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10:44:22 AM Dec 20th 2014
Since this is divided by seasons now, should it be noted that villains for the first two seasons include the villain for the video game?
08:28:41 AM Oct 1st 2014
So... Can we move Kuvira to enemies now?
10:37:18 AM Oct 1st 2014
Based on what?
11:37:26 AM Oct 4th 2014
Uh, based on Word of God? And also everything we've seen so far in the season?
11:42:15 AM Oct 4th 2014
If Word of God is that she's going to be a villain then yes, but for the moment no matter how obvious it is that she'll be an antagonist she isn't one yet, unless you count the trailer which isn't very clear anyway.
09:05:00 AM Oct 6th 2014
"Everything we've seen so far" is one episode which leaves her motivations and actions ambiguous.
02:20:23 AM Oct 17th 2014
Alrighty then, how about now?
07:01:02 PM Oct 31st 2014
... Yeah, she's an enemy now. I'm a little disappointed, she's become almost too much of a villain.
11:45:25 AM Aug 24th 2014
Now that season 3 is finished a little reorganization should be done. First Su and her family should be moved into allies. I know there was some doubt about her but I think she has proven herself. However since we have seen that other people in Zaufu are working against the Avatar that should be left where it is, though I do think Aiwie should be moved to enemies. A separate folder should be made for the whole Baifong family with Lin added to it and the metalbending police moved to other since they have worked against Korra as much as with her.
05:29:33 PM Nov 1st 2013
Should Lu and Gang be added?
12:01:22 AM Nov 5th 2013
Do they fall under Ambiguously Evil: As they could be massively incompetent, or corrupt, or is that more Alternate Character Interpretation?
06:27:26 PM Nov 8th 2013
They are definitely corrupt
07:51:28 AM Oct 13th 2013
edited by
I think we should segregate characters in other way. Enemies section with spoilered names still spoils who enemies are, because if important character isn't anywhere else, he/she can be only a enemy with name under spoiler.

My proposal
  • New Team Avatar - Same as it is
  • Aang's descendants/Tenzin's family - Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, Commander Bumi, Kya
  • Korra's family - Tonraq, Senna, Unalaq, Desna and Eska
  • Past Characters - Same as it is
  • Republic City officials - Lin Beifong, Tarrlok, General Iroh, Saikhan, Song, President Reiko
  • Republic City citizens - Hiroshi Sato, Toza, Tahno, Hasook, Gommu, Skoochy, Shiro Shinobi, Viper, Shin, Ping
  • Equalists - Amon, The Lieutenant, The Chi-blockers, The Protester
  • Others - Varrick, Zhu Li, Ginger, Dark Spirits
06:49:55 PM Oct 19th 2013
Seems good to me. Should we add a triple triad section though?
08:05:08 AM Oct 21st 2013
They aren't big deal, just some thugs on Repuplic City's street poping up from time to time. Equalists at last were main antagonist group of season 1. Anyway, Rava and Vaatu go to Others.
04:29:03 PM Oct 21st 2013
I agree, this looks good to.
04:40:30 AM Nov 17th 2013
Should there be a page just for spirits and other timeless beings such as lion turtles, maybe linked to both Korra and the original series character pages.
11:04:49 AM Sep 28th 2013
I am seeing a lot characters getting Foil (and Expy to a lesser extent) entries put on them, but they are often being used just to compare/contrast characters from earlier seasons/books who held similar positions to the listed characters. But I thought to be a Foil to a character there needs to be direct interaction and for an Expy there needs to be a deliberately evocative similarities not just "oh hey these two characters share some similar qualities", isn't this an incorrect usage of the tropes?
08:44:17 AM Jul 21st 2013
I think a little reorganization of the characters might be needed. With Korra confirmed for three more seasons it might be better to remove the Equalist category and replace it with Enemies. It would let us move some characters over and have a ready made place for the the new antagonists that will pop up.
10:36:15 AM Jul 21st 2013
Sounds like a good idea to me, as long as we soft-split the page. But remember: Only move over confirmed antagonists. We're not supposed to even be adding stuff from the previews at all, but it's fine as long as no one's putting the crazy theories on the main pages. If something is not confirmed, wait until the show comes out to confirm it.
12:25:40 PM Jul 21st 2013
That's cool. I figure Hiroshi and Tarrlok would go into enemies. That would only leave Verrick in the Other Major Characters category. It would probably be best to just merge that with the Other Minor Characters category into just Other Characters.
07:28:25 AM Jun 5th 2012
Does adult Toph really count as a Bifauxnen? The entry says without Boobs of Steel, you wouldn't know her gender, so she's a Bifauxnen. I don't know if that tropes applies because of the Boobs of Steel, and I don't think Toph looks that stereotypically like a guy as an adult.
03:17:46 PM Jun 5th 2012
I agree. Adult Toph doesn't look overly masculine to me, nobody in-universe has mistaken Toph for male, and its definitely not played for fanservice, which is part of the Bifauxnen trope.
10:08:10 PM Jun 2nd 2012
I thought this should be removed:

