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I seem to recall the old forum having a thread on this topic, which has unfortunately since been lost.

In any case, this is a place to mention, point to or outright pimp any fan-fiction you've written that you feel like sharing.

I'll get the ball rolling: Metallic Wolf Pandaemonium, a Steam Punk Alternate Universe Metal Wolf Chaos Crack Fic, starring Sir Michael Wilsonne, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and pilot of the steam-powered mecha The Metallic Wolf. It may just be the first English Metal Wolf Chaos fanfic ever. No slash (yet) unfortunately.
I've participated in some collaborative fanfics, of the free-for-all, no-sign-up-required variety.

The first was the Bob and George Round Robin on the B&G forum. I think some of those writers put as much (or more) thought into the character development than Dave Anez did. My major contribution was the introduction of George's shoulder angels, who ended up playing a big role in the resolution of the first story arc.

(To any B&G forumites who may be wondering: I used to post on the forum as "combat chuck 03".)

The second was for The Dark Tower on some fan forum. (I think it was It was fourth or fifth in a series; the major conceit was that each was a different cycle of the main story, so each would start as The Gunslinger started, then branch off (sometimes wildly so) from there. My major contributions: a conversation that resulted in Randall Flagg's death; the creation of a villain, a wannabee-gunslinger Taheen (I originally created him solely to fill a Plot Hole, but somehow he grew into one of the Crimson King's Horsemen of the Apocalypse); having Blue (the giant sentient mantis from Creature Tech) join Roland's ka-tet; and the abuse of the "dying in one world makes you travel to another" plot device.

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Fast Eddie already cites my primary work on the Mega Crossover page, but I'll mention it here, too: Drunkard's Walk, a tale in a baker's dozen installments, which can be found here. Other, smaller pieces, can be found hanging off this page.

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I don't know, Cap.

I sometimes write fic for Knights of the Old Republic, found here. I really like taking a moment and "exploding" it, going into great detail about, say, Revan fighting Bendak Starkiller and accidentally touching the Force. Also, now that I think of it I put in quite a bit of Ho Yay between Bastila and Revan without actually knowing what I was doing.

I don't know if Xanadu counts or not. I put a link in Fan Fic Reccomendations, under Mega Crossover. It certainly can be fanficcy(highly, highly AU), but it depends. My fanficcy stories in that setting are both Star Wars and stormtrooper-oriented. 501st and Femtroopers.

I'm also in the midst of a Trope Pantheons fic, but it's not done yet, so I haven't put it up.
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Yep! Check out my Contributor Page for the link. I've completed a handful of Avatar fics, including one that ran to 105 (short) chapters and garnered over 600 reviews. My big WIP, though, is about the classic Disney characters and Disneyland Park.
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I've never written fanfic, or done much in the way of fan-works in general. I do sometimes make up additional kinds of Pokémon, though, complete with names, types, stats, movesets, and abilities. And I have this idea that refuses to go away for an RPG based on The Wizard of Oz. But in general I try to keep my creative energies focused on fully original stuff.
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I'm currently thinking of one right now. It's kind of a Zelda/Sonic crossover. The tentative title is Sonic and the Mask of Majora. One problem: what to do with the time-travel gimmick. Should I use that Mystic Melody flute from SA 2? Or should I use that time-travelling method from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006?

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Sonic 2006 was generally considered a poor game, so I'd go with Mystic Melody.
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I'm currently working on a Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army fanfic that I'll start posting once I think I'm far enough in/finish, whichever comes first.

It is LONG; I've got a little fan-novella going here. (as of this writing, 200+KB(text only) 193 pages, 50,860 words, written in an 11-pt font.) Not even halfway done, based on rough outlines. No Purple Prose, but there is a violet-ish gloss sometimes. Also one character dynamic that looks like it might become a pairing but it's really not the focus of the story. Trying to stick to Original Flavor.

I'll post a link on my contributor's page once I decide to move it to the Net.
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troll post removed I've considered writing fanfics for Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia, and...That's it I think. Haven't gotten anywhere beyond idea babble in notebooks, though, as it makes me feel silly.

