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Currently on the table: Hot Scoop

There is on TV Tropes, a common bad habit that persists among editors of using appearance tropes, or names that sound like they could be appearance tropes, badly. They always suffer from the same problems and they tend to clog up the TRS like they're on a revolving door. As such I'm making a large scale special effort in order to address the common problems all of these tropes have.

Sometimes non-appearance tropes are mistaken for appearance tropes. Report them here and the clean-up will be handled.

We're going to search for the best ways to change the culture and make sure that the misuse stops. Tropes will be handled here and we'll likely have a fair number of crowners on this thread. Keep checking back for new developments.

For full details, including the to-do list and crowner list, check this post.

All appearance tropes that show more than 50% misuse and/or ZCEs on a wick check may be cut freely after posting the wick check here on the thread for approval as per crowner results.

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[up] Yep. There's still 688 wicks for Rose Haired Girl
802 ShanghaiSlave11th May 2014 08:31:39 AM from YKTTW , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
o_o Why is that brought up just now? what needs to be done?
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803 MarqFJA11th May 2014 03:19:18 PM from Saudi Arabia , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
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Like I said [up][up][up], cleaning up zero-context examples and shoehorning in the trope's article, and doing the same for its 800+ wicks. No idea how that was missed back when the rename/redefinition crowner was called.

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804 Willbyr11th May 2014 06:30:02 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Since we seem to be at loggerheads about how to address Thigh-High Boots, let's table it for now and clean up the wicks for Rose-Haired Girl so we can put that to bed.
Butterfly Queen
D-F of Rose-Haired Girl is done. 498 wicks remain.

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Butterfly Queen
G-J is done. 413 wicks remain.
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I finished all of Rose-Haired Girl's remaining 400+ wicks. So, the last thing to do would be to clean up the article's examples but I don't have the time (or energy) to do that right now.

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808 SeptimusHeap7th Jul 2014 01:26:00 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I did go through that article and take out the entries that did talk solely about hair colours. It probably needs another cleaning.
Butterfly Queen
[up] It looks fine to me. I readded some examples with context.

Anyway, now that Rose-Haired Sweetie is all cleaned up, maybe we should go back to Thigh-High Boots? There's a YKTTW for Tough Boots (which I'm going to take over for now since the sponsor is unable to) and it has 5 hats despite not looking anywhere near "launch-ready" with less than 10 exampIes. I think the description needs more work(it needs to be more condensed and concise)but I'm not very good at writing those...

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810 Madrugada9th Jul 2014 12:35:24 AM , Relationship Status: In season
If you'll shepherd it, Macron, I'll take a stab at rewriting the description tomorrow. OK?

Oh, and I just pulled a hat, as, apparently, did two others because it's now down to two.

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Butterfly Queen
[up] Thanks! I'm willing to take care of it of no one will.

Also, judging by the last few pages of this thread; we're going to split off the "thigh high boots signify overt sexuality" and "aggressiveness" meanings out of Thigh-High Boots and make it an example less supertrope, right?

812 Madrugada9th Jul 2014 04:20:59 PM , Relationship Status: In season
I believe that was the conclusion.

Actually, looking at that YKTTW, I think it will be simpler and more effective to just discard that one and start fresh. Over half of the responses are bickering about why it was made. And Shanghai Slave wasn't particularly articulate in either the original or in their replies.

I'm going to start a new one, under the name "Boots of Toughness" rather than Tough Boots, which sounds like it's about "the boots themselves hold up well to rough usage", not about "boots used as a signifier that the character wearing them is tough", which is what we want.

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813 Madrugada9th Jul 2014 05:20:00 PM , Relationship Status: In season
Rough draft of new YKTTW for Boots of Toughness. Am I on the right track, do you think?

Like other articles of clothing, a character's footwear can speak volumes about what the audience can or should expect from them. When the character is wearing good solid boots, it's usually a safe bet that they aren't going to turn out to be a pushover or a wimp. These are Boots Of Toughness: boots used to signify that the character is tough.

The boots themselves don't have to be tough; they may be battered, damaged, mended or even almost completely worn out. What they do have to be is Substantial, Sturdy, and Practical

Let's take those one by one:
  • Substantial: Boots of Toughness are not flimsy or delicate. They don't look fragile, and they don't require lots of attention. Wipe off the mud and the blood and the beer, give 'em a quick swipe of shoe polish once in a while, and they're good to go. The character wearing fancy python-leather cowboy boots with lots of tooling and inlay work is probably not a tough working cowboy — his boots aren't suitable.
  • Sturdy: While Boots Of Toughness don't have currently be in good condition, they need to give the impression that it took a lot of time and hard usage to beat them up or break them down that badly. If they are in good condition, they need to stand up to hard wear.
  • Practical: Whatever it is the character needs to do, these boots make that easier, or at the very least, they do not make it more difficult. High-heeled fashion boots generally fail this criteria, although Combat Stilettos in boot form are often a Subversion, in that the character wearing them demonstrates their toughness by not being handicapped by the high, narrow heels.

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...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Needs to cover why you don't list combat boots in a military organization as an example.
815 Madrugada10th Jul 2014 06:12:53 AM , Relationship Status: In season
It's not finished. I'm not going to keep going this way if I'm heading in the wrong direction.
...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Ah, rougher than I expected. Good skeleton. I think the bullet points emphasize the "tough" aspects well.
817 Noaqiyeum10th Jul 2014 02:19:57 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Butterfly Queen
@813: That rough draft looks pretty good to me; definitely a step in the right direction. I don't have anything to add to it, unfortunately.
I like the rough draft.
Bumb. Should we table this again and move on to something else?
821 SeptimusHeap5th Aug 2014 01:52:27 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
That Boots of Toughness draft ought to be put through YKTTW beforehand.
Has someone formally started it? I can't find it.
823 Madrugada5th Aug 2014 06:44:26 PM , Relationship Status: In season
No, it hasn't been started yet. Life got in the way.
...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
Butterfly Queen
Soo, given that this stalled again... Would it be okay for me to just use the draft as it is and take Boots of Toughness to the YKTTW?
825 Madrugada1st Sep 2014 05:56:26 PM , Relationship Status: In season
Yes, please do. I'm sorry.sad
...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.

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Vote up for yes, down for no.
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