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07:49:11 PM Aug 22nd 2015
Hello. I'm a new troper who has just begun editting here, although I started reading TV Tropes long before today. I want to start a discussion here before editing further, though.

I want to ask as of why Neon Genesis Evangelion and Nasuverse examples are removed from this page? NGE's Rei Ayanami and Unit-1 is understandable (they fit the Eldritch Abomination page better than this page, even I agree with that) but I can't see why Nasuverse is removed. It has tons of examples (Ultimate Ones, gods and demigods from Age of the Gods era, etc.) and they use various God Tropes (Nigh-Invulnerability, Gods Need Prayers Badly, etc.) so I think it should fit here.

Sorry for those who feel inconvenienced by my questions, I AM still a newbie troper, after all. (Or am I..?)
01:47:17 AM Aug 23rd 2015

the removal reason was "An absolute shitload of outdated fanon-infected information." by Solomontastic. You'll have to ask them (by clicking on their name in the page history) for more precise reasons.
04:03:00 AM Aug 30th 2015
If it's delted due to fan-infected infos, then I have researched it On This Very Wiki and its official databooks. None can complain if I edited it, okay?
01:40:22 AM May 1st 2015
Using Zeus' image as well as including him and other pagan Gods in the trope at all for Physical God where he's grouped together with such nonsensical, fictional beings like Superman and Dr. Manhattan is quite offensive since despite whatever hypocritical nonsense most people might think about him nowadays (It's "unlikely" that Zeus can be actual God but somehow more "plausible" that Yahweh, Jesus, Shiva, etc. are?!), he really was worshipped with great respect in ancient Greco-Roman times for thousands of years and even today by Neo-Pagans (myself included)! So can someone please remove his image as a "Physical God" as well as any mention of him or any other pagan God in the tropes while fictional characters that never received worship in real life like Superman are being used alongside Gods that were and are actually worshipped?!
01:56:01 AM May 1st 2015
The trope does not concern itself with Real Life portrayal at all. I have to say no.
06:43:25 AM Nov 24th 2012
edited by VVK
Replying to the following natter:

  • Discord is likely to be on the same power-level as the Princesses, but being the spirit of chaos, Discord is much less hesitant to use his full godly might than the Princesses. Still, the only thing that could defeat him (that we've seen) is the six-part superweapon known as The Elements Of Harmony.

Well, the princesses needed it to defeat him too. Also, they have not actually shown that kind of reality warping powers. So the above is just speculation, and it shouldn't have been entered as Discussion In The Main Page anyway.
11:45:29 AM Mar 18th 2013
edited by VVK
For the same show: I forgot to put in an edit reason, but the reason I mostly removed the Winged Unicorn stuff is that they're slowly getting less rare all the time and it doesn't make sense to mention half of the known ones as being exceptions to the generalisation that being an alicorn could hypothetically have something to do with being a physical god.
02:28:15 PM Jul 21st 2015
edited by VVK
As for this latest iteration:
  • Cadance is an alicorn and implied to be a Love Goddess but leans closer to physical than god, possibly because she's much younger than her aunts. She's powerful enough to put up a protective field of love around the the city of the Crystal Empire and strong enough to keep King Sombra at bay even when heavily fatigued from sleep deprivation.

Implied to be a love goddess the same way as Pinkie Pie is implied to be a party goddess. She's just got a talent for love magic. The wording practically admits she's not an example in terms of power.

  • The aforementioned Sombra, despite being a Unicorn, has enough magic to rival the Alicorns — among other things, he made the whole Empire vanish for centuries, has a Living Shadow form big enough to surround said Empire, and made Pocket Dimensions of stairs and Booby Traps to hide his Achilles' Heel.

Still not a god, is he?

  • Chrysalis is implied to be Celestia's changeling counterpart, given her warped-alicorn-like appearance and her ability to defeat Celestia in a straight-forward magic battle with a boost from the love power she stole from Shining Armor. It should be noted that the comics show Chrysalis as being closer to Twilight in power level without the boost and without the power boost being no match at all for Celestia, however, making her only a temporary example.

So not really an example, and the "evil counterpart" thing is not true in any relevant sense.

Come ON, don't just put everyone who's either an alicorn or powerful at using magic here. I hope this will be enough explanation that I can just go edit it again.

One thing to realise here would be that Celestia and Luna are a bit borderline themselves — so just being close to them in some sense is not nearly enough.
05:26:49 PM Jul 23rd 2015
Sombra was confirmed by Word of God to be the Equestrian equivalent of Sauron, and Celestia and Luna had to double-team him just to delay him for 1,000 years.

Also, if you're going to exclude Chrysalis for just being a temporary example via Energy Absorption, then you may as well exclude Tirek too.

As for Cadance, it's still debatable.
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