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YMMV: War Thunder
  • Demonic Spider: Japanese fighters can be this if you're not careful, as they tend to be both fast AND agile. Unfortunately, they pay for it by being lightly armored.
    • In the Meta Game, though, Japanese planes which aren't the Zero are regarded as a joke thanks to typically being underpowered for their rank. Most infamously, the Zero appears at rank 7, which means it's competing with much more advanced fighters, such as the American Hellcat (notable for being developed specifically to counter the Zero) and the English Typhoon.
    • Russian planes, on the other hand, are feared and hated for having incredibly powerful guns and the lingering stigma of the situation described under Creator Provincialism above.
    • There's been something of a Hate Dom for the Beaufighter Mark VIc and Mark X which decries the Heavy Fighters as having Extremely Unrealistic Flight Models. This is partly because there are no planes at Rank 4-7 that can even come close to rivaling their speed, durability, handling, and firepower. As such, these planes have been derisively referred to as "Brokenfighters" and "British UFOs". While they have been nerfed, they still carry a scary amount of firepower in the nose.
    • The T-50. Stupidly fast, and the same armor as the next rank up medium tank. It's only weak spot is the back of the turret.. and you're not going to see that if he's shooting at you.
  • Dueling Games: Wargaming's World of Tanks and its derivatives World Of Warplanes and World of Warships. Most players coming from World of Warplanes feel that War Thunder is a superior title as the aircraft feel both fast and agile. Also, the release trees for War Thunder are not only larger then World of Warplanes, but includes aircraft types that World Of Warplanes has decided to leave out (such as Bombers).
    • In turn War Thunder ground forces leave out player controlled artillery in favor of player controlled mobile AA guns. Light tanks and AA can call in artillery support against immobilized targets (such as heavy tanks with their engines damaged.)
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Aces High. War Thunder players attack Aces High for being primitive and outdated, while Aces High fans return the favor by accusing War Thunder of focusing on arcade gameplay and graphics at the expense of a realistic flight model.
  • Fan Nickname: Several exist. But the Beaufighter series of heavy fighters certainly earn the name of "Broken Fighter" since the four 20mm cannons on the aircraft will certainly make anyone regret taking it on in a head on pass. On top of that, the rear gunner is certainly capable of keeping enemy fighters off its back.
    • In China, they are "Baitfighters".
    • The B-17 has one that's both well deserved, and historic... "Flying Fortress"
      • FYI to the lone wolfs out there... do not... repeat... DO NOT take on a B-17 by yourself... you will have no less then 3-4 machine guns shooting at you no matter where you approach it from. On top of that, it's got a reputation for being tough to take down due to its endurance. So, without rockets, a cannon, or Improbable Aiming Skills, don't attack it by yourself.
      • Or just use the Trollcannon-equipped ME-410 U4. It was purpose built to ruin B-17s, and once it's at altitude it does the job well.
    • The P-39 and P-63 series of Aira/Kingcobras are often just shortened to "Cobra", and their bite has earned them a fearsome reputation. Although it's not very accurate, one hit from its 37mm cannon will wreck your plane, or leave it crippled and an easy kill for someone else.
    • The F4U Corsair, during patch 1.29 was completely broken, having engine power and propeller stats many times what it should be; allowing it to easily dive at nearly 1000 Km/h; earning it nicknames such as "F4UFO", or "tooFast4U".
  • Game Breaker: The introduction of Patch 1.37 has led to the rise of an infamous cheese tactic called "The Yer-2 Base Bomb Rush". The reasons for this is that the Yer-2, a twin-engine Medium Bomber, has an ordnance capacity of 5000kg which can be reloaded in 40 seconds and is the largest of all the bombers in the game. And due to the fact that the Airfield has a damage capacity of 15 Tons (13607.8kg), the Yer-2 only needs to make three passes. As a result, there have been numerous complaints of Arcade Matches ending in less than two minutes due to 3 or more players making a suicide rush for the enemy airfield while flying in the Yer-2. It's not as bad now, as you have to kill all three minibases before you can damage the air field. Still, Yer-2's can be hard to catch.
    • Many players consider getting their pilots killed is a bit of this due to the damage models being so realistic. What many of these players fail to realize is that only a handful of the aircraft in the game (IL-2 series, P-47s, anything Grumman made, etc) actually had cockpit armor. In 1944, the only way to ensure a cannon shell didn't turn your insides into your outsides was to constantly look around you, and not put yourself in a position to give the other pilot a chance to hit your cockpit. While there are cases where the game can sometimes throw an error and kill the pilot when the wing tip gets hit, these cases are rare, and in the heat of combat, most players don't even pay attention to how they killed the other guy... just so long as they did.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Gaijin was forced to cancel the "Divine Wind" Special Event (Scheduled for 10/21/2013) due to a Suicide Bomber Attack in Volgograd which occurred on the very same day. A Very Tragic Incidence that is both Coincidental and Ironic.
  • Internet Backdraft: The new system, introduced in Patch 1.37 , has really caused a significant amount of negative fallout among players who were comfortable with the old system. Instead of 20 Ranks, you have 5 Ranks. And because there are only 5 Ranks, matchmaking is considered to be adversely affected because Reserve Aircraft (previously Rank 0-1, now Rank 1) will now find themselves at the mercy of opposition that was ranked very high in the old system such as A6M2s (previously Rank 6-7, now Rank 2) and P-39s (previously Rank 6-7, now Rank 2).
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Germany's Sub-Branch of Italian Fighters is considered garbage due to the pitiful Breda-SAFAT Machine Guns they're armed with.
    • The Italian bombers are not much better either. They are quite fast, but carry pretty light loads.
    • Early Japanese bombers are also light on the bombload.

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