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Tropers: Ekul
Hello, fellow tropers. I am Ekul. I am (Or at least I used to be) a sysop of the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki. Being a fansite based around fan creations, I'm sure a good 50 pages or more could be made out of tropes from the site alone. I was a sprite artist, and enjoyed making humongous confusing battles. My fanwork didn't get much feedback, so I did what every brooding introvert does on the internet. I lost interest. It's still the longest fancomic on the site with over 350 comics. I then loosely shifted around until I got into Youtube. At that point, I decided to take up acting and my friends and I made a few films. Things started to die down when we lost half of our actors. So then we released Death Note Abridged. Sadly, I'm not the video editor so all I can do is wait until my partner releases it. My introduction to TV tropes began on one of my nomadic roams. I was cruising Distant Horizon when somebody linked to All Girls Want Bad Boys (Fitting, since that's Zuko's appeal) I laughed harder than [[strikeout:almost]] any other site I've ever viewed.

So now you know my boring overly detailed life. I'm a Physics-loving, math-loving, crippled, thespian writer with good grades and who's addicted to Nintendo, Anime and the internet.

Aren't we all?


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