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05:50:18 AM Dec 8th 2013
Picture needed

I believe that some sort of representation of the Zero Effort Boss should be made. I posted the Goldfish from Earth Worm Jim, who clearly classifies for this trope yet was- for no explained reason- deleted. If a reason is made, i'll allow that edit, otherwise he's going back on.
02:29:10 PM Dec 8th 2013
Go to the Image Pickin' Thread and make your appeal there. I'm guessing it was removed for not being as clear as you think it is, since there's no indication that Bob doesn't actually do anything.
07:06:44 AM Aug 19th 2013
Removed: from the Minecraft entry:
  • The Wither, on the other hand, actually is a zero-effort boss. While the Enderdragon has high damage, lots of knock back, and many bottomless pits scattered around, the Wither just hovers a few blocks above the player and shoots not-very-deadly potions at them until it goes below half health, after which it can no longer fly and the player just has to whack it constantly enough to get through its health regen. Anyone with diamond armor, a diamond sword, and a bow can solo it in a few minutes without any potions, and it's even easier with potion buffs or powerful enchantments on your weapons.

It doesn't matter if somebody finds it easy to do under proper circumstances, the trope details that it's actually has to take effort to lose. Properly preparing involves diamond armor and a sword, (things that take effort to acquire). The Wither is more capable of killing the player than your average zombie or skeleton. A player with inadequate dexterity or less comprehensive knowledge of combat may actually find it very difficult.
02:10:22 PM Dec 28th 2012
Removed the following due to Natter that suggests it doesn't fit the trope:

  • Luffy vs. Garp in the Marineford arc of One Piece. It's implied that he let Luffy win.
    • It wasn't implied-it was obvious. Luffy was extremely weaker Garp, who was probably the only person besides Sengoku that could face Whitebeard one-on-one without immediately getting curb-stomped besides the Admirals during Marineford. Luffy also just happened to be his grandson who was fighting to save Ace, who is his other (adopted) grandson, from being executed. Sengoku even pointed it out-Garp's love for his grandsons was greater than his sense of duty.
10:39:34 AM Mar 4th 2012
Removed more non-examples:
  • The hyped fight against Breen in Half-Life 2 is expected to be a terrible battle that will bring down the Citadel. However, while the Combine soldiers in the teleportation room will take first-timers a few attempts to pass, the actual kill method involves shooting energy balls at 5 stationary machines on top of a teleporter, while no one is shooting at you or otherwise being hindered in any way.
That's Boss Arena Idiocy (combined with a dose of Complaining About Video Game Bosses You Don't Like).
  • Return to Zork involves beating the final boss at a board game. You move around the board like a knight in chess and the squares you depart from are removed from the board, so that you're essientially just trying to complete a knight's tour. The villain can move his piece anywhere he likes, and attempts to block you. Here's the thing though. You can pass any time you like and the villain has to move somewhere else, so to win the game you just need to plan your sequence of moves in advance, passing whenever your next square is occupied. Your opponent is completely irrelevant.
That's a puzzle and not a boss battle.
  • Portal 2: Your Disc-One Final Boss confrontation with GLaDOS is built up as a major fight. When you get there, however, you've already disarmed her turrets and neurotoxin, and thus it ends up not being a fight at all. You literally beat her by pressing a button, although there is a very simple puzzle beforehand. What happens afterwards, though...
Another puzzle. For Christ's sake, Portal is a puzzle game!
  • In the last part of the fifth level of Splatterhouse 2, you must chase a zombified scientist through a lab. Though most of this stage is spent following the scientist and avoiding the potassium bombs and sludge monster potions he throws at you, once you have him cornered at the end of the level any single attack will splatter him across the floor.
So it's obviously not an example.
  • The final boss for Modern Warfare 3 is just a few quicktime events. He dies in a helicopter crash, falls through a glass floor and is hung. All by using quicktime events.
Quick time events != zero effort.
  • In the quest "Salt in the Wound" in Runescape, the final quest in the slug series, you and three player-controlled NPC's must face off against the Slug Queen. Rather than fight her, you guide one of the NPC's to topple a pillar onto her, killing her.
Puzzle Boss.
12:23:28 PM Mar 4th 2012
Ahh, thanks for cleaning that up.

The Modern Warfare one would fit in Cutscene Boss, though. I'll put it there.
06:30:23 PM Mar 4th 2012
Isn't it more like Press X to Not Die?
09:52:17 AM Mar 5th 2012
Cutscene Boss also covers Quick Time Event bosses.
06:50:42 PM Oct 22nd 2011
Removed the following:

  • The first boss of Yoshi's Story, Cloud N. Candy, is probably the easiest boss ever. While he CAN (theoretically) hurt you, you can restore your health by damaging him. You literally have to set the controller on the ground and not touch it if you want to lose.
    • To elaborate: The boss is basically a cross between clouds and cotton candy. You beat him by eating him. Not that hard for a Yoshi. While it is true you can die from collision damage, as well as falling, you pretty much have to try in order to die. Otherwise, the boss battle is basically you barely moving and pressing B a few times to lick him up with your impossibly long tongue.

The Natter called it to my attention. Now, I'm not too sure this fits the spirit of the trope. I mean, it is pathetically easy, yes, but It doesn't actually strike me as "Zero Effort" as intended by the trope. Not just pathetically easy, but intentionally not a challenge.
06:45:11 AM Oct 23rd 2011
All right. Sorry for the natter. At least it helped identify a boss that wasn't in the spirit of the trope...
02:58:56 PM Oct 29th 2011
Another entry removed due to attracting Natter.

  • Another FFV example is Famed Mimic Gogo, who literally requires no effort to beat. Do absolutely nothing for a few minutes, and he'll concede.
    • He's really a Puzzle Boss, as he will counter with insanely powerful spells if you try to attack him; before the battle, he mentions that the only way to beat a mime is to mimic him; he does nothing by himself, so to mimic him, you have to do... nothing. The actual challenge is getting to him with enough time left to win the "battle" and get out afterwards.

I'm thinking Puzzle Bosses that you win by not fighting, but it isn't obvious that that's what you're supposed to do (Since it is a puzzle) shouldn't count. Never really thought about it too much, though, nor discussed it.
01:43:11 PM Aug 5th 2012
Removed the following:

  • In Fallout3, you can take down President John Henry Eden using a single relatively low-level speech check. It's so easy most people don't expect that saying it would actually defeat the President.

Doesn't seem to fit. I haven't played the game, so I'm not sure, but if you can end up fighting him directly, he doesn't count. The simple conversation option to end the fight doesn't seem like this trope. Could it be another one, though?
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