Tropers / Nozz Dogg

Hi there! I'm the troper responsible for the Rocket Age page and practically nothing else. Also, I generally make a mess of my edits the first time round and often forget to use the preview function, so sorry in advance.

I've had the privilege of being a man with a sister only 18 months younger than him, so I'm as likely to be found reading the trope pages for Jane Austen as District 9. I'm a sucker for romance and idealism, even if I have a tendency towards cynicism. Hopefully my entries don't slide either way, but warn me if they do, okay?

I'm also a bit of a troll, in the sense that I love arguments and debates. I usually try to be reasonable, logical and provide evidence. I love it when the other person does the same, but if they don't and they get mad, I'll keep going because I enjoy that too.