Fridge / The Warriors

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Gramercy Riffs take their name from Gramercy Park, a private park in an affluent Manhattan neighborhood. This is the kind of place you'd expect gang royalty like Cyrus to live.
  • Why Luther blame Cyrus' death on the Warriors?
    • After shooting Cyrus, Luther noticed Fox (wearing his Warriors vest) staring at him as he tried to shoot him before the cop lights blinded him for a mere five seconds, allowing Fox to escape. Or probably when he next saw Cleon, another Warriors member, near the Gramecy Riffs, he probably thought Fox already told him, so he gambled "Not only beat them to it, but also turn the table on them" because while the Riffs normally the saniest of all gangs in the movie but having witnessed their leader's death in front of their eyes, they'll be so primed to avenge their leader without any second thought.

Fridge Horror

  • The tagline that the gangs "outnumber the cops 5 to 1" and "could run New York city" was disturbing enough to the public that the film posters had to be recalled and the trailers altered to remove this line. Another factor was that it could inspire real gangs to start riots.