YMMV: The Warriors

The film:

  • Adaptation Displacement: The movie is loosely based on little known book by Sol Yurick. In fact, it's more faithful to Xenophon's Anabasis than Yurick's modernized (and deconstructed) version.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Luther. In the film and in the game.
  • Base Breaker: With no pun intended, the Baseball Furies. Some viewers think they're awesome; others wonder what the filmmakers were thinking.
  • Critical Dissonance: When it came out, the movie was roasted by critics, who lambasted it as a mindless, plotless, absurdly unrealistic violent schlockfest. However, it attracted considerable popularity, largely for being a mindless, plotless, absurdly unrealistic violent shlockfest.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Last Of An Ancient Breed" by Desmond Child is a powerful song complete with an appropriate Title Drop.
    • "In The City" by Joe Walsh, while it sounds relaxing, sums up Swan's attitude at the end of the movie perfectly.
    • Arnold McCuller's version of "Nowhere To Run" is timed nicely as a threat to the Warriors.
  • Cult Classic: The film was popular in its day, especially due to the controversy it created, but has found a second wind as a campy, violent cult classic.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The main fight is Warriors vs. Rogues. What, the Warlocks and Clerics couldn't show?
  • Ho Yay: A street gang with a ratio of nine physically fit men to one rather homely woman? Almost all of whom bare their chests? And insist on fighting hand-to-hand? And are Bash Brothers? And the movie's loosely based on an ancient Greek legend? It's almost inevitable - and, in particular, hard to resist the temptation to "slash" Ajax and Cowboy.
    Cowboy: He saved my ass back there. We have to go back for him.
  • I Am Not Shazam: In the original Sol Yurick novel, the main gang was actually called the Dominators. The film avoided this trope by renaming them "the Warriors."
  • Memetic Mutation: Cyrus's rallying cry of "Can you dig it?" and Luther's taunt, "Warriors, come out to play!" pop up all over the place.
    • The poster on the main page.
    • "Shit the chicks are packed!!! THE CHICKS ARE PACKED!!!"
  • Narm: Cleon's death. Getting mauled to death by a gang? Horrific. Being surrounded and attacked with synchronized elbows? Pretty hilarious.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Cyrus.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The opening introduced the Hi-Hats, a gang that dress like mimes, but we never got to see the Warriors beat up any mimes.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Particularly ironic since - at least according to director Walter Hill - the film was supposed to be set Twenty Minutes into the Future.

The game:

  • Nightmare Fuel: Chatterbox (and his art gallery) are creepy as fuck.
    • The entire Baseball Furies mission. Being chased by ruthless gang members with baseball bats and face paint would freak anyone out.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Among fans of the film, and even gamers in general, this is a much beloved adaptation of the film.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Taking too long on the final battle with Luther will result in your AI controlled team mates throwing all the available debris, meaning you can't use it yourself.