Trivia / The Lonely Island

  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: The steps to make a Dick in a Box: "Step one: Cut a hole in a box. Step two: Put your junk in that box. Step three: Make her open the box." Right? Right, except that the word "step" doesn't actually appear in those lyrics.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Andy Samberg voiced Party Pat (the hipster teddy bear leading a pack of partying bears inside a monster's stomach) for an episode of Adventure Time. He was GLORIOUS.
    • He also did a memorable turn as a Riddler-esque Antichrist in the Ameri episode "Rapture's Delight".
    • Andy Samberg now has voice acting credits in the double digits, tipping him probably into the category of regular voice actor.
    • Jorma Taccone voiced Gabe, a puppeteer who may be just a little too into his puppets in Gravity Falls.
  • One-Hit Wonder: Despite their viral popularity, only one of their songs has ever cracked the Billboard Top 40: "I Just Had Sex"
  • Unintentional Period Piece: "Lazy Sunday" dates itself very specifically to when The Chronicles of Narnia was in theaters, and mentions quizzes in movie theaters (which have mostly been abandoned)