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YMMV: The Lonely Island
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Michael Bolton is a troll.
  • Awesome Music: Jack Sparrow, Motherlover, Jizz In My Pants, Threw It on the Ground, Space Olympics, Semicolon, YOLO, We Are a Crowd, and I'm On A Boat. Don't even try to deny it.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • "Jack Sparrow", which is weird, even by the trio's standards: Michael Bolton constantly interrupting their Boastful Rap with Pirates of the Caribbean.
    • The entirety of Incredibad Bang Bang BANG DJ LARRY aside, "The Old Bang Bang BANG DJ LARRY! Saloon" quickly goes from a typical Lonely Island song to drunks constantly Bang Bang BANG DJ LARRY! interrupting each other. It's a parody of hip hop mixtapes in which way too many sound effects are played and the singers interrupt each other, thrown in with random screaming of the Bang Bang BANG DJ LAAAAAAAARRRRRRRrRrrRR...! DJ's name.'
    • "Semicolon" seems out of nowhere for the boys - with bizarre non-sequiters and crappy puns that are affixed to each sentence - but it's also a parody of Drake and Lil Wayne's style of rapping.
    • "Sax Man" is notable in that all of the vocals are done by guest Jack Black, rather than any members of the Lonely Island.
  • Crosses the Line Ten Times Over And Over
  • Ear Worm: All of their tracks. All of them.
  • Epic Riff: The bassline for Incredibad. Also qualifies as a major Ear Worm.
  • Fountain of Memes: The main page used to have a section of nothing but memes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Threw It On The Ground" involves throwing a PHONE on the ground, bacause MY DAD'S NOT A PHONE! Unfortunately, players of EarthBound have to call their always unseen dad to save, and many say that the dad IS a phone. Poor Ness.
  • Ho Yay: We'll Kill U: "Hey, Guy Number One." "Hey Guy Number Two." "I'm just doing me." "I'm doing you too." ["No!"]
    • And the entirety of "Iran so Far", towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (played by Saturday Night Live's own, Fred Armisen).
    • The entirety of, for obvious reasons, "No Homo" and its outro.
    • Too $hort suspects that the dudes are gay in "The Compliments", since most of their compliments toward each other involve their penises.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • (action) LIKE A BAWSS
    • (action) and I Jizzed. In. My Pants.
    • (negative circumstance or outcome) DOESN'T MATTER, HAD SEX.
      • (embarrassingly negative circumstance or outcome) STILL COUNTS.
    • I'm goin' to the YMMV page to see what they added. I see a new meme, AND THROW IT ON THE GROUND!
      • I'M AN ADULT!
      • MAAAAAAAN!
  • Older Than They Think: The troupe formed several years before Samberg joined the cast of SNL, where the three became famous.
    • Many, many years prior, in fact: the boys have been writing comedy together since junior high.
  • Sampled Up:
    • "Iran So Far" from Aphex Twin's "Avril 14th". Notably, the rights issues caused by use of the sample prevented the song from being included on Incredibad.
    • "Santana DVX" from Udo Lindenburg's "Gene-Galaxo-1990".
    • Incredibad uses the famous drum break from "Impeach the President" by Roy C. Hammond.
    • "We're Back!" from Laura Lee's "That's How It Is".
    • "Rocky" from King Floyd's "I Feel Like Dynamite".
    • "Trouble on Dookie Island" from The Hornets' "Minna Dareka wo Aishiteru".
    • "No Homo" from Bobby Byrd's "I'm Not to Blame".
    • "YOLO" from The Joy Formidable's "Whirring".
    • "Spell it Out" from Ludovic Decosne and Pierre Daubresse's "Gloaming".
    • "I Don't Give a Honk" from James Brown's "The Bells".
    • "The Compliments" uses a sample from, of all things, the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack.
    • "Perfect Saturday" from Woods Saturday's "Universal Love".
  • Squick:
    • To the singers (and the listener, if they're not into that sort of stuff) - the ending of Boombox. Elderly orgy.
    • In the preview to the 2011 Lonely Island album, Akiva complains about his erectile dysfunction: Yo, my dick don't work, man, that shit is soft as a pillow!
    • In the same song, "I got Hepatitis C from a horse!/But no confusion!/It wasn't from the sex/It was from the blood transfusion!"
    • Also in "We're Back!", Akiva informs us that he suffers from Stinky Dick, wherein every time he urinates, a foul odor is emitted.
    • The Creep invokes this.
    • Motherlover is about two men who forgot Mothers Day and decide the best present they could give is to "fuck each others mothers". That's already creepy but then one of them says "while your in my mother, make me another brother" and plan on becoming each others step fathers.
    • Both "Classy Skits". One has Falcor raping Atreyu and the other has a man masturbating in front of his friends.
    • Michael Bolton in Erin Brockovich drag (which makes him look like Sarah Jessica Parker) is either this or a Crowning Moment of Funny, especially with the smoldering look he gives the camera.
  • Weird Al Effect: Like A Boss by Slim Thug, 2 million Youtube views. Like A Boss by The Lonely Island, 82 million.
    • And if that metric's anything to go by, Jizz In My Pants is far better known than its inspiration - every Pet Shop Boys song ever made.
  • The Woobie: The title character of "Ardy Party" is a drug-addicted, disgusting, unhygienic, sexually-deviant, possibly mentally-challenged hobo who is forced by Jorma and Akiva to "rock the party" under the condition they provide him with cocaine and PCP. One of the last lines truly hammers this point in.
    Akiva: If Ardy ever stopped rockin', then you know we would kill him!
    Roll him up in a carpet, and throw him off of a building!

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