  • Face–Heel Turn: At the beginning of the series, you could argue that Tarrlok was a guy who was doing what he had to do to stop Amon and the Equalists, even if he was a complete Jerk Ass about it. He descends into outright villainy in "When Extremes Meet," arresting most of the new Team Avatar, showing he can bloodbend by paralyzing Korra, then kidnapping her.

It could theoretically be vindicated later on if he's presented in a sympathetic light (I doubt it though), but to pull a Face–Heel Turn, you have to have started as a Face. Tarrlock at least now seems more like simply a Not-So-Harmless Villain or Evil All Along.
10:22:10 AM Jun 2nd 2012
Should we add Yukone in the other characters. It seems he's relevant to the plot now.
03:49:16 PM Jun 2nd 2012
And yet we still know next to nothing about him. He may even be Tarlock. Wait for more information. There's no context to him right now.
01:46:58 PM Jun 4th 2012
Now that he's been added, do we have anything to justify the Fantastic Racism entry? That seems like a big bit of speculation.
01:57:37 PM May 28th 2012
Would The Worf Effect apply to the Lieutenant?

He took down Bolin and Mako with ease, but Korra caught him off guard at first, during "The Revelation", then went toe to toe with him in "And The Winner Is...", and finally, Asami managed to take him down as well, in "The Aftermath", although he was also caught off guard then.
05:49:03 AM May 26th 2012
Should we add "Yakone" to the "Other Characters" folder? It seems to me this guy is shaping up to be something of a looming plot point. Korra's Flashback Cuts and Tarrlock's comparing Amon to Yakone - who apparently did something to piss Aang off. - can't just be there for show. A character doesn't have flashbacks to a previous life and not have it be relevant to the main storyline in some way.

Or are the details too vague we should just wait and see?
08:26:54 AM May 26th 2012
I say it is too vague. We actually need some tropes to put in his entry and the only think we know is that he was a thread and fought Aang at one point.
10:12:51 AM May 23rd 2012
So, any concrete stuff about Amon and for how long he will be around?
10:28:00 AM May 23rd 2012
Well he might appear in the second season I mean this series is going to take up to 26 episodes.
11:19:51 AM May 23rd 2012
Any links? Anyone? All I can see from the staff recently is them saying it's in production.
02:23:51 PM May 23rd 2012
Don't have original links, but I distinctly remember the Avatarspirit forums heavily discussing it when the creators announced that each season would have its own villains.
02:55:05 PM May 23rd 2012
Well, there was some discussion about a year ago about Nick asking for "distinct", 13-episode story lines when they first ordered Book 1. Though that could very well have gone out the window after they ordered Book 2.
03:43:03 PM May 23rd 2012
Toxin, since you changed it, do you have any new information, or was it simply an assumption on your part?
08:25:27 AM May 26th 2012
Unless Toxin actually bothers to answer, I am going to change it back. I googled a little, but I found nothing that suggest that Amon will be around for the whole series.
09:12:06 PM May 21st 2012
Is Korra the Betty or the Veronica to Mako's Archie? She's listed as the Veronica, but she seems more Betty-like to me.
07:34:17 PM May 25th 2012
I don't know, seems pretty clear Mako sees Korra as the "dangerous" choice and Asami as the "safe" one.
01:17:24 PM May 19th 2012
It makes way more sense to split Sato between folders, this way we have to spoiler a lot less tropes and examples, since all we need to hide are things that would give his identity away.

