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01:54:04 PM Jan 7th 2017
So Axton's been confirmed bisexual for a while now. Don't get me wrong, that's all well and goos. Except for one question: In the article where Anthony Burch confirms this, he points out that Axton is SO bisexual, he has to make it so extremely clear as to make Axton bring it up during the Tiny Tina DLC. But, as a general question, why? Burch makes such a big deal about him writing his "minority" characters in a realistic way, but real LGBT people don't fucking shrivel up and die if they go more than five minutes without mentioning it. I certainly don't, at least, don't know about the kind of people Burch hangs out with. Do they think viewers will forget or something? Why is it that so many writers like him, even gay ones, never seem to have gay characters act more like gay people and less like Super Saiyan David Bowie?

That's not to say Axton does, so far as I know he's one of the least stereotypical gay characters in existence, but the point stands that Tropes Are Not Good is in full effect here.
11:17:20 PM Aug 20th 2017
It's part of Burch's writing style. See the "Hey ladies" scene in Tales from the Borderlands, Fake Geek Guy or Janey Springs. You are absolutely right though, he does make sure to beat you over the head with the knowledge.
01:30:56 PM Mar 15th 2015
edited by powerofanime1
It's not entirely clear how much of Jack's eviltude is self made, and how much of it is a result of Lilith's actions in the pre-sequal. What are your ideas on the matter?
05:56:35 PM Mar 16th 2015
Specifically, is there any evidence that Jack actually changed at some point, or did Lilith just expose him instead of Creating Her Own Villain?
07:47:58 PM Dec 14th 2014
Can't believe nobody noticed the Stealth Pun before me. In Assault on Dragon Keep, the titular keep is a Keep on the Borderlands.
11:05:42 PM Dec 9th 2013
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Re: cut: Crap, I can't believe I accidentally put this on! Take this off the cut list; I meant the listing for something else...
05:15:08 PM Feb 18th 2013
Would Handsome Jack qualify as a magnificent bastard?
05:37:13 PM Feb 18th 2013
Write the example here and then ask that question since I have no idea who that is...
01:34:23 PM Mar 15th 2015
Magnificent in his own world, Bastard in reality. I think it's a matter of opinion but he's definitely right on the verge.
08:22:20 AM Jan 28th 2013
Would it be better for the DLC list to be sorted into a list for the campaign DLC and another list for the extra characters, cosmetic items, etc.?
08:39:47 PM Dec 21st 2012
edited by CleverPun
Moved Game-Breaking Bug from the YMMV page to the main page—it's not a YMMV trope.
08:27:41 PM Dec 21st 2012
Cut the following notes under Gameplay and Story Segregation for being inaccurate;

  • Despite what Eridium can do for Lilith, it has no effect on Maya despite both being Sirens.
  • Also considering the critical nature of Sirens to the plot you would think Maya would be more valuable alive to Handsome Jack, but no-one ever remarks on Maya being a Siren outside of Echo logs.

Added Hand Wave and All There in the Manual entries to address the plot points this covered
12:10:51 AM Oct 21st 2012
One of my edits was overwritten by another edit after I accidentally let the lock run out, and it was a lot more substantial than the material in the new edit that bumped it off. Just let it go or what?
01:03:57 AM Oct 21st 2012
Maybe. Size of edits does not mean better. If the smaller edit gets the job done that would usually be considered good as is.
07:38:08 AM Oct 6th 2012
edited by TuefelHundenIV
Looking over the page it is need of format editing for bullet points and general edits. I will be placing any items that need more conxtext or I am unsure what to do with.

I have also noticed contradicting information in some of the examples. I will be bringing said examples here so we can get them clarified and put back on the page.
07:14:09 PM Oct 1st 2012
So, it's explicitly stated in the quest "Hidden Journals" that Tannis has Asperger's Syndrome (at least, the flavor text to accepting the quest says so).

I figure since it's rare that a media character is specifically stated to have AS, should I put it here, or in her character sheet? Or maybe not at all because it doesn't seem to be a "reference"-able trope if that makes sense.
10:17:40 PM Oct 1st 2012
Just put Ambiguous Disorder and Subverted Trope, Averted Trope, or something along those lines.
09:34:18 PM Sep 20th 2012
edited by Falterfire
WARNING! Spoilers below! Fair warning.

Is it just me or is Borderlands 2 just a few voice tone changes away from being a horror game? The bit that first made this occur to me is the quest where Tiny Tina throws a tea party with the psycho. During the quest this psychotic 13 year old slowly murders a serial killer while they discuss the way she was forced to watch her parents murdered by said killer.

It was at this point that I was no longer sure whether I was supposed to be laughing or be terrified. This isn't the only bit I've noticed that seems more dark than comedy. Another example: During Tannis' echo recording she calmly describes being tortured by Hyperion before beginning to weep at the destruction of a 'ceiling chair', which is still creepy even if it really is some sort of furniture and not her deluded version of a person.

Anyways, was wondering if anybody else got the impression that the writers were intentionally hiding a horror story under the seemingly comic face.
10:13:35 AM Sep 29th 2012
edited by 0blivionmobile
They probably wanted to show that Pandora is filled with more than just Comedic Sociopathy, and is actually a very messed up place. They also made sure that most of these Fridge Horror stories had a single common variable - Handsome Jack. He's the one that both tortured Tannis and practically demanded for the slag experimentaion that eventually killed Tiny Tina's parents.

I believe they wanted to make two things clear out of these stories: 1) Pandorans are messed up for a reason, and 2) Jack is nasty to the core, he isn't a Well-Intentioned Extremist so much as doing it For the Evulz.
09:11:44 AM Oct 3rd 2012
It's not really a new technique. It's simply making the horrific aspects of the setting more pronounced by directly contrasting them against the lighter elements, instead of, say, adding some comic relief to a blatant work of horror. I would argue that attempting to make Borderlands darker by toning down the comedy instead of adding small amounts of serious stuff next to it would just cause both to fizzle. Handsome Jack, for example, is hysterically funny by virtue of how he's an unrepentant, trolling douchcanoe no matter what he's doing; "I just bought a pony made of diamonds, you know, because I'm rich...Butt Stallion, Butt Stallion, c'mere girl!." 'What he's doing' also includes things like burning down a town and responding to a resident's attempts to defend himself by digging his eyes out and laughing while the guy's children watch him stumble around, blinded. The event itself is horrifying, but it's Jack's reaction that sells it better than a standard horror movie.
05:35:14 AM Oct 13th 2012
By the time you reach the last 3rd or so of the game, it has taken on a notably darker tone. Jack for example becomes more violent and manic and is a lot less jovial with insanity.
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