When a sequel to a work is almost a retelling of the original, but is in the same canon.

A being with a human body and a non-human head.

If everyone follow rules for no good reason, not doing so can be powerful

An image of the character's motif appears as that character delivers a finishing blow.

Dinosaurs or a love for dinosaurs is associated with younger audiences

A work has one (or maybe two) episode title(s) in Latin instead of its native language.

Russia takes over the world

An index for video games that are primarily comic

Using insects or creepy animals as torture implements

A game mechanic whereby players are encouraged to fail, in order to restart from the beginning with additional bonuses that are carried over from one attempt to the next.

An exceptionally long, pointy chin indicates an evil or creepy character.

A characters race, nationality, or ethnicity is exhibited through their hair color

Animals following human religions

An archetype common to young male leads in action shows, codified by Goku from Dragonball

Manhattan is the only relevant portion of NYC.

Doing bad things allows demons to possess you.

When a character has a panicked falling animation, only to hit the ground unharmed. Or when a game pretends there is fall damage when there actually isn't any.

People who've won at least 1 award at the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys.

People adopt a stray animal

Where a series acts like having curls is negative, or a character gets mocked for their hair

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