Porn Without Plot

Jesus: This film is very low-quality. There's no story.
Buck: It's a fuck movie. I don't watch a fuck movie for the story. I watch a fuck movie to see fuckin'.

As "PWP", a shorthand flag for stories whose sole purpose is to present a sexually-explicit situation (very often not very well-written); "stroke story" is another term for the same, especially in erotica. A PWP is almost always a short story, as going more than a few scenes runs the risk of accidentally discovering a plot which may well take over the story and shove the explicit sexual content off to the side.

However there exist many multichapter PWP fanfics written with the intention of cramming as many explicit sex scenes in as possible - some of these end up discovering a (gasp!) plot, with the sex subsiding and then happening only every other chapter, which rather spoils the whole experience.

PWPs are convenient for the writer who wants to produce smut, because they do not require justification, they simply happen with no explanation. PWP can also stand for "Person With Person", because of the frequent occurrence of... non-standard couplings, similarly without the need for justification. Many years ago, its most common translation was "Plot? What Plot?", although that meaning has faded, except among the much older fanbases (such as Star Trek).

Obviously deals with Pornography. See also Lemon, Slash Fic, Doujinshi, Summer Blockbuster, Excuse Plot, Yaoi (in its original Japanese meaning). Contrast Porn with Plot and Explicit Content.

Compare No Plot? No Problem! for non-pornographic version of this trope.

YMMV variant: Sexually explicit mainstream films and TV shows, especially shows who have unsimulated sexual scenes (something becoming less rare in film than it used to be) are often accused - sometimes accurately, often not - as being this. Conversely there are many pornographic films that have very strong plots (so much so that many have been released in non-hardcore and even non-sexual edits and still stand up; examples include Cafe Flesh and Star Wars XXX).

References to this trope:

Anime and Manga
  • Interestingly, this is where the word "Yaoi" comes from. It was originally used to refer to plotless gay erotica, and was an abbreviation of "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" (no plot, no point, no meaning), and rapidly spread in usage from there. Male/male romance in general is more properly referred to as the Boys' Love Genre, for reasons that should be obvious.


  • Discussed by Umberto Eco in one of his non-fiction books where he says that you can tell the difference between a Porn movie and an Art movie that just happens to feature explicit sex scenes in that in a Porn movie it takes a character exactly as long to do something mundane like drink a glass of water as it would in real life (because the director doesn't want to bother with anything more that will probably be fast forwarded through anyway).

Live-Action TV
  • Drew Carey lampshades this in one episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, comparing points to the plot in a porno.
  • In one episode of Coupling, Steve feels compelled to defend pornogr- erotica:
    Steve: What makes an erotic film different from pornography?
    Susan: A plot you can't summarize in diagrams!
  • Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear review of the Alfa Romeo 8C compares buying it for its performance capabilities to "buying a porn film for its plot".

  • MAD lists "the plot to a porn movie" in their article "Do You Really Need to Know..."

Web Comics
  • Blur the Lines converses about this trope before moving into an in-universe discussion.
    Rick: Porno could be so much more in the right hands... but it's mainly just, "Whoops, wrong door! Let's fuck!"
    Drew: How about we make our own porn? Want to lick this spoon clean, or lick it off of me?
    Rick: So, this would be a porn where I'm picking body hair out of my teeth for a half-hour? Yeah, there's a plot.
  • Discussed in this Ménage à 3 strip and the one immediately following, where two characters agree that they prefer porn with plot, while implicitly acknowledging that some doesn't have any. The trope is later somewhat averted in gags about the past career of Amber Larose, an ex-porn actress whose work seems to have had some plots, if only because the references can be made funnier that way — see, e.g., strip #652 (September 29, 2012, NSFW).
  • In the Oglaf strip "Perhaps", a bard sings of several completely unrelated couples that have sex for no reason. In the end, he admits:
    Bard: There's no real moral to this story. (beat) Or even a story, to be honest. There is a lot of fucking, though. Perhaps that's enough.

Visual Novels
  • Pretty much any visual novels out there that mainly exist to sell out sex scenes, hence the term "nukige" when labeling the type of visual novel. Any visual novels that aren't "nukige" are the ones with Porn with Plot.

Alternative Title(s): Porn With Excuse Plot