If we slam it all in one entry, we have to spoiler every single trope we want to add that even remotely implies his Face–Heel Turn.
11:53:48 AM May 24th 2012
I agree, Sato seems like a Walking Spoiler right now.
02:23:33 PM May 28th 2012
So, I split it up, nothing revealing that Sato lost his wife to a Firebender, now placing all tropes that identify him as an Equalist, under the Equalist folder. Then, I kept anything revealing who he really is, as a spoiler. Like anything about him being a parent, which may tip off that he is Asami's dad.

Now, people should be able to see this and go, "Oh, looks like there's another Equalist, also lost a loved one to a Firebender, explaining why he hates benders... Seems he's the one who developed their technology, too.", but won't see the name or anything revealing about who they are unless they look beneath the spoilers.

As for Sato's actual entry underneath Other Characters, nothing down there would give away anything about his true allegiance, which is with the Equalists.

I imagine that by the time Hiroshi becomes a regular villain and direct antagonist to Team Avatar, it would probably be the time to unspoiler his Equalist entry and move everything from his Other Characters entry to there.
03:01:56 AM May 29th 2012
edited by eX
Well, I agree.

A viewer who knows about his Face–Heel Turn will know that he will have an entry in the "Equalist" folder, because that is what he is. And everyone who doesn't know will be satisfied with the entry under "Other Characters".

I don't really see how it is too confusing, frankly a character entry that would be two-thirds spoiler is much more confusing and a lot harder to read if you don't want to get spoiled.
09:27:41 AM May 29th 2012
It's ridiculous to start dividing character information based on spoilers. We don't do it for Wheatley in Portal 2, Kendra in Dead Space, or any of a number of characters in Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach. Treating spoilers like the plague doesn't make the list a resource, it makes it confusing for any outside reader. Just as Examples Are Not Recent, chopping Sato's entry apart in an attempt to hide an integral part of his character for the sake of not spoiling others is inherently a temporary thing. One way or another, he's getting merged. Better to do it now than carry on with this farce for a few weeks for the sake of spoilers.
08:37:48 PM Jun 2nd 2012
I say move it back to one spot, under the "other" section, with spoilers labelled appropriately. It's a huge spoiler to see him under the Equalist section if you haven't been keeping up with every episode. It's not like this happened in the first episode—its 7 out of 12.
12:10:45 PM May 19th 2012
Should Asami be moved to the Team Avatar folder at this point?
08:43:02 PM May 6th 2012
For all people editing the page, please be careful of spoilers. Anything referring to episodes or material that isn't readily available outside of watching the series can be spoilerific for the rest of us who haven't been able to keep up. If you don't mind, please keep episode specific references in spoiler tags or refrain from using them to often.

Thank you, Jeabras
05:32:45 PM May 4th 2012
On Mako being a hypocrite, the example seems fairly sound. Unless wealth and privilege benefits Mako he is critical and bitter about it. Korra would make a good girlfriend... But not for Bolin because Mako might like her too. Seems pretty straight forward.
07:02:18 PM May 4th 2012
edited by nitrokitty
As for the discussion with Bolin about Korra, that technically hasn't happened in series yet, so hold off on that. Now lets get to the wealth part: Mako hasn't shown any disdain for wealth as far as I've seen in the released series. He's not disdainful of wealth, per se, he's disdainful of Korra not appreciating what she has. He admires Hiroshi Sato's success story, obviously hoping to emulate it himself, but he dislikes the fact that Korra has had everything handed to her in life. That doesn't sound like hypocrisy to me, and fits his character perfectly. He's had to work for everything he has in life, just like Sato worked his way to the top, so he doesn't begrudge Sato his success. On the other hand, he perceives Korra as being given everything without having to work for it, simply because she's the Avatar. Now, we've seen her working hard at training and the pressure she's under to perform her duties, but he hasn't. He just sees her as some celebrity.

