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05:42:35 PM Nov 10th 2016
Can't we have a separate folder for network examples?
04:52:26 PM Sep 2nd 2016
Does Tomb Raider really belong on the page? I've never heard any claims that it's for girls, and before the recent reboot it was best known for the fan-service.
10:33:57 PM Dec 4th 2015
Is there a reason why some of the examples got moved to the analysis page?
01:44:25 PM Sep 5th 2014
I've noticed that a lot of titles fall under both "ghetto in action" and "breaking out of the ghetto" — Brave for instance. So which is it? Brave did do well at the box-office, but it's one of the most-criticized Pixar films, the merchandise suffers heavily from Misaimed Marketing to the "princess" crowd, and I remember a fair deal of online commentators being upset that it won the Oscar over Wreck-It Ralph...perhaps there needs to be a bit of rethinking on the page's organization?
12:17:14 PM Nov 7th 2013
...are visual novels really in the girl show ghetto? They look more like the All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles ghetto to me.
02:56:46 PM Feb 8th 2013
Doesn't Titanic debunk this stigma, it is an absolute Chick Flick that I've never seen a male admit to liking online, but ti's the Second highest Grossing of all time, while it was the first not even The Dark Knight could dethrone it.
02:41:27 PM Feb 8th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
"Some Fan Fiction writers hypothesize that Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls is the reason why 'fanfiction' is considered to be so viscerally disgusting by so many people. It's worth observing that on this wiki, most of the fanfiction included in tropes lists is either adventure-based stuff written by boys (Shinji And Warhammer40k), or relationship-based stuff that's legendarily bad (My Immortal).

This opinion has even been documented in academic analysis of Fan Fic by ethnographer Camille Bacon-Smith and MIT's Henry Jenkins. Jenkins goes as far to postulate in Textual Poachers that Fan Fic in general is a reaction on the part of a female audience trying to find their own pleasures in predominantly-male media."

I suppose also related to this is an assumption that Shipping is something only Girls would be interested in (Especially the shipping of non cannon couples) Men think Girl-on-Girl Is Hot but they obviously don't care about actual Romance between the girls, because mainstream audience don't know about the Yuri Fanboy. These assumption always annoy me, as a Man who loves his Shiping, Lesbian couples, Straight couples and even occasionally a Gay Male Couple.
03:42:59 PM Mar 11th 2012
So what exactly qualifies something as a "girls' show"? Does it still count if it's, say, a sort of inverted case of What Do You Mean, It's Not for Little Girls? (that is, it was intentionally going for an Estrogen Brigade), would it count as a girl's show? It goes without saying that it probably wouldn't fall into the ghetto, but still...
09:53:44 AM Oct 15th 2012
I'm seeing the same thing here. Looks like all but 2-3 of the "breakout" shows are "female protagonist, so it must be a girly-show." I think the major issue with the ghetto is than we have a default-male world, so anything that isn't /explicitly/ a girl show (as in, the L Mo TW type crap that "no respecting guy would be caught dead watching") is by default considered a 'guy' show.
03:09:44 PM Nov 18th 2013
That's rather the point. If there's a female protagonist then it's automatically assumed to be "for girls". It's related to Men Are Generic, Women Are Special. Only women themselves could enjoy a story with a female as the protagonist regardless of how "girly" it is. The examples "Breaking Out of the Ghetto" are works that have female leads but are enjoyed by both genders. For example Buffy has a girl as the lead and her female best friend as another prominent character. Yet that doesn't make it a girls' only show and it's enjoyed by many men too.
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