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06:04:11 PM Oct 15th 2015
edited by inuyasharules31
Hi there, I need a bit of help. I want to start a page about something (and I know what I'm doing this time, I won't completely edit an already existing page.)

Basically I want to start a page about a doujinshi series called Mekko Rarekko. Yes it does have sex scenes in it and I have seen that you guys don't just take *Porn Without Plot. But anyone that does know about Mekko Rarekko knows that it does have a plot to it, so it does fall under the *Porn With Plot category. Heck it's even mentioned in the Anime and Manga category.

Anyway I know how to create a page and I do have a synopsis for it but I'm not sure if I have enough to put a good number of tropes down for it. I'm pretty new to editing pages and I know what tropes are. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I would like someone who really knows TV Tropes very will to read the series to think of a good number of examples. I've read the series myself but I don't know enough tropes or examples of tropes to create a page for it. So if someone could read the series to think of examples to add, it would be very beneficial for helping me create this page.

Edit: I removed the link because I forgot that linking that kind of stuff is bad to do.
12:17:43 AM Oct 16th 2015
If you don't know enough tropes used, then you'll have to wait until you know enough or someone else makes the page. Too few tropes is not OK for work pages.
05:09:20 AM Jan 31st 2015
Hi, I've been trying to create a page for Our Friends In The North. I've found the namespace, but whenever I click "Edit Page", it doesn't do anything.
05:47:05 AM Jan 31st 2015

it's a bug that is still in the resolution stage. You need to append ?action=edit to the URL of the article you want to create, or make sure that you have JavaScript enabled on your computer.
03:19:55 PM May 30th 2015
I am having a similar issue where it redirects to the home page even when I manually append ?action=edit. I asked my friend who was going to help flesh it out to try and he had the same issue.
01:20:11 AM May 31st 2015
What is "it"?
06:25:17 AM May 31st 2015
edited by thefroggyninja
I'm trying to make a works page for a game he made. But the "edit page" button sends us to the home page. I apologize if I was too vague initially.
09:19:24 AM May 31st 2015
Still too vague. Which URL are you editing on?
03:07:41 PM Jun 4th 2015
Ah. Colons don't work in an URL, you need to ask for a Custom Title on an punctuation-free URL.
07:54:48 PM Sep 1st 2014
This is a good article, but I've looked around many places of TV Tropes and I still have no idea how to create a subpage for an article like /Game Mod/Skyrim or /Nightmare Fuel/Minecraft. Basically I want to add a section of Game Mods to the Minecraft section because the game has A LOT of mods.
01:22:42 AM Sep 2nd 2014
You need to make your page names a link; like GameMod.Skyrim and NightmareFuel.Minecraft. Also, it should be GameMod.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim since the article is under the longer title.
01:05:22 PM Mar 27th 2014
Is there a place I can ask for help to trope out
01:53:42 PM Mar 27th 2014
04:46:58 AM Sep 13th 2012
Is there a length guideline for the description section? I recently made a page and I don't know if the description is too long.
05:34:39 AM Sep 13th 2012
Wurm Online? That needs a few paragraphs chopped; as a single game, it doesn't need well over a screen of description. The details of gameplay aren't relevant, so removing paragraphs 5 through 8 (While a house built... ...even then only on Chaos) would be fine and get it to a good length.
04:54:49 AM Sep 14th 2012
Alright, it's done. Thanks.
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