters as listed in the deleted text... really don't fit their supposed roles. In fact, they don't really fit a "Five-Man Band" type of mold at all.
10:53:25 PM Jul 15th 2010
Do the monsters fit under Biological Mash Up, or under Mix-and-Match Critters? The two seem to be mutually exclusive.
06:48:55 PM Jun 21st 2010
Todbot, why did you zap all the character-specific entries? You're not supposed to do that unless there's a character page.
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