YMMV / Wild ARMs 3

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Numerous bits of the soundtrack. Consistent composition also makes the soundtrack as a whole qualify, even if a number of the songs are merely above average by their lonesome. The mere fact that this game has a Theme Song with a Old West whistle version should tell you how amazing the music soundtrack is.
  • Foe Yay/Les Yay:
    • Virginia and Maya. It's subtle at first, but around the third time they meet you wonder why they just don't admit it already. Even the creators were aware of it!
    • There's also a LOT of fans of Virginia/Janus. During the game, Janus flirt with Virginia a few times, even inviting her to join his team. Virginia, however, only finds him despicable. It's due to their differing ideologies as well as his own ambitions that he's quick to lose interest and has no problems kicking her around and even trying to kill her and her teammates.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Equip Finest Arts on Clive (or Jet) and then reset his ARM so there's only two bullets in it. Let destruction ensue. Notable in that the Final Boss seems to be built on the assumption that you will do this, as they're a bitch to kill otherwise, and the Bonus Boss fights absolutely require you to do this.
    • The "Valiant" buff, which puts your physical damage through the roof as long as you don't heal to full, is available early in the second act.
    • The Virginia Nuke: Upgrade her ARM to fire as many bullets as possible in a single Gatling. Load her up with Def Null, ATP Plus, Weakness and an Attached element. Let her loose.
  • Genius Bonus: The game's mythological references are surprisingly on-point, from major plot details to regular enemies and minor bosses. For example:
    • The game's take on the kobold is in the style of an earth spirit (as they were in their Germanic roots) rather than the yapping dog/lizard people of modern RPGs.
    • Various demon bosses have some gimmick that relates to large and small details of those demons' descriptions from the Ars Goetia, such as the Ose boss being a shapeshifter that turns into a panther.
    • Meanwhile all the Norse references culminate in Werner turning out to be an Expy of Odin complete with floppy hat, sacrificing of himself for knowledge from Mimir's Well and upon Yggdrasil. Only Werner's not a god, and the sacrifices were rather more significant for him.
  • Goddamned Bats: The owls who steal your stuff and run away, especially because you can't just buy more healing potions. Made even worse by ones who can steal and run in the same move.
  • Squick: Show of hands; who else was freaked out to high heaven by Malik's...devotion to his mother?
  • That One Sidequest: Finding all 15 Ex-File Keys. Some of them are ridiculously tiresome, such as:
    • Defeating Ragu O Ragla on the last floor of the Abyss (twice). The Abyss being a 100-floors Randomly Generated Levels where Gimel Coins don't work and that is stuffed to the brim with the strongest enemies in the game. On each floor, you have to collect five gems scattered around, and while it's not necessarily difficult to reach them, the tediousness is exacerbated by the difficulty of the enemies (one of which has a special attack that warps you back to the entrance) and the fact that you'll lose track of which floor you're on long before you reach one of the mini bosses that serve as checkpoints.
    • The Arioch sidequest. Arioch being a Zero-Effort Boss found at the Den of Miasma that, after being defeated, will start appearing during Random Encounters and you have to find and beat him more 99 times to get a Ex-File Key. To make things worse, not only he moves to another dungeon after each defeat but also becomes gradually stronger after each defeat.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Shane Carradine, Gallows' cute, borderline-loli little... brother?! Also counts as an In-Universe example, as the party gets a reaction shot after Gallows initially refers to him as his brother. Clive and Jet look entirely unfazed. Virginia is stunned. Other people continually comment on how pretty Shane is.