Heartwarming / Super Mario 3D Land


  • After World 3, Mario dashes off to World 4 only to be stopped by a letter. Instead of Bowser and his troops wreaking havoc in some way, it has Peach praying with a thought bubble of Mario. Cue Mario looking in the moonlight nodding as he dashes away to rescue the princess.
  • Boom Boom has a girlfriend. D'awww. Well, at least we think she's his girlfriend. The often-incorrect Prima guide instead says that she's his sister, which might make it even more heartwarming.
  • After Mario rescues Luigi, the two of them run out of the castle and you can hear Luigi thanking Mario.
  • When Mario finally rescues Peach. Sure, it's definitely not the first time, but this one does get a special mention. Once they're reunited, Mario flies Peach away in a Tanooki suit, spinning and dancing with her in the air the whole way. When they finally sail off into the sunset in the direction of Peach's castle, there's a little heart-shaped cloud in the air after them.
  • If you save Peach with Luigi, you get a picture of the two in the Tanooki tree; however, you still get an equivalent picture with Mario if you use the red-capped brother.
  • Toward the end of Special World 8-Crown, the very last level of the game, you step on a switch, and instead of yet another deathtrap or bout of precarious platforming, it spells out "THANK YOU".