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03:39:40 AM Apr 11th 2014
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Regarding Dragon Ball Z's Ocean dub, wasn't the acting more consistent than the early Funimation episodes, and the music (or at least the first three seasons'; IIRC the music from the Android saga onwards was quite repetitive) good? I'm pretty sure that individual lines like "over 9000" aside, Brian Drummond is actually LESS hammy than Christopher Sabat.
09:52:59 AM Apr 5th 2014
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None of these are fresh enough in my mind to actually remove the example, but didn't the modern versions of Scooby-Doo embrace and homage the charm and cheesiness? The theatrical live action films did, and I think the turn of the millennium animated films, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo and What's New Scooby-Doo? did too.
09:48:06 AM Apr 5th 2014
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Removed. This seems like SUCH an oversimplification of the complaints of the Cybermen.

  • A common special effect that tends to be remarked on this way is the Cybermen. The original Cybermen in "The Tenth Planet" were made of cloth and craft foam and had human hands, due to budgetary concerns. But, as cyborgs who had willingly sacrificed almost all of their bodies for surgical, mechanical alternatives, and with beautifully-executed Accent On The Wrong Syllable voices modelled after the early speaking computers of the time (such as the famous performance of "Daisy Bell" by the IBM 7094 in 1961), they were Uncanny Valley to traumatising levels. Many fans find the later Cybermen, which are just represented by people in silver jumpsuits or robot parts, to just look like boring old robots compared to the implied Body Horror of the Tenth Planet Cybermen.

By this broad definition, "later Cybermen" would encompass everything after "The Moonbase". Are people actually saying that the Cybermen started looking and acting too "well" as early as "The Moonbase", i.e. FOUR MONTHS after The Tenth Planet, in the same season and both produced by Innes Lloyd? Usually when I hear about the Cybermen not being what they used to be, they're actually saying they were effective due to the writing, the vocal performances, the tone and they're including most or all of the 60s stories, not just the original. Also, people remember, rightly or through nostalgia, the Cybermen being scary, and claim that from about "Revenge" onwards, they're not scary.

And, what. The blank faces of the Wheel or Moonbase/Tomb or even the RTD-era Cybermen AREN'T uncanny valley? Everything between 1967 and 1988 had high, non-shoestring production values? Because I don't think you can really argue any of these.

And then there's places where the body horror and hypnosis isn't implied but outright shown in places like "Attack of the Cybermen", "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel", "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday", "The Next Doctor" and Torchwood's "Cyberwoman".
10:25:31 AM Nov 22nd 2011
Is it just me, or does the page image not explain the Trope very well?
09:46:55 AM May 26th 2011
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  • When Dragon Ball Z was released in a widescreen remastered DVD format with a modified dub with sometimes different music in the dub music track, some fans preferred the original Narmy voice acting of the nineties-two-thousands to the new version and scoured the 'net for the now out-of-print original saga set DVDs.

This was deleted apparently because both sets of voice acting sucked. As I haven't watched any of the remastered stuff, is that seriously true? (Also, I didn't think the Ocean OR Funimation voices were "miscast", and yes, I'm counting Frieza)
11:36:30 AM Feb 6th 2011
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From the main page:

To a lot of old time tropers it was a lot more fun when we had Rape The Dog instead of Moral Event Horizon, before Jonas Quinn was replaced with a Suspiciously Similar Substitute, when trope names were quirky and non-intuitive instead of straightforward (like The Other Wiki),, when all couples with Belligerent Sexual Tension were Takahashi ones, and when images were Just A Face And A Caption usually with profanity that was NSFW. This place used to rock.

Remember when Actor Allusion was The Alkazar and punctuation in trope titles was so rare as to be virtually nonexistent? Of course, that was when Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls was a dumping ground for complaints about non-canonical Fan Fiction pairings, the Crowning Moments didn't have their own pages, and users posted their personal experiences with tropes under the trope pages' real life sections. Personally, I frequented TV Tropes more often before the aforementioned changes occurred, but I also spent evenings on Fandom Secrets back then.
04:53:07 PM Sep 6th 2010
Is "the second film" referring to the Ed Norton one? Because as far as I'm aware that was an entirely unrelated Reboot, which since they're both based on a well-established previous work probably wouldn't count as this trope. Or at least the example should be edited so as not to make it sound like Ang Lee made a sequel (or did he?).

  • The Ang Lee-directed Hulk tried to be serious, but with its cheesy lines, poor acting, awful pace, dodgy effects (bouncy tanks!) and Hulk's Narmish roar (fun if you join in) the film managed to be a humorous example of So Bad Its Good. Then the second film actually didn't suck and was instead... watchable. Good if you're a fan of the film, not so good if you enjoyed laughing at it. Then again, a similar argument could be made for those who preferred the charm of the low-budget TV Series over the first big-budget movie's excesses.
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