YMMV / Super Mario 3D Land

  • 8.8:
    • Gamespot slapped it with a meager 8.0, while other outlets such as IGN, Game Informer and GamePro gave it higher scores. While other reviews had their reasons for lowering the score in the game being unoriginal or being overly easy for much of the game, Gamespot's written justification was just "[Super Mario 3D Land has] limited StreetPass and gyrometer features." In the words of the site's very own user-created magazine System Wars Monthly:
    This is true, Super Mario 3D Land only has limited use of motion control and StreetPass, which is very disappointing. Much to blame is the game's genre, a platformer. Seriously, how are you going to use StreetPass and motion controls on a handheld platformer? This is clearly a big mistake on Nintendo's part.
  • Awesome Boss: The Final Bowser Battle. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
  • Awesome: Video Game Levels: 1-4.
    • 2-3, S1-1 and S1-3 as well. Also, the Final Bowser Castle which also has the Best Boss Ever!
    • If you're a Zelda fan, you will enjoy 5-2.
  • Breather Level: An unintentional example. In 7-1, if you have the Tanooki power up, you can get to the end of the level by jumping against the wall to your left after you jump from the ledge, then flutter your way over the fence to the flagpole.
  • Ear Worm: The Castle Cleared and Course Cleared fanfare.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The letter you receive after clearing World 4 shows Peach being ambushed by Goombas. The letter trying to fly out of Mario's reach wasn't being mischievous, it doesn't want Mario to see that.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Once you get your hands on a Statue Leaf, you possess the power to destroy most of the game's seemingly indestructible obstacles by letting them collide into you after transforming. Spiked balls? Gone. Spiked rollers? Scrap metal. Banzai Bills? They explode, leaving you unscathed. You can even go on the offensive with this by jumping over your obstacle in question and then transforming. To hammer home how broken the statue form really is, go to World 3's airship with the Statue Leaf. Stand in front of one of the gigantic spiked pillars, turn into a statue, and let it ram into you. Now hold on to your Willing Suspension of Disbelief as you witness the pillar stopping dead in its tracks, colliding with your stone body, while you don't even budge an inch.
    • Because every single level is meant to be able to be cleared with small Mario, the Tanooki Leaf in general is a massive Game Breaker because of its hovering allowing the player to skip enormous amounts of the more difficult platforming segments. The Fire Flower and Boomerang Flower are more useful for collecting certain Star Coins, but almost every level is made drastically easier with the Tanooki Leaf.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: A common criticism of the game; while its level design and innovative use of 3D are praised, it's also seen as taking a step backward from the lauded Super Mario Galaxy games to return to the basic New Super Mario Bros. formula, with a thin Excuse Plot and an overall very simplistic structure.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • "dododo, DA-DA, DA-DA, DA, DA, DA, do, do-do!"note 
    • "WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"note 
    • Any sound that Cosmic Mario makes.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Getting your lives over 999 grants you an awesome jingle. Happens again when you hit 1,110.
    • The Zelda puzzle solving noise in 5-2.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Nintendo has been pretty good with recent Mario games on setting aside special areas you can repeatedly visit just for power-ups to help with replayability... Except this game. Once you unpack an item from any of the Toad Houses and leave, it's gone for good. Nothing will bring the houses back except getting a Game Over, and you'll be hard pressed to encounter one with the plethora of 1-Ups the game gives you. You can also nab power-ups from stages, but if you want to leave the stage with the power-ups in question, you have to complete the level, as exiting the course does not save your progress. You can replenish the Toad Houses through StreetPass tags, but if you don't live in a big city, that may be easier said than done.
    • Cosmic Mario chasing after you if this is the first Mario game in a long time (basically forces you to keep moving). Then there's the stages where you have 30 seconds to start and you have to find ways (usually stomping on Goombas) to get more time. Now try stages with both!
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The World 3 map theme sounds kinda like Tijuana Taxi.
  • Tear Jerker
    • It's not the first time Mario gets to see Peach getting kidnapped right before his eyes, but this is the only time this hit him... hard. At the end of that level (World 8, first Bowser castle), Mario doesn't even do his happy dance. Though he did seem more determined than shell shocked, meaning he's about to get dangerous.
    • The Special World 8 music can seem like this. It makes it apparent that your journey's almost over.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Tanooki Bowser. A lot of fans really wanted to see this powered-up incarnation of Bowser. Many gamers were also half-expecting it, on an erroneous assumption that the Fake Bowsers' tails were Foreshadowing. It's not until 3D World that Bowser considers using Mario's arsenal, and even then the Tanooki ability is still strangely snubbed by the game designers.