Long explanation, but in short, I don't think it fits.
08:39:43 PM May 4th 2012
All Korra had said was she was pretty well taken care of and he was fairly rude about it. But Asami who too has things handed to her on a silver platter gets of scott free, but of course she buys him dinner and is able to get her dad to sponsor his team so his tune is a little different.
10:42:07 PM May 4th 2012
Possible, but we've seen nothing about him being rude to Asami about that in the show, so it's a little premature to call him a hypocrite based solely on that. Besides, the main point was Korra not being grateful for what she has, not that she had it to begin with.
08:15:43 AM May 5th 2012
edited by eX
He specifically said that Korra was in no place to judge the choices he made to survive, since she was never in the same situation. So unless he has the same argument with Asami and the outcome is different, it has nothing to do with hypocrisy.

The way the relationship scene is shaping up, it's less hypocrisy and more self-interest. Do we have a trope for someone giving bad advise on purpose to give themselves an advantage?
11:13:27 AM May 5th 2012
I'd hesitate to call it that even without some more context. It could be a case of My Brother Is Off Limits. This is why I discourage putting up tropes that apply to episodes that haven't aired yet.
09:16:39 AM Apr 29th 2012
I would think Korra qualifies for the "Boobs of Steel" trope?

She is of course a Bad Ass fighter, and at the same time quite well endowed, certainly more so than Katara or others from the first series were. Just look at her in the evening galla in Episode 4.

I won't add now, not til I feel others agree, though.
06:04:17 PM Apr 30th 2012
My mom constantly is commenting how Korra seems rather endowed for a girl her age when watching, so there may be some merit to it.
11:19:43 AM Apr 24th 2012
edited by ashlay
Amon expy: Lord Konda is an emperor who fights against the spirits and captures one to try and secure the eternal reign of his kingdom

Amon is a revolutionary who says he's acting for the spirits to bring balance back to the world. The don't look alike, they don't have similar goals, and they don't have similar positions.

Given this, would you please explain to me how Amon is based on Konda? Because just both being Well Intentioned Extremists does not make Amon an expy of him.
01:34:04 PM Apr 24th 2012
I do personally think they have aesthetic similarities, what with the white face/mask and the dark clothes.

Both do have power from the spirit world. Konda is fighting against he spirits, but he started the war by stealing a piece of the spiritworld, and by doing that, he gained magical powers.
02:36:17 PM Apr 24th 2012
edited by ashlay
But we don't even know if amon really does have power from the spirit world, and at least the image you posted features a man with no white makeup on his face and yellow/golden clothes on.

Are the creators magic the gathering players? Is there any other reason you'd think Amon would be based on this character?
09:18:07 AM Apr 21st 2012
Should Asami be moved into the "Allies" folder? It seems that she's on Korra's side.
07:46:36 AM Apr 22nd 2012
Can we at least wait until the character is introduced?
07:15:58 AM Apr 12th 2012
While watching the first two episodes, I got vibes of Deadpan Snarker with Korra. Example:

Mako: You're the avatar, and I'm an idiot. Korra: Both are true.

Should we add this as a trope for her?
09:09:11 AM Apr 7th 2012
edited by 3flowersinavase
Anyone else thinking Korra has Most Common Superpower? Her...assets are a bit large for your average 17-year-old.
10:47:23 AM Apr 7th 2012
This isn't the Western Comic-Book Superhero genre, though.
07:48:12 AM Apr 8th 2012
edited by ccoa
No. Please read that trope. It's not "character with large breasts". It's "all superheroines/supervillains in the comic book genre have large breasts."

For that matter, read No Lewdness - we are not here to editorialize about a character's attributes or attractiveness.
09:51:46 PM Mar 28th 2012
Would it be more accurate to add Tenzin to Team Avatar? Promotional materials seem to put him as part of the main group along with Bolin and Mako.
08:40:23 PM Apr 6th 2012
As of Episode 2, he's a mentor first and foremost. Let's wait for further developments.
07:13:28 AM Mar 27th 2012

The requirements for Amazonian Beauty are:

  • Is the female character in question muscular?

This is true.

  • Is her muscularity emphasized (pointed out in-universe or by flexing) or noticeably large?

Arguably true.

