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02:36:49 AM Mar 21st 2018
After looking through this trope page and reinsert/redeleting the Oppressive States of America trope, I've noticed there are many No Real Life Examples, Please! tropes in this trope. Should we remove those tropes as well?
12:35:59 PM Jul 17th 2017
Why is there even a description of this, though? Everyone knows what it is because everyone lives in it. Maybe in, like, 2030, it will be necessary to put a description there, but now it's just sort of ridiculous.

Also... listing works? Really? Even though the page acknowledges that there's just more stuff than ever being made now? Do you realize there are over 100 anime made a year, just using the example I know best?

Also, not every place is the same. Someone else said it's just too focused on America, but not even every group in America is the same. I can even think of, off the top of my head, at least five different groups just in New York City who would all find half of this inaccurate, but for different reasons. And that's just people I know - I'm sure if you go to any of the dozens of other major cities in the world, you'd find the same. Double that to count rural areas. Not that everyone knows what they're talking about, not that every last concern deserves space here - my point is actually the opposite. You can't make a "retrospective" two-thirds through the thing you're talking about.

.... but then again, this is sort of typical troper behavior, isn't it?
12:39:22 PM Jul 17th 2017
We had description pages for every decade, including The I don't think having it is against precedent or policy.

If you want you can maybe debate it in the Forums and ask to cut it out...

We also have a Real Life trope page too...

03:30:54 PM Jun 18th 2017
Page is fairly large. Should it be divided? And if so, how? Perhaps 2010-2015 and 2015-2020?
03:51:29 PM Jun 18th 2017
I think 2016-Present is a better cut off...
03:51:53 AM Jul 7th 2017
edited by alnair20aug93
Trim down the political and Millennial woes tropes.
07:56:20 AM Jul 7th 2017
Any reason? All the other decade pages discusses politics.
01:36:55 PM May 15th 2017
Uh, after reading the page, I think it suffers from a severe case of We All Live In America.
01:43:49 PM May 15th 2017
I did try and amend it by adding a global touch to right-wing movements around the world.

It is true that it's Americo-centric but the decade pages for the other pages are the same, and I would say on balance that this is one of better pages. like in the celebrity deaths of 2016 I mentioned some famous international film-makers that copped it and one of them is Iranian (Abbas Kiarostami).

05:33:01 AM Jun 6th 2017
Nah, if anything it suffers from a severe case of TV Tropes-don't-have-a-varied-community mixed with some hints of it's-way-too-early-to-tell.
04:15:09 PM Apr 8th 2017
This page is horribly depressing. And accurate.
04:48:03 PM Apr 8th 2017
It's constantly being updated, so who knows what the future will bring...if one thing is certain, then that life is unpredictable, for better and for worse.
05:01:31 PM Feb 16th 2015
So, at the risk of getting flamed... I actually like The New '10s so far. Disregarding any major things like internet censorship attempts and politics, of course. Those things always end up being major headaches no matter how you look at them.

May just be because I don't have as many personal problems as I once did during the Turn of the Millennium, but there have been a lot more recent things made in this era that I like more than dislike.
03:04:48 AM Aug 27th 2013
I can't attest for this on a more global scale, but in certain parts of Australia, namely areas where Hipster culture is predominant (Inner city melbourne, sydney ect) the Double Breasted coat (not trench coats so much, they usually end at upper thigh/lower waist and are as such usually considered too short) is becoming more and more prevalent with both guys and girls and all age groups beneath about 40.

Any thoughts on adding it?
04:38:04 AM Jul 14th 2013
Could somebody please work on this page to actually reflect the culture of the 2010s? As a particularly glaring example, it currently says that, essentially, rock no longer exists as a mainstream genre and isn't listened to by teenagers. Literally everyone I know would like to dispute you on that, as would the releases of, to name two albums off the top of my head (there are certainly more), Sempiternal and Save Rock And Roll, and all of the mainstream rock and metal bands in this decade and the people who listen to them.

Take this article at face value and you'll think the only subculture to exist this decade are hipsters.

(Not to mention the main page claiming that the 2010s is simply a continuation of the 2000s, which is the most hilarious thing I have read in my life.)
07:53:32 AM Jun 17th 2014
Except rock isn't as popular as it once was. Dosen't mean that teenagers don't listen to rock anymore, or that rock bands don't exist anymore, just that rock isn't exactly on the popular zeitgist.
09:02:13 PM Apr 15th 2013
Since the New Tens seem to be compared to both the Gilded Age and Cyberpunk, how about The Chromed Age?
11:50:37 PM Sep 18th 2012
There should probably be some kind of rule about what's important enough to be mentioned in the description, or else by 2019 this page will be like ten miles long. Though we won't really know what's important until a few years down the road, I guess. Kind of reminds me of when VH-1 tried to do "I Love The New Millenium" in 2007 and now everything's out of date.
12:48:54 PM Aug 8th 2012
wow. noone outside of tropes acknowledges the term "new tens". am i the only one who cares?
01:02:50 PM Jan 10th 2012
...and so this page has been turned into yet another overblown whine-fest about how "the 90's were best" that blatantly accentuates the negative (well someone had to say it).
02:36:45 AM Jan 24th 2012
Couldn't help but agree. I even had to extend the disclaimer (along with some edits in the Japanese culture parts) in an attempt to kept things in context.
11:46:22 AM Sep 30th 2011
So... when do we add the notes about the Incandescent Light Bulb Phase Out and the end of Analog TV?
06:28:15 PM Dec 5th 2011
What effect did it have on tropes?
10:55:01 PM Sep 7th 2011
Does a TV show count as being made in the New Tens if it started before (2009 or earlier) but continues to be made?
08:36:03 AM May 24th 2011
edited by Soupdragon
Should horizontal Lens Flare 's, Vocaloid and Autotune be 2010s tropes already?

Perhaps there should also be trope codifying section and highpoint section for every decade, so one can see where a trope kicked off and in which decade/year it started to become discredited.
06:47:14 PM Dec 5th 2011
edited by Soupdragon
I would like to add Mind Blowing Text or Kinectic Typography
12:18:32 AM Apr 20th 2011
Should'nt the New 10s begin with 2011 and not 2010.
06:41:41 PM Apr 22nd 2011
No. Decades are a ten-year period, counted from xxx0 to xxx9, inclusive. 1960-1969 is a decade. 2000-2010 is not, being 11 years.
04:57:22 PM Jun 4th 2012
There is a subjective aspect; depending on who you ask, the new tens started as early as 2009 and as late as 2012. Those opinions are based on perceived significant shifts in culture; 2009 since Obama was just elected marking a shift in perception in the US, 2012 for a whole lot of other things.
08:20:25 PM Jun 4th 2012
illegalcheese, I think you're confusing eras with decades. Decades are just ten year periods, eras are more abstract, like "the Obama era", "the War on Terror", etc.
08:38:03 AM Feb 12th 2011
Removed the "half hearted" part from "half hearted rebuff of the Democrats." Given that it was the biggest legislative swing since the Thirties and was born from the rise of an independent political movement, I'd be more inclined to call it the "severe rebuff." But we can keep it neutral and call it simply a rebuff.
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