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06:43:25 AM Nov 24th 2012
edited by VVK
Replying to the following natter:

  • Discord is likely to be on the same power-level as the Princesses, but being the spirit of chaos, Discord is much less hesitant to use his full godly might than the Princesses. Still, the only thing that could defeat him (that we've seen) is the six-part superweapon known as The Elements Of Harmony.

Well, the princesses needed it to defeat him too. Also, they have not actually shown that kind of reality warping powers. So the above is just speculation, and it shouldn't have been entered as Discussion In The Main Page anyway.
11:45:29 AM Mar 18th 2013
edited by VVK
For the same show: I forgot to put in an edit reason, but the reason I mostly removed the Winged Unicorn stuff is that they're slowly getting less rare all the time and it doesn't make sense to mention half of the known ones as being exceptions to the generalisation that being an alicorn could hypothetically have something to do with being a physical god.