So, your favorite work is a {{Redlink}}, and you think it deserves to have a page on the Wiki, but you're not sure how to go about it. Well, you've come to the right place. Anyone can make a work's page, and [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability any work that isn't porn can have a page]]. Administrivia/WorksPagesAreAFreeLaunch. So if you're wondering whether you're ''allowed'' to do this, well... yes. Yes you are. Here's how.
!! Step-by-step guide

# '''Find the blank page to edit'''\\
The first step is to find the page where your work is going to go. You can do this by changing the URL of an existing wikipage (e.g. open [[]], change "[=TitleGoesHere=]" to the name of the work, and "[=NamespaceGoesHere=]" to one of the namespaces below) or by creating a RedLink (in the form of [[NamespaceGoesHere/TitleGoesHere NamespaceGoesHere/TitleGoesHere]]) on the WikiSandbox (or anywhere else) and clicking it. Either way, once you've arrived at that page, click the "Edit" button at the top to start editing.\\
Note that we require usage of the official name of the work, not {{Fan Nickname}}s. In the case of {{Recycled Title}}s, append the year of release to later entries (e.g.: the [[UsefulNotes/TheSeventhGenerationOfConsoleVideoGames 7th-gen]] reboot of the ''Tomb Raider'' series would go in [=VideoGame/TombRaider2013=], to differentiate it from the first game, which is on [=VideoGame/TombRaider=]).\\
Remember to use the correct namespace for the article. For reference, the list of officially supported namespaces can be found [[Administrivia/{{Namespace}} here]].\\
At the top of the page, write up a short description of the work. The work name should have ''italics'' for longer works, or "quotes" for shorter works like songs, essays, or individual chapters/episodes of a larger work. No bolding is used for work titles. No special formatting is to be used for personas, sacred texts or series of works collectively referred to by a non-Franchise name.\\
Good things to include: the name of the work's creator(s), the year it was first published, the genre and medium(s), a brief and spoiler-free overview of the plot, and a link to the official website.\\
Things ''not'' to include: value judgments (don't say how much it sucked/how awesome it was), critical reception (that's just a specific variant of value judgments), recommendations (don't tell us whether or not we should check it out), plot spoilers. And whatever you do, ''do not copy text from the Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} page.'' That is UsefulNotes/{{Plagiarism}} and copyright infringement [[AndThatsTerrible and it is bad.]]
# '''Add a list of tropes'''\\
At the bottom of the intro, type [=----=] (four hyphens) to create a horizontal line. Underneath it, create a header that says "!! ''[Work Name]'' contains examples of:". (The !! at the beginning of the line is the Header markup.) Underneath that, you're going to make the trope list.\\
The trope examples should be in a bulleted list, [[Administrivia/HowToAlphabetizeThings alphabetically]], with one entry per line, followed by a colon (:) and a brief explanation of how the trope applies. Check the Administrivia/TextFormattingRules if you need help with the wiki markup, and Administrivia/HowToWriteAnExample for miscellaneous tips on style.\\
There should be a minimum of three tropes listed (if you're stuck, mentioning e.g. who TheHero and the BigBad are will give you two tropes right off the bat), or the page is at risk of being sent to the CutList as a stub. More is preferable, of course, so go through the Administrivia/HowToCollectTropes checklist and write down as many as you can!\\
Finish off the trope list with another horizontal line: [=----=]. \\
Once you have a description and a trope list, click "preview" to check your work and then click "save" to save your edits and publish the page.
# '''Set the page type'''\\
This step is nice and quick. Go to the "Page Info" box on the right side of the screen. Click on the edit button next to "Page Type", then set the page type to "work". There you go.\\
This'll enable things like Reviews and the subpage tabs at the top.
# '''Add indexes'''\\
Find an index where the work belongs. Something like FantasyWebcomics, FilmsOfThe1990s, StrategyGame, TheatricalProductions, etc. Find the correct alphabetical location and add in your work. You should have at least one index, but if it fits in multiple places, you can add it to more than one index.\\
Administrivia/HowIndexingWorks covers this topic in more detail.
# '''Submit a custom title''' (not always necessary)\\
This is only necessary if the title includes punctuation or special characters; otherwise, skip this step. Under the "More" dropdown of the page header, find the "[=WikiWord=]" link and click it. Fill out the form to add punctuation, correct capitalization, and so on. Once a moderator approves it, it'll automatically be applied. More detailed instructions for this step can be found at Administrivia/HowToMakeACustomTitle.
# '''Administrivia/{{Cross Wick|ing}}'''\\
If you want people to know that your page exists, you'll have to link to it around the Wiki. Remember that trope list you wrote up earlier? Take some time to visit the pages for the tropes you listed and do some EntryPimping, adding your work as an example on the trope pages. This'll help attract WikiMagic to make the work's page grow!
# '''Add an image''' (optional)\\
You can use the upload form under the "More" dropdown of the article header to add an image. Box art or official promotional art (such as a theatrical release poster for a film) is the standard for most media. See Administrivia/HowToPickAGoodImage for more info. If you're not sure, you can just skip the image; it looks nice, but it's not required.

