Funny / Wild ARMs 3

  • Gallows's prologue opens with him sitting in a saloon, reading a newspaper when he finds an article how a Baskar artifact called the Ark Scepter is on a train being shipped for display at a museum.
    Gallows: The sacred artifact of Baskar? The Ark Scepter...? And it's on a train!? Then... [pulls out an identical item to the picture in the paper] What the heck is this Ark Scepter that I'm holdin' now!? Oh man...
  • In one of the earlier dungeons, you encounter a nudie mag. You can't open it until you've found 18 Migrant Seals (which it doesn't tell you about), and when you do come back, it's a boss encounter. Once beaten, you can then read the mag with appropriate reactions from the lead character at the time.
    • Virginia gets somewhat depressed as she can't help but compare herself to the pictures.
    • Jet doesn't get the appeal
    • Clive gets somewhat embarrassed by the material, saying that this sort of thing used to appeal to him.
    • Gallows, uh...
    Gallows: OH YEAH!
  • When the team goes back to Baskar Colony due to their mediums warning them of Siegfried and the Prophets, Granny Hallie goes into a long winded exposition that left them all dozing off. Even Clive, the team archaeologist, admits he lost track of what she was saying (though to his credit, he timed it as three and a half hours long). Then Hallie, who had tried pretty hard staying stoic to everything up until now, friggin flips.
  • Team Virginia successfully defeats Team Maya at Survey Point #17 and claims both the jewels you were assigned to protect. Maya, with her back turned, warns Virginia not to have the stones touch as they're made of opposite properties and would cause a chain reaction strong enough to explode the whole dungeon. She turns around as she finishes this explanation... only to see that Virginia had been holding them close together since she started the warning and the stones had been glowing the whole time. Cue escape, followed by a scene back at the Ark of Destiny where they go over the event in dubious recounting detail.
  • Jet telling Virginia that her dad was the one who raised him. She misunderstood that as her dad being, literally, his dad and proceeds to flip out.