YMMV: Transformice

  • Fridge Brilliance: The April Fool mini game seemed rather random, with a luck-based fishing game to earn special fish-themed clothing... until you realise that in France, the holiday is called Poisson d'Avrile, and is based on sticking fish to other people's backs... GENIUS (and also strange).
  • Game Breaker: The aforementioned portals and super-spirit.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: It is originally a French game, but it is loved by the English speaking part of the Internet so much, they already had to make a second English server. There is also a significant Brazilian fanbase.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Some call the walljumping technique a glitch. Others call it a feature. There's even a map that makes direct use of the physics glitches to create a two-armed monster made of connected anvils for the mice to overcome, known as the Anvil God.
    • Ascended Glitch: No it's not ! We find walljumping funny, and do not want to forbid it. One particular level even features a type of board ("Sticky" board) designed specifically for walljumping.
    • After they added a ducking animation, it is possible to slide backwards on one's hind legs, i.e. moonwalk. Add to that a white hat...
    • You used to be able to spawn a portal (in any level) on screen AND off screen, pushing a mouse into said on screen portal will immediately turn said mouse into bubbles. Needless to say, dick Shamans loved this. Then they removed the portals (but re-used them later on), probably because of this and the fact Shamans only used portals to easily beat a level.
    • In one version of the game, objects that are supposed to be pinned to each other at the start of the level, fell apart instead. While this made one level unplayable, it also made a lot of them much easier.
    • Several techniques were quickly found to survive the red wood. Whether sliding onto it and simply walking across, or double jumping as soon as you touch it to eliminate the vertical momentum...
    • Sometimes the physics engine takes shortcuts (due in part to the fact that it has to handle 2-3 dozen players at once), occasionally leading to mice passing through the walls of their cages. Doesn't work out so well when the cage is swinging over a Bottomless Pit.
  • God Damn Bats: Many "normal" mice can be this to the shaman, as many players can get themselves killed using Leeroy Jenkins tactics, and most often, they blame it on the shaman.
  • God Damn Boss: The Halloween Event's giant (skeletal) cat boss.
  • Memetic Mutation: The dreaded anvil monster/god created by anchoring multiple anvils and boards together and setting some of them to rotate. An official level later turned it into an Ascended Meme by using it as a pseudo-Boss Battle. There's even Rule 34 of it already.
  • Misaimed Fandom: There are some people who complain about fanmade maps where the shaman is needed.
  • That One Boss: The ANVIL GOD. A trolling Shaman (or the Shaman in the survival room) can also qualify.
  • That One Level: The oh-so-cluttered Map 68, or the buggy Map 42, or the easy to troll, hard to win Map 77.
    • One could say this about every level, some them can be Platform Hell, make it to where you have to rely on a cruel shaman or one that isn't very good being one, more often it's a combination of those factors.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: All the mice are female, because the word for mouse ("souris") is feminine in French.