• Idiot Plot: Ayumi's route.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Ayumi’s route strongly implies that Mio was trapped beneath Triangle Mountain just like in her own route. By the apparent mechanics of the Reflector and alternate dimensions, this means that Mio probably dies beneath Triangle Mountain in every route apart from her own.But hey, Mio does technically have an escape route so long as she doesn’t give up… right?
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: This game has influenced so many later visual novels that it is not seen quite as groundbreaking by most modern people. It's the first or one of the first in the medium to feature an epic-scale plot, and the "multiple route mystery" structure, among others. In the West, this is furthered by the fact that the game didn't receive a translation until 2011, long after the "imitators". One way this manifests itself is that in the Japanese visual novel database site Erogamescape, made largely of the original audience, it's rated much higher (at or near the top) than by Western visual novel readers at VNDB.
  • That One Puzzle: In Mio's route, underneath Triangle Mountain. You cannot proceed until you solve a somewhat tricky game of picross, which is very difficult for those who haven't solved any of them before. This is not made easier by the numbers being represented by made-up symbols instead.