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YMMV: Two and a Half Men
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Alan deserve to be a Butt Monkey, or is the universe wronging him? And does he deserve to be one as much as he is one?
    • Is Charlie just a bastard with a disregard with everything that isn't connected to himself and a petty abusive douchebag to Alan or just a petty douche from being more abused than Alan when they were kids? Also his heterosexuality has been questioned a couple of times; it seems he may be a repressed homosexual.
    • Or possibly bisexual.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The Sudden Musical Ending of "Grab A Feather And Get In Line."
  • Broken Base: The show's quality after Charlie Sheen was fired. Most fans seem to agree that Season 9 (the first with Ashton Kutcher) is the show's worst season, as the writers were trying to find their feet again, but some regard the following seasons as a major improvement, thanks to a major Re Tool in the cast and humor, while others regard them as being only slightly better than Season 9, and still way worse than the first eight seasons.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • A lot of fans see Chelsea as this.
    • Mia and Kandi to some extent also.
    • Rose. Since her first appearance, she's had little depth than being Charlie's obsessive stalker and has never grown past that, but for some reason the writers continue to bring Rose back year after year and had the other characters claiming she was perfect for Charlie. Then she passed the Moral Event Horizon by killing Charlie, and not only does Rose get away with the murder, but a year later turns out to have started stalking Walden. And unlike Charlie, where she started stalking him because she couldn't let go of a one night stand, was doing so for no reason whatsoever.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Oshikuru".
    • "Save the Orphans".
  • Designated Hero: Charlie and Alan can flip-flop to this because there's so much douchebagggery between them.
  • Dork Age: Season 9
  • Dude, Not Funny!: easily crossed some episodes, notably "Two Olympic Gymnasts in Bangkok" where all Jake did was act like a brat and Alan was the Chew Toy for the entire episode; and "It's Like Working for Caligula" where Alan's second wife, Kandi, divorces him and everyone bet how long until she did and his first ex-wife Judith gave Kandi her divorce lawyer to further screw over Alan for no just reason and Alan had no sympathy whatsoever, even from his own son.
    • The episode in which Charlie vomits on a baby.
      • It should be noted, however, that this was considered as such in-show, and resulted in Chelsea breaking up with him.
    • Even knowing the real life events with Charlie Sheen, the way they killed off Charlie in series just comes off as mean spirited. Then there's the funeral. And then, Good God, the ashes thing.
      • None of which was particularly out of character for the show or beyond gags they had previously used.
  • Ear Worm: Men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men...
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Berta is the one character on the show who almost everybody likes.
    • Russell the pharmacist, too.
    • Missi, due to being played Miley Cyrus. Both of her episodes have been the season high for season 10.
    • Jenny, who was promoted to regular after one episode
  • Fan Dumb : The part of the fanbase that thinks Chuck Lorre replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher was Chuck's own choice apparently haven't caught up with the recent news...
    • ...or the preemptive hate Kutcher got for "replacing" Charlie Sheen even though Kutcher likewise played no role in Sheen's dismissal.
  • Freud Was Right: When watching the video of Jenny and Walden supposedly having sex, Jenny says, "I'm having sex with a guy in my dad's bed. Paging Dr. Freud."
  • Fridge Brilliance / Visual Pun: Charlie keeps referring to Manny Quinn as ‘gay’ because of the alleged quoted Rose gives him. After he and Rose have sex, he runs out, and Manny falls out... of the closet.
    • Another one: notice the title given to the show was Two and a Half Men, as Jake was still a kid, so he was the half. Now that Jake is grown up he’s already a man, but Walden Schmidt is mentally a kid. He even takes Jake’s part in the opening sequence.
    • When Alan first meets Walden, he laments that he is "hung like a freakin' elephant". Walden just came from the ocean, which he remarked was freezing cold. Now, we all know what cold water can do to a person's manhood... it may in fact be even bigger.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Some of Charlie's antics have creepily become real, as in 2009, Charlie Sheen had to go to rehab for personal problems and his marriage has taken a turn for the worse. Also Jon Cryer's ex-wife was reported to have hired a hitman on him. When Charlie asks Judith if he wanted Alan dead, this gives an odd dose of realism to the joke.
      • Also, Charlie once mentioned that he'd rather close his eyes permanently than give up alcohol. It was funny at first, until Charlie Sheen got kicked off the show due in part to his drunken antics and his character got Killed Off for Real off-screen in the season premiere.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In an early episode, Charlie wakes up hungover and remarks that he's either extremely hungover or has been hit by a train.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • "Trust me, darling. I promise to stick around long enough to identify your bloated, gin-soaked, syphilitic remains."
