Awesome / The Lonely Island

  • "Lazy Sunday": Became the most-talked about sketch on Saturday Night Live in ages, brought about a return to funny pretaped sketches that weren't the fake commercials on SNL, brought SNL kicking and screaming into the Internet age, and made damn sure that Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island buddies had steady work and lasting fame on the show.
  • And that was topped later by "Dick In a Box".
  • Which was subsequently topped by "Jack Sparrow" (which also gave some awesomeness points to Michael Bolton).
  • By itself the Santana DVX is a praiseworthy endeavor of Bay Area celebrity sparkling wine-making, the song kicks it up a notch.
  • "100 SNL Digital Shorts" and "Lazy Sunday 2" were wonderful ways for Andy and the rest of the crew to say farewell to SNL.
  • When Andy returned to host Saturday Night Live, fans hoped for a great digital short song to celebrate. "YOLO" did not disappoint.
  • From Saturday Night Live's fortieth anniversary, "That's When You Break", a lovely tribute that's dedicated to gently mocking certain former cast members, celebrating the show's history, and, most of all, praising Lorne Michaels. A whole section of the song was focused purely on him.
  • A lot of the things that the boss does in "Like a Boss" are pretty bizarre and/or pathetic, but some of them, like turning into a jet, flying into the sun, and promoting synergy, are pretty awesome.