  • Is her muscle the integral and dominant physical trait of her bare skin (due to their large mass or detailed definition)? (Example: Most of the skin is sculpted or bulky, rather than smooth—Fairchild at right is an excellent example of both "sculpted" skin and muscle mass.) Of course, this can be Depending on the Artist.

This is debatable. I'd say that "most" of her skin is not sculpted, myself, but it's hard to tell when everything but her arms are covered all the time. Which brings us to:

  • Finally, is she accompanied by Fanservice tropes? (Examples: Stripperific, Male Gaze, etc.)

This one is the one that really leads me to believe she doesn't fit the trope, because I haven't seen any sexual fanservice from Korra yet (other kinds of fanservice, yes, but not sexual).

Anyway, any opinions? Am I wrong on this?
07:47:15 AM Mar 27th 2012
Seems logical to me.

Her physique hasn't been touched upon by the characters so far.
01:40:04 PM Apr 3rd 2012
edited by MadCat221
You can tell if you have a discerning eye that her torso muscles are toned as well, thanks to her top being very form-fitting. Her upper torso has extra width to it due to upper body strength, and her midriff is somewhat bulkier than the typical "thin girl" midriff (not fat bulk but muscle bulk).

However, that critical last condition still isn't met.
08:15:34 PM Apr 6th 2012
Fair enough. When we start seeing her used for actual fanservice, we can put it back in.

Incidentally, "Bolin seems to think so."

Bolin is admiring Korra for her combat abilities. Do we put Hot Amazon back in? (To avoid yet more edit warring, I'll ask for consensus before doing this.)
11:09:24 AM May 6th 2012
Bolin lists Korra's buffness as a part of her appeal in The Spirit of Competition, but I don't think we have had any fanservice with Korra as of yet.
12:02:29 AM Jun 16th 2012
edited by nitrokitty
Just how necessary is the sexual fanservice? We haven't had any overt fanservice, this is a kid's show after all. Still, she does tend to wear tight clothes. I would say she qualifies. She fits all the other criteria so perfectly.

Muscular? Check. Mentioned? Both Bolin and Mako mention strength and athleticism as qualities they admire about her. Check. Emphasized? I'd say check. In particular, look at the shots of her from behind. You can clearly see the definition of her back muscles through her top. She's built like a gymnast, lean and wiry, as opposed to a bodybuilder. Compare her to the much more waifish Katara from the first series. Fanservice? Well, I think the tight top qualifies, but keep in mind this is a kid's show. If we have to wait to see her pose in a bikini, I think we're going to be waiting a long time.

The problem with the assorted Amazon tropes is that people put up any Action Girl they find attractive. However, Korra is established as being attractive because of her athleticism, not in spite of it. Besides, we already have all the other assorted Amazon tropes (like Amazon Chaser) around her, so I don't see why this one wouldn't fit.
06:12:28 PM Mar 25th 2012
I know the creators described Mako as Zuko-like, but so far, from what we've seen of him in Episode 2, he doesn't seem Zuko-like at all. He's tightly controlled, calm, and doesn't put his goal above all else. Someone with Zuko's level of determination would have leapt at the chance for Korra to play waterbender on their team when their third player was a no-show. Mako refuses her at first, and only reluctantly agrees.

Again, this is only Episode 2, but Mako doesn't seem even vaguely like an Expy of Zuko as he's listed.
07:42:29 AM Mar 26th 2012
Zuko-like doesn't mean every action he ever takes will be the exact same as Zuko would have done.
08:08:31 PM Mar 28th 2012
I get that. It's just that Mako doesn't even seem vaguely Zuko-like to me. I feel like we could call him a Mai Expy and it'd be just as accurate.
02:58:44 AM Mar 30th 2012
edited by Iaculus
He was described as 'Zuko without the angst'. Which may qualify as a Dissimile, seeing as the angst was such a huge part of Zuko's character.

Seriously, the explanation for almost ninety per cent of his behaviour boiled down to 'daddy issues'.
01:23:34 PM May 5th 2012
These Expy entries are getting ridiculous. Comparing Mako to Zuko was one thing, but now he's also a partial expy of Sokka just because he's a big brother in the same franchise? At this point, why not just, say, call Tenzin an expy for Iroh because he's an elder figure in a mentoring relationship with a hothead?
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