And that's it! You're all set. Feel free to click the "add watch" button at the top of the page if you'd like to track changes through your [[ Watchlist]].

!! Need help?

If you have any questions about this process, don't be shy! Create a query in AskTheTropers or start a thread in [[ Wiki Talk]], and you should get a response pretty quickly. You can also use [[ this page's discussion section]].

If you need help writing up a description or coming up with applicable tropes to list, you'll want to find other fans. Try posting in the appropriate Media section in the Administrivia/TVTropesForum or add your proposed works page to the [[ Trope Launch Pad (TLP)]] to get help and advice from the tropers in those places.

!! Frequently asked questions

* '''Is [Work] notable enough to get a page?'''\\
Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability. If it exists, it can be troped. Heck, sometimes we even trope [[TVTropesTheWebcomic things that don't exist]], JustForFun (but that's for the professionals, so don't try it at home). The exception is porn -- this is a FamilyFriendly wiki, so please no pornographic works.
* '''Can I make a page for a work that I created?'''\\
Yeah, sure, go ahead. You're allowed to trope your own works. Just make sure you understand that once the page is out there, you won't have any control or ownership over it -- anyone is allowed to edit it, and any editor will have the same rights and privileges as you. This is why it's a bad idea to make WordOfGod statements for your own work on its wiki page. You are also not allowed to create or add items to a YMMV subpage or related subpages, and you may not review your own work or add recommendations for your own work.
* '''What if it's not published yet?'''\\
If your work isn't published yet, you can still make a page for it, but it will have to be in the [=DarthWiki/=] namespace, and it can only be indexed on UnpublishedWorks. It cannot have subpages, either, like YMMV or Trivia.
* '''I'm not sure which Administrivia/{{namespace}} to use.'''\\
Pop over to [[ this thread]] in the Administrivia/TVTropesForum and ask. Someone should be able to help you out.
* '''What emphasis do I use for the title?''': \\
Whatever you do, it does ''not'' belong in boldface-font (even though Wiki/TheOtherWiki does that). Most works are in ''italic fonts'', made by typing [=''italic fonts''=]. Shorter works have "quote marks" around them, and a select group have no emphasis added at all. For more information, read Administrivia/HowToWriteAnExample#EmphasisForWorkNames. There's also no good excuse for [[Administrivia/LinkingToAnArticleWithinTheArticle making it a link on its own page]].
* '''What if it's a foreign work with a non-English title?'''\\
Wiki/TVTropes is an English-language wiki, so we prefer to use the English titles where applicable. So if the work has an official localized title, use the English title for the page and add the non-English title as a [[Administrivia/CreatingNewRedirects redirect]]. However, if the work ''doesn't'' have an officially-translated English title, you can use the non-English title for the main page and make the English translation into a redirect instead.\\
Note: The wiki software doesn't support Unicode (at present). Some foreign-language titles may just not work with our system. Get as close as you can but don't sweat it. Whatever you do, do '''not''' try to create a wiki URL using anything other than the basic English alphabet (a-z, A-Z) and numerals (0-9), and article titles must begin with a letter. No diacritics or multi-byte characters. It won't work, and if it does work, it'll mess up everything else.
* '''Would somebody please make an article for [Work]?'''\\
Nope. We aren't here to do your job for you. If a work is popular enough, someone else may be along to create an article for it, but we can't force that process. You're the fan, the person who's familiar with the story and its tropes, so why aren't you writing the article? Don't be shy; we're patient with people as long as they ask for help.