Wiki Word

The thing that makes this a "Wiki", and not just a collection of editable pages is the ability to create "links" between pages. In the "classic" formatting, a link is identified by creating a "Wiki Word"; placing two or more initial-capitalised words together, CamelCase-style (e.g. HomePage). If the page exists, you'll see a link to it, if it doesn't exist yet, you'll see the name in red, which you can then click to create the page.

Note that differences in capitalization are irrelevant between two identically-spelled Wiki Words: Home Page and Ho Mepage link to the same place. This does not make the latter any less wrong.

In addition, punctuation is not allowed in Wiki Words—it appears automatically after edits have been saved. See The Custom Title Request Tool (also found on the main page sidebar) for instructions on creating a new page whose title needs punctuation and Text Formatting Rules for specific details about the format.

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Wiki Words