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Just kidding, I didn't even post in time to get a troll post out.

I used to think up fanfictions when I was a kid. Stuff involving combining the Eagle Riders, Voltron, and even Pokémon series.

These days, I don't seem to come up with much fanfiction. I come up with my own stories, partly because that enables me to cherry-pick which detail characteristics to draw from what story, and ignore the parts I don't like.

Sometimes there may be a character I really like but he/she does something I don't want him/her to do (e.g. character dies, character gets married, character turns evil, etc.), so, instead of trying to rejustify everything and retcon part of the existing story just to get flamed on the internet for it, I just ignore that and create my own character. My own characters don't come with story/experience baggage either, so they're like blank slates on which I can fit various character templates that I derive from existing characters.

As for the setting, a similar thing applies—I can simply abstract patterns and small amounts of detail from someone else's story, instead of writing fanfiction and being constrained by their entire setting. For example, I could have a story with a set of antagonistic angels, but if I make my own setting I don't have to deal with things like the Impacts, NERV/SEELE/GEHIRN/JSSDF, Gendo, and other stuff (not to mention that I don't even fully understand all the details of Evangelion's setting), and I'd also have the freedom to introduce my own elements with impunity (e.g. saying that there's an evil god leading the angels, giving all the angels humanoid forms, introducing elemental magic systems from other fictional settings, etc.).

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I don't think anybody fully understands all the details of Evangelion's setting. Anno included.
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I have written AAR's of several games of Hearts of Iron and Civilization.

The Hearts of Iron one involved Czechoslovakia teaming up with Poland to defeat Germany in early 1939, after discarding the Munich Agreement. I loved Ho I for being able to pull off stunts exactly like these.

The AAR's of Civ games are quite more numerous and those were usually 'just another game of civ'.

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Aww, troll posts are so fun to read. I'm sorry I missed them.

Anyway, I may be straying from topic a little, but does anyone else wonder what's up with the stigma on fanfiction in general? Is it really because of all the poorly-written smut out there? I mean, I can't tell anyone anywhere but here (and, obviously) that I write fanfiction without being laughed at or flamed. Again, what's with the stigma? Where did it come from?
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It's not because of the poorly-written smut. It's because of the poorly-written garbage that doesn't even have the excuse of the author writing the whole thing with one hand.
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I think there's also the idea that people write fanfiction because they are too addled or pathetic to face reality, and too unimaginative to write original fiction. Probably a lot of fanfic authors do fit this description, but that's because they are teenagers. I remember adolescence vividly, and it is a kind of mental illness for which time is the only cure.
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Well, I wouldn't say being an adolescent automatically makes one fit that description...

But I guess I never thought of fanfiction being seen in that light.

just bugs me It's kinda weird, though, that nobody ever says the same about visual fanart. I can't have fun writing about some of my favorite characters and settings (and ideas about such) without ridicule but if I were to draw them, it'd be perfectly okay? Why don't people say things like that about fan drawings or comics?

Am I coming across as whiny or something? If I'm annoying you, just say the word and I'll shut up. It's just something that's been bugging me.
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You're expecting people to make sense, Cherry. On the internet, no less.

Part of it, though, might be that good art is more easily apparent than good writing, and takes up less of the audience's time.
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I get the impression that our culture respects visual artists more than writers as a general rule.
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I've been working on a Three Stooges-W.C. Fields crossover story for years, but I keep losing the pieces I write down before I can edit and type them.

Plot is The Three Stooges are scientists who invent a time machine and W.C Fields is the owner of the lab they work for. The opening scene is of the four of them trying to control a very unhappy Albert Einstein.

Einstien demands more proof than they give (I won't spoil it) so they go and have numerous episodic adventures across the earth, the far reaches of space-time, and a few higher and lower dimensions.

In Another chapter that's partly written, Dr. Fields is trying to tell a story to Benny Hill King Shahryār of 1001 Nights a story, and manages to tell several without finishing a sentence.

I'm going to reboot this thing, some of this stuff is genuinely clever!
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