    • A throwaway exchange from one of the earlier seasons takes on a whole new level of hilarity with the season 9 premiere:
    Jake: If you died, would any of those women be at your funeral?
    Charlie: As a matter of fact, a lot of them would. Granted, a few of them would just be there to make sure I'm actually dead.
    • When Angus T. Jones became a born again Christian and apologized for calling the show "Filth" the episode that aired shortly after the incident "I Scream When I Pee" had Jake proudly announce that he has the clap.. (And keep in mind Jake knew very well that he now has an STD but is proud that he has something "sexually transmitted".)
  • Ho Yay: Spoofed in one episode when Charlie and Alan pretend to be gay. Alan gets rather too into it, whilst Charlie repeatedly denies anything in that direction, naturally squicked due to the fact that they're brothers.
    • Alan and Walden keep ending up together, with one of them naked. And Alan had a "problem" in the morning.
  • Informed Wrongness: In one episode, Alan wants Charlie to let his girfriend to move in with them. Although Charlie is portrayed as unfair for refusing, he does have very good reasons for saying no: chiefly being that it isn't Alan's house- it's Charlie's, Alan contributes little if any financially, and Charlie is already letting Alan and his son Jake stay rent free. Of course, Alan still lets his girlfriend move in without telling Charlie, then holds a party without asking.
  • Jerkass Sue: Charlie can be petty, abusive and douchey all he wants with little provoction but he gets of rather scottfree in terms of punishment. Like the episode "Our leather gear is in the guestroom", all he does is be a prick to Alan. And the episode with Chelsea getting breast reductions from Alan's professional advice Charlie makes it clear that she's only attractive with them large. He then kicks him out for a numerous amount of days and Chelsea can't see that he wants her big breasted.
    • There's also the abusive way Charlie convinces Chelsea not to get the breast reduction. He tells her that without her big boobs to serve as a distraction, all attention will be focused on her "fat" ass. Then you get to the Unfortunate Implications that the reason she's having the procedure in the first place is because she's living with chronic pain and Charlie doesn't care as long as she's got big titties. Does Chelsea tell him to go to Hell because he's a selfish asshole? Nooooooo, she cancels her appointment and goes back home with him. The incident is never mentioned again.
      • Also, does this make her leave him? Does his constant dismissal of her feelings and him acting like treating her with any decency is a massive chore for him make her leave him? Does her meeting a great guy with whom she's wonderfully compatible and who treats her like a queen make her leave him? No, he has to do something truly heinous, vomiting on a baby, to make her dump him. And the final scene of the episode is framed in a way that tries to make us feel sorry for poor, wronged Charlie, even going so far as to have Evelyn show something resembling maternal interest for the first time ever.
      • It's not that he was wronged. For some, the fact that he was honestly trying with Chelsea yet still failed so spectacularly as a boyfriend and fiance makes him just pathetic enough to be pitiable.
  • Jumping the Shark: To some, ever since Charlie Sheen was fired. As one IMDb member put it:
    It did so much more than just jump the shark. The skier jumped it and glided across the water and landed head first deep into the sand.
  • Les Yay: Kandi and Lindsey end up in bed together at the end of "I Scream When I Pee" when Kandi tried to convince Lindsey that Alan rejected her.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Charlie achieves this status in the season 3 episode "And The Plot Moistens" in which he lies to both Kandi—who Alan is dating but is considering breaking up with—and Jake's teacher—whom Alan is also dating and considering and long term relationship with. First, he covers for Alan's date with the teacher by telling Kandi that Alan is out buying her a diamond necklace, then he reveals this to Alan, knowing that Alan will likely be unable to afford an expensive piece of jewelry. Alan then buys Kandi the necklace to keep things smooth between them. Charlie then covers for Alan's next date with Kandi by telling the teacher that Alan is off doing volunteer work with teens. Kandi then shows up to the school musical in which Jake is appearing wearing the necklace and Charlie tells the teacher that Kandi is one of the kids whom Alan helps and Kandi inadvertently reveals to the teacher that she(Kandi) and Alan have been sleeping together, oblivious to the web Charlie has spun, and ultimately sabotaging Alan's budding relationship with the teacher. Charlie all but admits that he did it just for his own personal amusement.
