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07:49:56 PM Jan 20th 2016
Page is screwed up starting at the video game folder. Needs to be fixed, ASAP
02:28:14 AM Jan 21st 2016
I dunno what's wrong with it. Might want to ask on Ask The Tropers.
05:30:42 AM Jan 21st 2016
edited by HighCrate
Did the Video Games folder get too big? Might need to be split into a subpage?

Edit: Yep, that was the problem. Split the Video Games example into a subpage and now it looks good again.
12:42:59 PM Jun 3rd 2013
Would there be Bonus Points if the character really is a glacier? Or better, their partner is a fiery Glass Cannon or Paper Ram?
12:18:59 PM Jan 13th 2012
You know, I'm thinking that we should at least note two common variations of this character type: On the one hand, a powerhouse who also has considerbaly high defense, yet it's not as impressive as their offense; and on the other hand, a tank whose offense, while remarkably strong, still does not compare to their defense. Both of these would be rounded out by the "standard" Mighty Glacier, whose high offense and defense are pretty much balanced, neither one overtaking the other (at least, not by much).

What do you think?
12:39:48 PM Jun 3rd 2013
I suppose you're on to something, though in theory most Mighty Glaciers (presumably) wouldn't need that much defense, since they're often the Lightning Bruiser without the lightning part. Still, you have a good point. I like it.
03:27:02 AM Aug 3rd 2011
Dropping this quote: this is a video game character build, not a vehicle design.

The problem with building a tank with parts meant for battle cruisers is that it would be quicker to just drop a submarine on dry land and stick some wheels on it. It damn sure wouldn't be any slower than the P 1500. Any country invaded by a Landkreuzer could pretty much have ignored it, treating it like a slightly slower moving volcano. Sure, the Nazi Doom Cannon is kind of a pain, but if you're anywhere within 20 miles when the thing finally goes off you have no one to blame but yourself.

07:53:42 PM Apr 10th 2012
Is this restricted to video games? Because the premise seems kind of universal in scope.
01:11:20 PM Aug 27th 2010
... I'm confused. Does this trope actually cover absorbing damage as well as dealing it? The actual text gives no indication of this, other than a reference to Stone Wall. It makes a difference. If it requires being able to absorb damage, a slow-moving Glass Cannon is not also a Mighty Glacier... but if it doesn't, they are both at once.
12:12:21 PM Jan 13th 2012
Yes, high defense is required. We really need ot make that clearer. <goes to tweak description>
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