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03:15:36 PM Dec 11th 2014
I understand that this is a sensitive topic that is best left not touched upon and that I probably shouldn't even be writing this, but the entry under Depression Quest contains an Egregious factual error. Namely, it refers to the allegations against Zoe Quinn as being false. In reality, she openly admitted to her involvement in the sex scandal. Now, Gamer Gate is a sensitive subject. I get that. But we can't change the facts. Personally, I feel that it would be best to remove the entry. Let's leave everything in Gamer Gate alone until this whole crapstorm blows over.
03:57:29 PM Dec 11th 2014
I'm surprised it's even allowed on here.

Though I do think "falsely accused" should be changed to just "accused." Claiming veracity one way or the other seems like taking a side.
03:49:04 AM Jul 3rd 2015
She openly admitted that she had sex with some people.

She denied that she had sex with some people for positive game coverage - support for this claim comes from the fact that no positive game coverage exists.

Having sex with people isn't a crime.
06:19:20 AM Sep 2nd 2013
I'm considering putting the "No Russian" scene from MW 2 here. Mostly because it prompted the PAL region to censor it in so damn many ways.
07:03:26 PM Oct 11th 2012
I'm considering putting "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" on there. I think that even though Charlie Brown was thrown a bone for kissing the little red-haired girl, the infamous "football scene" where everyone blames Charlie Brown for costing them the football game (even though it was clear Lucy was sabotaging them) is what they remember and is a moment even the biggest Peanuts fans look down on with contempt.
04:15:44 PM May 9th 2012
A lot of the examples from the YKTTW aren't on here. Where they decided that they don't belong or something?
12:39:17 PM Jun 22nd 2012
Sorry for the late response. I'm honestly not sure if all of them would meet the definition, but I suppose I'll give them another look.
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