  • McLeaned: Charlie was killed off by being pushed in front of a train after he was caught cheating on his fiance, Rose. And just to add insult to injury, the funeral is full of one night stands and angry exes. And after he is cremated, Walden's first appearance has Alan spilling Charlie's ashes all over the ground. Then Alan vacuums Charlie's remains with a dustbuster.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For Rose, it's killing Charlie, no matter how much of a jerk he was and how crazy she is.
  • Never Live It Down: Alan's... experiments during his youth, which are mentioned from time to time (to be fair, Charlie apparently talked him into most of them).
  • Replacement Scrappy: Walden for some people.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Charlie.
  • The Scrappy: Rose, Kandi, Charlie, Judith, Evelyn & Jake are the most blatant. The only people who aren't The Scrappy to someone is Berta and Herb.
    • Alan has also become this for some people in the later seasons due to him turning into a mooch who never wants to pay for anything if he can help it and doing it without remorse. Even with Walden, who has never done anything wrong to him.
    • Walden has become a Replacement Scrappy for quite a few people due to fans seeing him as a poor replacement for Charlie.
    • Many of Charlie's ex-girlfriends, like Mia and Chelsea. Mia because she forces Charlie to change everything he is just because she wants him to be a completely different person then he truly is. Chelsea because while a lot of her criticisms about Charlie were valid, she did almost nothing but nag him and then ditched him for another guy.
    • Chelsea's parents; her mother's a white supremacist, and her dad's an in-the-closet homosexual who eventually comes out of the closet.
    • Eldridge, Jake's friend. He's even more stupid than Jake and not even remotely likable.
    • Lindsay, Eldridge's mother. She ends up becoming a huge bitch to Alan for accidentally burning down her house and then leaves him for her ex-husband. Anytime after that moment that she's dating him is because he'll put up with just about anything that she does in the hopes of getting laid.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 9 for many people.
    • Some people argue that it happened in Season 7 or 8, due to the jokes arguably becoming more juvenile and asinine and the three titular characters being Flanderized.
  • Strawman Has a Point: We are supposed to side with Rose, whom Charlie has thrown off like a fake dollar eight years ago, and her ruining Charlie's dates and stalking his ex-girlfriends ought to be Laser-Guided Karma punishment for his Casanova attitude. But Charlie is right; Rose has been ending her relationships. Jerk Ass as he is, he does tell the truth.
    • When Walden starts dating Rose in Season 10, Alan is treated as completely unreasonable for repeatedly telling Walden not to do so.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen, some fans are claiming that while he is a talented actor, he just dosen't fit into the show very well and comes across as a poor man's substitute.
    • Some people also feel this way about the new decor of the set.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • When you get divorced, your wife will be a completely horrible bitch who will use alimony and child support to squeeze you out of all the money you've got. She will use the money on herself, not the kid the money is intended for.
    • When Charlie gets consultation for a vasectomy, he's worried it'd interfere with his job. Remember he writes television jingles and children's songs.
      • Then again, he could be referring to his 'other' job. And given the mental state of the doctor at the time, it isn't entirely unreasonable for Charlie to assume that the doctor may screw up.
  • Wangst: Judith.
  • The Woobie:
    • Alan. Pretty much the last few seasons consist of him getting repeatedly screwed over in some way, he was almost Driven to Suicide in "It's like working for Caligula", his son is quite possibly the most bratty, unappreciative teenager ever portrayed on an American TV show, Charlie is an abusive asshole, his mother is an unrepentive horrid mother that can't see any flaws in herself, his ex-wife is a bitch that said she'd rather die alone than be with him, the list just goes on and on. It's sad that Chuck Lorre really makes him a live action Meg Griffin.
    • Charlie was a Jerkass Woobie to some degree. As he points out, his mother is a abusive narcissist who drove his father into an early grave and constantly abused him and Alan from an early age and often neglected him in so many ways. Even as an adult, she still treats him like crap and has made him unable to ever have a meaningful relationship, which has often come back to bite him. Not to mention that his brother constantly mooches off of him and does nothing but criticize him. This is all Played for Laughs.
    • Walden Schmidt should count. His High School sweetheart told him she wants a divorce, which prompts him to throw himself into the ocean and try to drown himself, only to pull himself out because the water was cold. That's enough there.
    • Judith is a subversion. She sees herself as lonely and long suffering, who claimed Alan was controlling and stole her youth. However, it is blatantly obvious that when the two were married it was the other way around and her completely unsympathetic behavior make her anything but The Woobie.
    • And Herb. He's probably the nicest and most decent guy in the whole show, and suffers all kinds of abuse from Judith, not to mention his daughter Milly might not even actually be his. Ramped Up to Eleven after Judith divorces him.

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